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  1. You do realize that being a fan does make you a homer?
  2. Darn, beat me to it but it should be: Sign this beast!
  3. Isn't it amazing that every quarterback we could have drafted in the last two years is on a fast track to the HOF, except Hack? It also looks like Gabbert and Glennon have a shot at the HOF too. Go figure. Back on thread: "In many ways, Watson was typical for a rookie quarterback in his first outing: sailing balls high, throwing behind receivers and occasionally overextending plays to the detriment of his offensive line. Some of the work ahead is mechanical in nature – mostly the footwork grind that plagues almost all young NFL passers. " Charles Robinson
  4. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    Honestly, why would you spend $200 on a jersey, any jersey? I never got the appeal, except for making the NFL and Woody richer, and that has very little appeal to me.
  5. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    Where Bowles couldn't find it - under his nose.
  6. Who did less with more-Joe Walton or Herm?

    Joe Walton took over a team that was a mud bowl away from the Super Bowl and declared it was time to rebuild. Herm Edwards was a snake oil salesman who couldn't even manage the clock in a 2 minute drill. They both had more and did less or, in simpler terms, they both stunk.
  7. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Kind of like trading for Sheldon.
  8. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    You forgot lost the locker room.
  9. Hit the nail on the head with Gastineau. He was a force and deserves to be in the HOF. He held the record for most sacks in a season and still would co-hold the record if the Packers didn't lay down so Strahan could get the record. And Joe belongs in the HOF.
  10. forgot to include: Trade for this beast!
  11. On a somewhat related note: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jimmy-garoppolo-stinks-first-2017-164744004.html
  12. I don't know, Herm set the bar pretty high - or low - depending upon your point of view.