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  1. Mac has made some lousy moves but he has been effective enough to get another year. Just get me a damn qb
  2. The "holes" are way exacerbated when you get zero pass rush You guys love us to sign overpriced DB's (Revis, Cro, Gilchrist)
  3. Maybe Geno and Hack will wear matching NY Jet sweaters on the sidelines next season?
  4. Would have been a way better move keeping Abe and Mawae a couple more seasons or starting Goodwin and keeping Abe but Mangold was a great Center Definitely no Center is worth $9 mil per
  5. The pats could have me starting at C they'd still beat the jets next season
  6. The pats could have me starting at C they'd still beat the jets next season
  7. Quickest way to lose is have zero pass rush and thus your defense never force a turnover Kinda like the jet defenses the last six years despite us paying top dollar in free agency
  8. We don't need to sign another expensive corner. We need pass rush Sign JPP or Nick Perry and draft Tim Williams or Taco
  9. Petty and Hack stink We have been trying to develop young Qb's forever. Browning Nagle, Glenn Foley, Ray Lucas, Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemens, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and now Putrid/Wack say hello The idea this franchise has never tried to grow its own Qb is just ignorant
  10. Yay we'd still be lucky to trade our entire roster for him
  11. Not really. Albert is signing with the Jags. I actually hear ignorant reporters cite Clady as being a blue chip FA even though we know he's dine Okung will hire an agent this time and getpaid
  12. I'll never figure out why some jets fans think Hackenberg is anything but a really, really bad player Ditto for Bryce "I learned to read defenses by playing Madden" Petty
  13. I would actually love Kizer at 39 if we don't sign Glennon or Taylor
  14. Is that supposedly better than Penn State garbage? 22 people actually voted for a scrub who wore pajamas on the sidelines because he couldn't look functional facing practice squad guys