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  1. Between winning with bums, and winning with young kids on a rebuilding and a developing team. If this was Fitz, Marshall, Decker, Revis and our other 33+ year olds from last year out there stealing a win then I'd be right there with those of you fussing over a victory. I'd roll my eyes and cry whine about maybe not getting the 1st round pick... Even though it's WEEK THREE and that's a little ridiculous. But I digress.. This is what we want to see! I don't care who plays QB for this team next year, you still need an at least decent team built around him. And the Jets showed there might be a chance of that happening sooner than later. This was a great win for the future of the Jets. They might lose every other game, but they're showing little by little that they have a group of talented young guys that can seriously play... Be happy about that!
  2. Maccnificent

    Not really trying to 'win' anything. I don't come here to try and change people's minds. I think he's gotten better at what he does. Not excellent, but better. I think he dropped the ball on trying to build a winning team from the shell we had left those last couple of years. But I also think he has the ability to work on this rebuild. I'd like to see what else he can do. I think keeping the same guy and the same generals and front office is the way to go. I think it's more benefical for a franchise to do that instead of moving on every few years and hopping somebody else hits on a QB. That's all!
  3. Naps

    Maybe I should start a newsletter.... Hah
  4. Naps

    So who takes a daily nap? This sounds like a joke. But man do I love a good nap. And not just because sleep is great. Napping and resting used to be a huge part of the ancient (and current in some places) world. I think we've been conditioned to think we can run at full speed for 16 hours but I don't think were built that way. I think people would be much less anxious, on edge, stressed, and angry if we all just napped a little more. It's amazing how much better a day seems when you get enough rest. I think you could also trace a lot of health problems back to people not getting enough rest as well. Like I said in the beginning, this sounds like a joke... Because we've been taught that it's being lazy, or for toddlers and hungover college kids, or that napping means you're some how not living life... We're conditioned to think it's silly... But I know for me, I feel like I'm living a better life when I allow myself that 30-45 minutes nap.
  5. Maccnificent

    Ya, that's fine. I just disagree. I think he's gotten better and I liked the last couple drafts on-top of his last few moves this offseason. I think he's going to be fine, and I'd rather stick with the stability to find out instead of throwing someone new in there and starting all over again with a new plan.
  6. Maccnificent

