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  1. this is a good pick. he's going to help stabilize the secondary. watson? he may fall into the second round.
  2. good pick. too bad they couldn't trade down but of the guys they could've taken, he's the best and certainly a need.
  3. now there's a thought. maybe someone needs to send a bong to darnold with a selfie stick.
  4. it seems like they're loading up for one more run with brady so it would make sense for them to keep garapollo as the heir apparent. next season garapollo is a free agent so he loses value unless they franchise him and that could only mean he's starting.
  5. no qb in the fold for darnold.
  6. i sense some sarcasm. you can't possibly blame this gm for anything that happened during the idzik or tanny or bradway or parcells or hickey or steinberg etc reigns.
  7. not a bad list of draft selections. the key would be cleveland trading for the 6 pick.
  8. yep sayin for quite sometime. the only thing left to comment on is smith and hack. they're still on the team and have a chance to show something. in hack's case, the plan was to sit him for a season. smith? some bad luck injurywise and some bad qb play. he may yet surprise.
  9. imo it's tough to say. the nfl is too much of a team sport compared to baseball for sabermetrics to work well. i do think some elements can be applied (and probaby are) with regard to the relative worth of drafting positions as much as drafting players. by this i mean you don't draft an offensive guard with the first pick but maybe down at 25-32 and certainly in later rounds.
  10. but what if mac does pick a qb at 6? i know this scenario has been discussed ad nauseum. he'd be banking on some serious team progress. and the thing is either a qb at 6 or hack had better pan out or mac is out the door. if he wins the jets win. and if he loses the jets will be in position to pick one of the 2018 qb's.
  11. i tend to agree. i think everyone is on board with getting the 33rd pick to trade down to 12 but there are also other teams in play that pick before 6. the titans have a qb and the 49ers may chose to go short term with hoyer. and these teams also need a lot of positions upgraded just like the jets. so if they do trade down i wouldn't expect much higher than the 52 pick. maybe they could package shelly and get the 33rd and the 65th pick.
  12. the model may be dead but they still had a schtick that was their own and original. what i see them doing is trying to cater to the snowflakes when the people who actually care about athletics of all kinds are still the deplorables. snowflakes also don't shop at places that advertise on espn, the deplorables do. as for their in house culture, they could've dealt with that by churning the talking heads. no reason for any of those clowns to be on air for more than 5 years.
  13. imo, it isn't a theory. shelly has shown he can be an impact player it's just a matter of how much a team wants to pay for a one year rental or how much they think they want to sign him to a longer deal. shelly probably has stars in his eyes and wants wilk money. any team that signs him should be from missouri. show me.
  14. don't be surprised at a corner for the 6 pick. corners are premium players like edge rushers on defense and deserve higher first round picks. 18 was probably a few places too high for a strong safety let alone pryor.
  15. the other way is make a huge play for some of the free agents coming out next year like stafford and luck. then use the draft picks to get the cheap players because once you get a 20 m qb you just don't have much to spend on the rest of the team. the flaw in the picking a ton of qb's plan is the jets don't have the people or time to develop them all. they would need to hope one of the guys can pick up the job right away with little additional training.