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  1. at the end of the day it's a business. only a handful of ex-jet players played more than one season for the patsies and they were signed to fairly cheap contracts. it would be interesting to see how many patsie players made the jump the other way. ty law was probably the most notable.
  2. only in america. and to think people think fifa is a corrupt organization.
  3. maybe but i don't know about the dolts. irsay is one moronic and psychotic owner who would order a suk for luck. it could be polian and caldwell were fired after they had resigned so irsay could look like a big man. and if teams can intentionally throw games it's going to be real interesting with the raiders in las vegas. of course illegal gambling operations can happen in any city.
  4. good points. i want to see this team succeed with or without bowles or mac or just about anyone. it makes no difference. if they wear the jets uniform they are jets and i am their fan. the media are just the usual bunch of cowards who stir things up because they think their job is to write words in a newspaper or talk on espn. sometimes there's just not much to say so they they resort to making things up or at the very least providing their opinion on things without much factual basis. and some people like to second guess the jet moves without being involved with the team or its internal machinations. sure we all scratched our heads when harris and marshall and mangold were let go but then again there are players to fill their spots and some will be better. that's just the way it is. obviously the final judgement of this team will be its on field performance. a few lucky breaks and ball bounces and this team could actually make the season interesting. tanking? that would be a disservice to the players and the fans.
  5. it took the raiders quite some time (and the death of al davis) to get back on top. good for them for landing carr in the first place and then sticking with him as a rookie. hopefully the jets can pull off a similar turnaround.
  6. pretty cool breakdown of a players stats. at least hansen can run more than one route unlike stephen hill who could only run a go route.
  7. i've said in the past that shelly should go because imo he was one of the instigators of last season's issues. but apparently bowles and mac don't feel the same way since they let marshall, mangold, and even fitz all walk. it's just hard to tell what side of the fence these guys are on. we'll see soon enough. shelly does have some great talent when he wants to play and this is a contract year. if he's not motivated this season, he'll never be.
  8. shelly may say some stupid things but give him credit for saying something that should be said. the jets shouldn't be thinking they are tanking and they shouldn't be saying it. just another example of the jets beat writers trying to stir things up.
  9. if mauldin did this he should pay. but there is every reason to think the "victim" is a little bit of a punk who sees a paycheck. the first thing is to find out if mauldin actually beat on this guy before condemning him. hopefully the nfl will also wait to see what the courts say before levying any punishment.
  10. harris is just a reminder of how the nfl is a business. good for him and good for the jets. they probably got rid of him a couple of seasons too late.
  11. really? did geno take the jets anywhere? at least sanchez, for all his faults got them to 2 afc championship games. and yes the rex circus did ruin him so i'm not sure where your beef is. as for fitz in 2016, i don't think anyone, including yourself, thought that last season would be so bad. and as many have pointed out this was a whole team issue. you can't pin the team failure just on fitz. you know better. fitz wasn't the reason why revis gave up huge gains or wilk has 2.5 sacks or shelly had 2.5 sacks and so on. i have my opinion as to what went wrong and a lot of it centers around fitz and geno and the team dynamic. and those mentioned teams did do their homework. flynn was sent packing without any concern about what his cap hit was because it was zero. and in hindsight, brady was a darn good pick to make in the 6th round. he was successful in a big time program. the only surprising thing thing is he wasn't picked earlier. if anyone wants to believe you then why bother at all. if the whole bunch of player metrics is so chaotic then maybe they just should throw darts.
  12. nice picture. friend of yours?
  13. yeah, seems to me an awful lot of teams are in the lottery year in and year out, and we're not talking about teams in east podunk or small markets. i remember when the celtics had 2 lottery picks in the top 5 and didn't land the top pick in spite of having the best chance. they settled for billups and ron mercer. san antonio got duncan and the rest is history. and anyone just has to look at the nfl today. cleveland has been in the top 10 of the draft for nearly a decade. the dolts sukked for luck and haven't been able to put a good team around him. the titans were always drafting top 15. the jets haven't exactly done many favors with their drafts.
  14. i'm all for getting him in starting with game one and keeping mccown planted on the bench. as i see it, the only way he doesn't start is if he really doesn't show either physical or mental ability, or maybe if he so p.o's the team that someone breaks his jaw. if he wins over the team, he should start.
  15. i'd say hansen, anderson, stewart, and peake are near locks after enunwa.