    This is what I always try to bring to the mac "argument"... He's been average... But I think for some people a GM needs to go 7 for 7 on draft picks every year, or he's a worthless bum that needs to go. It's a world of extremes. No one likes a middle ground. He's average so far! He's trying to build something and I'm happy to give him the time to work it out. I'll take the good with the bad for now. I'll take the stability. I like the idea of one person sitting in that chair for a while longer, instead of rotating new guys in every 2-3 years...
  7. I see your point of view, and yes adjustments are always made... But I still think TB is stubborn... I think he has a habit of playing guys out of position to try and get some versatility out of them and sticks with the experiment too long. Even the last couple games, it felt like he had Lee lined up to cover a couple of the gaps by himself. We all piled on Lee for getting tossed around but it sort of felt like he shouldn't have been the only one there. So that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Did they change their approach in a new way that finally clicked?
  8. I need to wait to see some more in-depth analysis of what they did. To my untrained eye it looks like they actually made some honest-to-goodness adjustments out there... Which I think we've kind of been waiting for since TB started. It's always been my biggest criticism of him. He gets stuck and stubborn in his ways. But yesterday we actually saw some different things. They completely out coached the Dolphins... But again, I want to actually see more about it. Eventually someone will post a better and smarter look at the overall game plan and I'll have a better idea.
  9. I don't think I said players can't develop through losing... If I did infer that I didn't mean it that way. Players CAN develop without winning games, for sure. But, if they're good enough they will develop AND win... It doesn't always go hand in hand but it does happen! And the better they player, the better the odds it happens! I want those kinds of players on the team now if we have them! I simply don't think you can ask players to develop and NOT win... Or you can't ask them to develop but then get mad when they click... I don't get that. I don't think you can both root for a team to tank but also for all our young players to develop. That's asking for your cake and eating it too. If you want the Jets to have succeeded in some respects in the last couple drafts and have talent on-board already then you can't get bummed and upset if that talent surprises and grows on the field. My feeling is if someone wants the Jets to tank and lose and have no shot this year, then they want them to be completely devoid of all talent, developing or otherwise... Because then things like the Miami game don't happen... And if that's what people want; then ok! That's what you want! You wan't that 1st pick and that QB But then you can't turn around and be upset later when it still takes the Jets 3+ years to try and build a winning team after next year. You can't get mad that there's no talent around Sam (or whoever), because you essentially asked for that to get him. You can't curse Mac's name for not bringing people in... Because you NEEDED him to fail to get that 1st pick. And I just don't get that. So again, if that's what people want and if that's what they're cool with - then have at it! But for me I want there to be strong talent on this team now. Because who knows what's out there in the future? I want the Jets to have pieces in place from these last couple of drafts because that's something we can tangibly see!
  10. To get the 1st round pick the Jets need to have the guys they've drafted over the last few years essentially all flop. If they get any development or if they managed to hit on any players here, then they won't have the 1st round pick that you want. So by rooting for the Jets to tank and lose, you're rooting for none of these guys to develop. You're actually hoping they don't because that helps your cause for that 1st pick... And that's just sad to me. You're happy if the Jets are set back another 2,3,4 drafts by having struck out on these last few completely... I don't get it. But hey if that's what you want it's what you want. You're playing the long, long, odds instead of looking for the players who could help who are on this team right now. And I hate the "guys can develop and still not win" argument. That's lame. Those guys are out there to play, win, and make a name for themselves. I want guys like that on the Jets. I would rather finish with a few wins and have a foundation off young talent in place than lose every game and have the whole team be barren going into next year. I don't care how good Sam is. It'll still take the Jets years of drafting to build a team that can actually compete. We'll have a good QB and an awful rest of the team if no one develops from the last few drafts. We'll be mired in more 8-8 records for 3 years while we try to find a GM we trust to build around Sam. I'd rather have that foundation in place already for whoever comes in to play QB. It's like prepping a kitchen before the chef shows up. I'd rather do that then throw him in a kitchen with nothing to work with and say "good luck!".
  11. Ohh it. Let's go with it! On a related topic, have you been impressed with Sam? That last game was a thing of beauty but the first couple were a little worrisome to me... He threw some bad picks there...
  12. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Ehh I think so too, but up until that last game he was pretty shaky... We forget quickly, but he has 4 INTs on some BAD throws. You just don't know.
  13. It's 1 1 1 1 1 1 isn't it?!
  14. Haha fair enough... Just isn't what I would pick if I was disinterested! Again I say this with all the love I can; get a more fun hobby man! Haha. Find something you enjoy if it's not the Jets this year.
  15. Wait... What? Come on man! So you're saying you want them to develop, right? But then just not win? Here's my point I guess: You can't root for development AND tanking. You can't. You can't have your cake and eat it too! That's like, the definition of that old saying! If guys are going to develop, then they're going to make plays and the team is going to win here and there! If they don't, they lose! That's how it works. That's why they're out there!
  16. No that's fine, I just mean why are you even browsing this board then if it's not enjoyable for you? Seems weird... Like I don't enjoy the dentist, so I don't go hang around the office...
  17. Okay but that means you're rooting against any development at all. You're asking for the Jets to esentially have 0 talent on this team for the next few years outside of a QB... I just don't think that adds up. Ya a QB a ton of the battle... But you need other pieces in place. You just do. And to root against that is asking for many more years of watching the team struggle and HOPE to hit in the draft. In fact I would argue getting a stud QB while you have nothing around him is just as dangerous... Maybe he gets you to 8-9 wins every year, and you're stuck with a middle pick and no great talents around him at all. That is just as probable as your theory...
  18. Sooo... Why are you here at all? I'm sure there's something that does make you happy that you could be doing instead. And I'm honestly not trying to be a d-bag about that. I mean it. Why spend your well deserved free time paying attention to something you don't like? Go do something else! Watch a movie, cook some food, play a game, build a tree fort, whatever!
  19. So you're totally cool with not developing any players from the last 2-3 years? You'll sit back and not bash Mac or the Jets, right? Because you don't want any pieces to be in place at all ya? If so cool, just back that up. Lets hear ya applaud Mac.
  20. Right and what if that QB doesn't work? And you're left with a team of nothing because you wished and hoped and boo'd any and all player development over the last few years? How do you not want a few good pieces on this team? THAT is mind boggling. Then what? Bitch and complain about how bad a job Mac did? Probably...
  21. My God I just don't get it... I for one would rather have some talent growing on this team than put my money on one pick next year. There also like 6 QBs that could go in the 1st round next year...
  22. There's a HUGE difference...

    Fast forward 2 years. Darnold is playing for us, but we have no talent anywhere around him: *Tank poster #1*:"Mac sucks! He didn't draft anyone in his time here now look at us! We have a QB but no one around him!" *Tank poster #2*: "I know right?! Same old Jets! Would have been nice for them to develop a few players in the last few years." You do NOT build a team in one year. I don't care who you are. It takes years to build a foundation to win. If you want the Jets to suck for Sam then you damn well better be willing to be Ok with losing for another 2-3 years after they draft him then. Because you're asking for Jets to not develop talent anywhere else this year. You're begging (and putting all your chips) on one draft somehow solving all the problems... That doesn't work. That's just so silly to me. Why would you not want some of these young guy to succeed and be a part of the future? Why would you not want some pieces to be in place? We need guys from these last 1-3 drafts to come on and establish themselves.
  23. Hahah oh man. The whining. STOP! This is how you build a winning team. Through a couple years of drafting and solid FA signings and trades. Look; the Jets could lose every other game by 50 points going forward... But they at least showed they have a shimmer of a young nucleus to build around. That's what you want!
  24. Anti-Tank Week in the NFL

    Our young kids showed up and played awesome today. These are the new foundations of the team... I'm excited!
  25. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    Never going to happen. The folks in charge stand too make way too much money off the move to LA.