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  1. Wait til u see the '17 draft
  2. I've actually defended Mac over the past couple years. I defended the Darron Lee pick even tho he sucks, but this guy has got to go he is way over his head
  3. There are some inaninamate objects that would be a better GM/HC duo
  4. Easy answer: The same doofus who has already been making the picks Todd Bowles
  5. No thanks lol That guy is all testosterone with 0 brain cells
  6. Well yeah teams usually rebuild by loading up on two dozen strong safeties Mac is lost -- look at our QB situation it is historically inept
  7. Problem is there's not a ton of those guys lying around looking for gigs. Teams hold on to good GM's One thing that bodes well for us is the TV networks like ESPN and Fox seem to be cutting high priced commentators. That might make a couple guys suddenly compelled to come back and at least be a czar which is what we need
  8. At least we know we are now guaranteed Darnold or Jackson next year
  9. Not cynical at all. Mac has completely blown 3 straight 2nd round picks that's a big reason why he will be unemployed next January Ditto for our mouth-breather HC
  10. Mac is really embarassing himself
  11. Maybe Pryor can be converted to Qb?
  12. I don't get it. This franchise is allergic to drafting good players in round 2
  13. Adams could be better than Polumalu he won't save Mac's job next season