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  1. On a night where I'm reading so many negative things about our picks on this board, I'll take ANY positives I can get. 😀
  2. One more letter and the Jets would have drafted Derek Jeter. And there are a lot of people here that probably would have preferred that.
  3. Can only hope they turn out to be the second coming of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.
  4. Best part of drafting Adams, is that he will bring what one scout describes as an "infectious passion" to the defense.
  5. Tom Brady must be thinking.... "Locate where Adams is lining up.....try to stay away from that area".
  6. With the Giants taking Evan Engram, I like, "Adams and Evan"
  7. Or is this where Sheldon Richardson's name gets involved in the discussion?
  8. A representation of how my wife and I EACH react to viewing a few pages of the "100,000 post thread".....
  9. Those are beautiful girls. But, in order to ensure a true representation of JetNation, we need to include the more "regular" Jets fan for the cheering squad. These two contacted me, and said they are very much looking forward to seeing you at the training sessions.
  10. Nice job. I don't know how well you're going to do on the autographs though. I heard there is some guy named Eli, going around selling "authentic" SAR I memorabilia.
  11. Wow....just....wow! Nothing more to add. Just wanted everyone to see your gif on back to back pages.