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  1. No it's based on reality. Hack was not good in college and has given jets fans 0.0 to think he is this unpolished gem
  2. Why isn't Herm Edwards getting credit for drafting Kerry Rhodes and Vilma? Mangini went 10-6 his first season with Herm's players
  3. There goes whatever credibility u might have still had
  4. Actually it's more like 99/100 Hack continues to suck
  5. Hack sucked at Penn State once he lost Allen Robinson -- what are people seeing here?
  6. McCown won the starting job the day he signed
  7. No Petty sucked to begin with and the new west coast offense Morton uses doesn't suit his skill set
  8. Wilkerson not only should be on this list he should be #1
  9. Jim Harbaugh doesn't have an NFL ring either I guess Mac is better than him too Mac tried marketing Decker as trade bait 5 minutes after publicly announcing he was cutting him. That itself is a fireable offense and way worse than anything Gettleman ever did
  10. Cool can Idzik use that same excuse?
  11. Oh I'm sorry I didn't know having good players was unfair
  12. Yes he's still a bust and now he got arrested for battery
  13. Nobody except Quintana who the Cubs got and would have cost even more prospects. The Rangers are shopping Darvish but they hate the Yankees and won't trade him to us barring a a ridiculous heist and we can sign Darvish as UFA next winter Only other option is fortify the bullpen. Between Chapman, Betances, Green and now Robertson we can have starters get out in the 5th inning and still win
  14. We had to make this deal to save the season. Now that Pineda is done we have guys like Bryan Mitchell and Luis Cessa making regular starts who can't get through the 5th inning. Even the veterans in the rotation are having difficulty doing that And yes making the playoffs this year matters when you have $222 million payroll