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  1. I'd imagine Chip Kelly could too?
  2. Lol, you go with yo badass self!
  3. Yeah, but it sounds cool as hell, no?
  4. I don't think there's anything funny about racism, it's not a laughing matter.
  5. Dont let facts get in the way of a good agenda!!
  6. All the Rexcusers seem to want to ignore that very true fact.
  7. Change negativity to agenda, and I'd agree. It's not about negativity at all.
  8. Every coach and personnel leader can point to a huge failure every one of them. Gholston was a really bad spot for the Jets. It was a huge boom or bust proposition, most understood that. They took the risk and got the bust. Happens.
  9. @dbatesman and @T0mShane absolutely need Maccagnan and Hackenberg to fail, hell, throw @Sperm Edwards into that mix as well. If Hackenberg was ever successful, they'd need new screen names. Although I give them all credit, they were so blatantly wrong about Idzik, yet they somehow have still convinced themselves they are football geniuses who know better then the rest of us mere mortal Jets fans. It takes a special brand of humility to keep on keepin on like that.
  10. Mangini >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rex
  11. Why? The NFL game is completely different than the college game. Its why Tebow was one of the all time greats in college, and worthless in the NFL.
  12. Seriously dude, your exhausting.... it's a shame too....
  13. I'm so upset about this I'm buying a penis hat, and I will wear it to opening day. Anyone else in?
  14. Apparently her and Kaepernick are going to have a baby and the baby will be the next Ghandi.
  15. Impossible! batesman and shane have spoken! The Hackenburg era is over, its a non starter, he sucks, awful, no chance of improvement, done. Time to move on.