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  1. So much fun rooting for an embarrassing team
  2. The "anyone who disagrees with me is a 10-year old who plays Madden" argument is sooooo 2005
  3. You think Kanuka had an excellent career? Good maybe but not excellent
  4. Vegas Baby Vegas!
  5. The jets management is really lost right now
  6. Too bad Christian Hackenturd plays qb like a Valley Girl
  7. Mac and Bowles are both unemployed next January you have no idea how wrong you are
  8. I love this prevailing thought that the Jets are tanking for Darnold-- that is so not what is happening
  9. Infomercials > 2017 Jets regular season games
  10. We went 10-6 against the NFL's easiest schedule and missed the playoffs Bowles didn't win the super bowl. Relax
  11. Yet supposedly that's what we're doing I don't think we are tanking at all. Mac and Bowles are just way over their heads
  12. What point? This is getting to be boring. Bowles shouldn't have survived last season. The guy is a disaster. You want him back to tank? Why even field a team lets just sign 53 Girl Scouts and make Richard Simmons the head coach we get Darnold
  13. I gave it a B B as in "Boy should I find a new football team"
  14. Awwwww, a $17 million salary and we dare complain about him missing meetings on purpose and half-assing on Sunday