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  1. bad example. odell can get away with it but it's still not the right way to catch a ball. i guess adams is trying to make the point that he wants to change the way safeties play the game. unfortunately for him there have been quite a few very good and dominant safeties starting with ronnie lott and going to palumalu, bob sanders and ed reed.
  2. Why run the ball out on kickoffs?

    yes, there's no need to run a kick out of the end zone. not much reward for the risk. but teams will eventually get the hang of kicking the ball short or to the up men to limit the return.
  3. Why run the ball out on kickoffs?

    there is no reason to run a kick out of the end zone. the odds of a return past the 25 are slim. i suspect stewart took it out a couple of times because he's a rookie trying to make a good impression. bowles/brandt need to make sure this is clear.
  4. i'm also willing to leave the door open in case it's because of the scheme he's being told to run. i think so many times we focus on what a player is doing without having a full understanding of why he's doing it a certain way. but if he's dogging it, then launch him. the sooner the better.
  5. why is that so crazy? if wilk is dogging it and there's a risk to him being injured an on the hook for next year then there's no point to keeping him around. and if he's benched then he'll be a cancer. 17 million in cap space will get a few second tier players or that same money can be used to sign players currently on the roster. i'd like to believe bowles and think wilk is just a victim of the team defense they're playing but there needs to be way more production from his position regardless. and leo? same thing though i'm less apt to think he's just going through the motions.
  6. Marshawn Lynch Ejected for Pushing Ref

    seems like the raiders are having a hard time. so much for being a perennial playoff favorite. jack del rio has installed a whole lot of discipline.
  7. it's certainly an interesting problem. instead of sitting him they should just send him packing asap. if he sits around the clubhouse he will probably do nothing but cause dissension. after six games he should be in mideseason form so it's not likely he'll get any better as the season moves on. it's really too bad. he really was a good player and should have been a real force on the dline.
  8. i'm neither here nor there on bowles. i want him to succeed because to me having a solid coaching staff and front office is worth way more than any single or even group of players. bowles deserves a lot of credit. the way this team started and the way they started i wouldn't have been surprised if he was launched after game 4 but somehow they won 3 games and nearly beat the patsies. i will say he is not out of the woods quite yet. this team can easily regress but if they don't then credit has to be given to bowles.
  9. uh they're 21st in total by yards, 18th in run and 22 in pass. they are 26th in points allowed. i agree they should be better because of the resources thrown into them but at least get the rankings right.
  10. Darron Lee is 23

    demario davis is listed at 6-2 and 232. lee is not too small. other criticisms may be valid.
  11. the article makes little sense. on sunday this 32nd ranked defense held brady to a qbr of around 80. in case anyone is keeping score, 75 or so is average. moreover, they are at least in the upper half for points and yardage allowed. i think the problem with this alleged rating is that it is an average of individual players but does not take into account that a players may whiff on a play but the next guy a great play. this is what teams are all about. and you know what? let the other teams keep thinking the jet defense is 32nd in the league. won't they be surprised.
  12. Jets still in playoff hunt

    totally agree. even when you look at last season, if they had a better turnover ratio they probably would've won 2 or 3 more games. but i digress. the doltfin game is huge because it will show how resilient this team is. they should win. the doltfins just aren't that good.
  13. Jets still in playoff hunt

    why not. even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.
  14. Jets still in playoff hunt

    just thinking about this and the game on sunday. imagine if the jets did win and were sitting at 4-2 right now. they could easily be 6-4 at the break and would probably need 4 of the final 6 to get into the playoffs. not that i think they will or even get close but it does show how close this team is to being a contender.
  15. i think it's more how they're using these guys too. i'm not sure if crushing the pocket as opposed to forming the pocket and opening gaps is what leo and wilk are supposed to be doing. there's no glamour in just getting the job done in the trenches. and kacy still has the dlinemen dropping back at times. if the sacks and pressures were being generated by guys like davis, ealy and lee nobody would care a single bit. however, those videos by baldy did show wilk getting beaten pretty convincingly.