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  1. Stevie Wonder didn't like what he saw either. Revis being gone is the only move McCagnan got right this offseason.
  2. I think he is innocent, Joe just wrote a check he could not cash.
  3. Could it be the Maclin move?
  4. Let's hope Woody's brother has a huge gambling problem and while Woody is away he has to sell the team to cover his losses.
  5. Just like Revis did.
  6. His GF says he lasts about 2 minutes on a good night.
  7. The wildcat offense was under utilized during Rex's reign.
  8. Waiting patiently with fingers crossed for this.
  9. offense, we should have drafted offense. scoring is for chumps
  10. awful, sorry to hear that. RIP
  11. happy for him
  12. Happy birthday guys.
  13. Happy Fathers Day all, drink beer and grill!!!!