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  1. Why didn't they just have Belichick turn all the wine in the luxury boxes into water?
  2. The only sport that will thrive in the future is whatever professional video game league that will develop over the next generation
  3. The MOST important thing for Sunday

    Curious ... Do they still have the TV blackout rule if the seats are not x % sold? If so, any danger of this happening? First home game I'll miss in a long long time and with my luck, it will not be on TV
  4. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    It is clear that the Jets need to move back to Shea, maybe even the Polo Grounds Seriously though, I've been to stadiums and arenas all over the country and much of the world for over a half century. New Giants Stadium is at the very bottom for location, parking/traffic and ingress/egress. Near bottom for seats views (the clubs make it way too high up and back), the very bottom for upper deck views (including the dreaded plexiglass and stairway issues for many seats). As important, it is also at the bottom for value for preferred seating even before considering the PSL payment. It is also the very bottom for personality with no break in the seating area and lack of color. This close enough to NYC, that it needed to be NYC-like, but that really is unimportant and is nowhere the issue that seating views are as we are there to do nothing more than watch football. We can all go to the Guggenheim on Monday if we need a FLW designed facility. The bottom line is that going to games here is not as enjoyable as elsewhere or the buildings the team previously played in but a lot of that also has a lot to do with the fact that the Jets have one of the worst fan bases in sports (sorry just an objective observation). If you really want to be reminded that this was a poorly done project, take a trip to Foxboro, now THAT depresses me
  5. I think that everybody in this organization failed to do anything right (roster, coaching, stadium, how they treat ticket holders, etc) If this was a real business they would have gone bankrupt and their assets absorbed years ago
  6. Fitzpatrick was brought in to backup Geno except when they kept handing Smith the job and something would happen (injuries football related and otherwise) McCown was brought in in case Petty or Hackenburg couldn't step up, which is exactly what is happening here. Problem isn't playing veterans, it is that the young QB's are just not good enough.
  7. this game is really going to hurt the Jets in the power rankings this week
  8. Last time in Oakland. Would really like to see a surprise victory but I expect to be wishing to see Jennifer Edwards on the screen by the second quarter
  9. I just don't get it

    ... and we were only 3-11 that year so it must have been embarrassing for them
  10. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    Sunday is going to not be pretty for the G&W. The QB will not matter Jets need to do something radical like fake punts or throwing the ball more than 5 yds Sometime this year. maybe even Sunday, the Jets will win one of these David vs Goliath scenarios. When that happens, it will be a blast.
  11. Positives/Negatives From Todays Game

    Negative: 4-14 3rd down conversion Negative: Raymond dropped two punts (regardless of the fact he picked one up and got good yardage) Positive: Wideouts and TE's didn't drop passes Positive: Battled pretty good for much of the game Positive: Will Tye looked good
  12. down by two scores in the 4th good thing the Jets have that dynamic score-from-anywhere-on-the-field big play offense
  13. This game is like a blind date You hope she isn't as hideous as a friend told you she is Turns out she's kinda plain but worth seeing again I'll take it
  14. Grade the Trade: Richardson to Seattle

    Better return than expected for an addition by subtraction