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  1. As a parent, you live for these kinds of moments. To all the dad's out there, have a GREAT DAY!!
  2. Heather Clem was the girl with Hulk Hogan in the leaked XXX tape.
  3. Just curious......did he look anything like this guy?
  4. But........but......I thought that....uh....this was the place to come to......"air out" our point of view?
  5. The future of Rex and Rob? .......... And it ain't pretty.......
  6. I really like Darron Lee, and think he's going to be a solid player for us for many years. But, I have to admit, this is REALLY funny!! Thanks for the laugh. 😀
  7. Just wanted to extend another "thank you" to the 3 biggest contributors to this thread @Jetsfan80, @Bombdirt and @BallinPB. It's because of you, that I'm "forced" to spend way too much time on JetNation. Getting more difficult to explain to my wife how come there is still so much "football stuff" I have to look at in May.
  8. C'mon @BornJetsFan1983 I see today's your birthday. Don't let them get to you TODAY!! Try to get in a more festive mood. Happy Birthday.
  9. From everything I've read, being a leader just seems to come naturally to Adams. I don't think he will feel "pressured" that he has to step into that role. It appears to be something he's embraced, and thrived on, throughout his football days. Leo and David Harris will be great role models in adjusting to life as a professional athlete.