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  1. 3 and 2

    Book it Fish 24, Jets 10- or 13. No way they block Shue, no way they stop the running game.
  2. Actually he does call the def plays and did so last year. You may have missed it but you could see form some of the TV shots he was calling the Def plays....
  3. He actually said he thought the D could stop them .... in his post game comments. I mean he is delusional and totally inept as a HC.
  4. I lost count on all the missed assignments... I mean WTF have these coaches been doing? I didn't expect anything and they certainly proved it but I gotta tell you TB needs to go (I mean now not year end) ... putting HACk as back-up is an affront to all of us.
  5. TB is calling the D today and did last year as well...
  6. Maybe you didn't notice but TB was calling the D .... enough said.
  7. Lee maybe a bust... he was out of position on a lot of plays today and your comment about Maye should have been Lee. he clearly was flat footed and reacted way too late.
  8. Who should start at QB.

    According to the HC...BP had a full week of practice but it was the COACH'S decision not to play him. Say what! What a lying POS he is better than hack and what I saw today proves Mac is not better at all esp. on some of the longer throws... But you'll see Petty riding the pine because the FO wants to save face with Hack.
  9. Talk about a bust, well open the dictionary and you'll see this losers picture. WA* joke ...
  10. Pryor Released

    What a surprise... I mean as C&B said he was being fitted for a gold jacket.
  11. Sheldon Traded

    Lets see if you sing the same tune next year when we have around 80m to spend. SOJF bitch about a positive more... what a twit.
  12. Bowles Presser Today

    Well unfortunately those things you mentioned seem to be done very poorly.... that and getting his team to play competitive football, that is. He is a poor excuse for a HC... IMHO.
  13. And you trust these fools? I certainly don't ...
  14. Bates Press Conference

    How dysfunctional. ON one hand he discounts Mac's career stats esp in Clev and yet they use that measuring stick with Petty. What a crock of BS... Yet a 38 yr old has been QB who has a career of losing in the NFL is selected.... The ineptitude is disgusting and reminiscent of Kotite's rational.
  15. agree completely...