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  1. i know there have been lots of arguments about the merits of keeping snacks over wilk last season. much as snacks was a really good player for the jets the jets were able to replace him last season and the new guy simon looks like he's a keeper. wilk? given his performance last season, he was grossly overpaid but that was then and this is now. he comes back strong and he will be worth it. maneesh? why does the moron think think it's news to trample over the same ground. where's richard todd when you need him. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-made-blunder-signing-mo-wilkerson-damon-harrison-article-1.3435588?utm_content=buffer106e5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=NYDNSports+Twitter
  2. it's time for a hack attack. the way things are going hack is going to have zero confidence going into the regular season if they start playing games with who the starter is going to be. as much as he got the start on saturday it still wasn't behind the starting oline. there was too much rotation for the team to get into any type of rhythm. this wouldn't be the case on a real game day. this is not to say hack is 100% ready but in my book he has to show he wants the job. if he is at all passive about it he shouldn't start. none of these guy went through all the practices and games they played throughout their lives to fold when they have the greatest chance of their lifetimes. the jets will find out soon enough if they need to draft another qb. they'll find out less if hack is only put in with games out of reach or with losing already ordained.
  3. Andrew Luck

    yes and now we come full circle because you still need a team that is capable of growing and playing sound football. i'm no bowles apologist but we did not see a very well coached team against detroit. i can almost give hack a grade above d because of how handicapped he was because of the way the rest of the team played. defense too. ths team has little margin of error and that applies from the coaches on down.
  4. kamarra who? this is just little pathetic maneesh trying to stir up trouble for the jets so he can pump up his puny pathetic reputation. so how did the talk about kamarra really go? the jet coaches were sitting around having a snack and talking about the pre season. one of them brought up the td run by kamarra and another commented that mac considered trading up to get him. maneesh hears it as the jets were so desperate to land kamarra they considered trading a 2nd round pick for the privilege. yeah right. i've got a bridge to sell maneesh too. the moron doesn't realize a preseason td is meaningless.
  5. Andrew Luck

    that's where the real concern of the jets should be. if they don't get the oline straightened out then it doesn't matter who the qb is. a better qb will make the oline look better.
  6. Andrew Luck

    6 years 140M 47 guaranteed. he re-signed in 2016 so he's got 5 seasons left. totally agree on how stupid the cost of the qb position is. teams can't afford to field more than a few high priced contracts but the qb is the face of the team and is the guy who will put fannies in the seats.
  7. i meant picking a qb in this year's draft in the 4th round given the relative strength of the draft. as for the safeties, the conventional route is to convert corners but obviously paying revis 16 million to try and be a safety wasn't going to be very smart. i think the other part of this is that a number of teams did pick safeties in the upper rounds so for the jets to use the 6 pick wasn't such an anomaly.
  8. isn't rodney harrison in the hof? he wasn't drafted by the patsies and was pretty good in san diego. as for others, bob sanders made the manning superbowl team tick and ronnie lott did pretty well on the raiders. so did ron woodson. i agree that safties shouldn't be drafted as safeties but that because the good ones are converted corners. i agree that they needed to pick up another qb in this past years draft. i don't necessarily agree that picking one higher than the fourth round would've been very smart given the overall weakness after trubitsky. the thing is the jets what they are and we just have to see the season play out.
  9. Caption this photo.

    rudock, who?
  10. totally agree on the usc hypre. leinart was one of those can't miss types. how'd he work out? i just hope they're careful about assessing darnold.
  11. i think you're right. the browns had a number of high picks, forever.
  12. it's like the guys who say they can trade to get this guy or that. the last two qb's worth anything were winston and mariota and there was simply no way tampa was going to trade out and neither were the titans. maybe wentz but philly wasn't trading out either.
  13. i agree. they have committed an awful lot of resources to the defense and they really need to show they can be top 5. if the detroit game is any indication, they have a way to go. i don't buy the argument that they are on the field too long either. first off these are well conditioned young men. they should at least be able to run around as much as soccer players. second, the defense controls how long they are on the field by making plays. they need to create turnovers and get 3 and outs. when they start getting beaten by guys like rudock (rudiock who?????) then they can only look at themselves.
  14. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    wait a second. do you think yourself or any other jet fan would want fitz around to play this season? i can see the rationale in sitting hack for a season or two but i can't see having fitz at qb as the reason. at least not at this point. i agree mac got played because he should've just let geno stink it up last season. the thing too is have any of the qb's realistically within reach of mac's drafts really amounted to anything? it's too early to tell on that score. feel free to crow if lynch, watson, mahomes or kizer light it up.
  15. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    i wonder if he hangs out with schlegal?