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  1. Mangini was better at player evaluation than as a coach
  2. Mangini was better at player evaluation than as a coach
  3. Make him the GM after Macc is fired
  4. Becht was a good receiver in college. He was too stiff and slow to be effective as a receiver in college. Good blocker tho
  5. Hack might be good in the Canadian League after next season
  6. Jury is still out on Hack until he gets to start at least 5 complete seasons
  7. Like the chicken or the egg
  8. We have no qb, an inept head coach and the GM just drafted 6 different strong safeties after botching the previous two offseasons and we might not win 4 games next season But this is what jet fans are mad about
  9. And that lawsuit would get thrown out If there's legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons for her to wash jock straps she can't prove discrimination.
  10. You guys realize the owner Woody, who is a big-time Republican, did this just make Mike Francesa go crazy?
  11. I heard Aaron Rodgers didn't become good at football until he started playing Tecmo Bowl
  12. Bowles started Fitz last season over Geno, Petty and Hack even when he was playing horribly He will have no problem playing McCown over Petty and Hack
  13. I'd say Petty is an NFL Backup. Hack shouldn't be in the nfl