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  1. Questioned motivation for signing? As opposed to the normal motivation for signing - money?
  2. Im not discounting that at all, there is no debate about what position is more valuable QB or anything else. The point is that outside of the years when there is an andrew luck or even a winston/mariota the chances of hitting on a QB in the 10-32 range of the first round isnt much greater then the chance to hit on one in rounds 2-5, too many Das Prescott, russel wilsons, and kirk cousins vs. blaine gabbert and christian ponders of the world. GMs are constantly reaching for QBs because of the argument you are making and it rarely works. Yes its a QB driven league, but doesn't defense win championships? If you have rogers or brady, you dont just have a franchise QB, you have a Hall of Famer, which makes them outliers. You can win a SB with a "franchise QB" like flacco, if other areas of your team are strong enough and thats a much smarter way to go about the process..
  3. So in your opinion, NFL Teams should continually use every first round pick they have on QBs until they find one, regardless of where the scouts and GM rate that QB? Ill focus only on safety, for the sake of keeping this as simple as possible for you. When seattle took earl thomas, the next 2 QBs on the board (Bradford went 1 overall) were Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow. (their qb was matt hasselback who threw 17 ints and 17 tds) Are they better off with Thomas anchoring their secondary when they finally found Wilson 2 years later? Would wilson have won a SB if they didnt have earl thomas on that team? When Baltimore took Ed Reed, should they have instead take patrick ramsey or david garrard? (Their QB the year before was Elvis Grbac) Did their safety help them win a SB? The draft is about taking calculated risks. No one on earth is saying that a great QB isnt better then a great Safety. But when there odds of hitting on a QB like Watson/Mahomes is 10-20% at best and the odds of Adams being an excellent player (which the entire league and draft community felt) is 75%+ then you take the position player. Otherwise you keep picking bad QBs and if you do hit on one eventually, they have no team around them to be successful. Only this board could people be complaining about the Adams pick at this point, when so far its an unequivocal slam dunk.
  4. Jordan Hicks who has 3 career sacks? Im not sure what you mean
  5. Surprised to see Morton mentioned, but I actually agree, that he could be an excellent HC candidate, especially if we are getting Darnold. Hes a no-nonsense guy who learned game management from some of the best HCs in the business. He has said his offense will change due to the opponent which is very simple but rarely done and very smart (ie marty mornenwhig) and he would be smart enough to simply adapt part of the USC offense into our gameplans and would have some more insight into that than a normal coach would since he and bates were there for a time. Very interesting to see how Morton's career goes after this, Im personally very high on him as a coach.
  6. Can you elaborate exactly on why you didnt like the pick? It was the third round, we picked a potential edge rusher who actually had 3-4 college LB experience and was a high character/high motor guy. What else are you looking for in the 3rd round?
  7. You arent taking into account that the Pats make option routes work because Brady is Brady, has been in the same system his whole career, and the specifically seek out WRs who are cerebral players and will either be in sync with exactly what Brady sees or they will be playing for a different team. Option routes are ideally a better way to run an offense IF you have a Brady type player. What Morton is putting in is very similar to what KC runs with Alex Smith, make a pre-snap read, and if the blitz comes go straight to a pre-designed, safe route. It is the ideal offense for a player struggling with full field reads (Petty) or a young QB like Hack. Personally Im thrilled to have Morton here and think he will be a huge upgrade for the entire team.
  8. Interesting you mention front loaded contracts - Gilchrist and Harris were all signed with very frontloaded contracts, which is why Gilchrist only carries $1.3 in dead money and if harris isnt needed in 2017, he carries 0 dead money. Brandon Marshall as well, didnt carry money past this season and I believe Cro had zero dead money after the first year of his deal. Arent those contract structures that didnt hurt us long term?
  9. Question for you about your hate for Mac. Why do you completely discount any success the team had in 2015? That team won 10 games - games won with guys that Mac acquired and who had big roles in the success of the team. Guys like Brandon Marshall (100+ catches), Revis/Gilchrist (Jets finished 4th in team defense in the league in 2015), and James Capenter who has been an excellent player on a below market contract. Just like with the revisionist draft history you posted, your argument looks at the team today as if a snapshot of 2016 and the 2017 offseason is a reflection of what Mac accomplished in 2015 when "winning now" was the goal. This team in 2014 had a horrendous GM, coach who had zero accountability throughout the organization, but also had a veteran core and a ton of cap space that they HAD to spend. So what did Mac do, he found free agents in Gilchrist, Revis, Carpenter, Skrine and Cro that filled holes to hopefully take a team with Mangold, Brick, Ivory, Harris, Mo, etc and get them over the hump and into the playoffs. What happened - we were one dumbass play away from success in that plan. Was Mac really supposed to forsee that after a career of being a 100% effort guy that Revis would completely give up in 2016? Did he know Brick would retire with 2-3 good years left? Our team has no talent because in the 2014 draft, when we had 12 picks, we found no one other then Enunwa. Depth in that draft could have filled some of the gaping holes in the 2016 roster. Mac's picks cannot be judged yet and you and the talking head on TV who think our roster stinks from top to bottom, dont take into account the fact that its possible that Lee, Jenkins, Shell, Burris, Peake/Anderson, and ASJ (mac signing), take steps forward this year and become young, cheap contributors going forward.
  10. I find it interesting that you continue to complain about jamal adams even though the pick was lauded for being excellent and some teams had him as the best player in the entire draft. Can you also back up the claim that safety isnt a valuable position. Here are the team defense rankings from 2016: Houston, Arizona, Minnesota, Denver, and Seattle. Aside from Houston, each of those teams have EXCEPTIONAL safeties. Harrison Smith, Mathieu, Earl Thomas, etc - its an important position in today's NFL, and the only people who dont believe that are on this board. You also only look at the negatives of what if watson is an all-pro and adams is only average. Well what happens if Dylan Donahue is the next Kevin Greene, did we adequately address edge rusher then?
  11. So lets get this straight - you are including Dorial Green Beckham who is about to be waived after TC, Devin Funchess who has a total of 54 career catches, and tyler locket as guys we passed on. You complain we dont have a QB, but list WRs and RBs that we passed on. So I guess you dont count Robby Anderson who was undrafted, Mac cant be responsible for finding him right? Now on to your exceptional analysis of 2016 - we passed on Paxton Lynch, who in addition to being criticized for poor work ethic, did what exactly as a rookie? Cody Kessler and Jacoby Brisset - world beaters, man I wish we had them competing to be our 2017 starter. There are 2 legitimate arguments in your entire analysis that arent cherry picking one guy here and there that happen to have had a good year, and if you think 20-20 hindsight works, then im not surprised you keep up the same inane argument. 1. Could we have taken Beasley over Leo, absolutely and quite possibly it would have been better for us to have done so with the amount of DLineman we have, however Leo is arguably a better player, so its a pretty tough argument to make that Mac should have drafted Beasley. 2. Dak Prescott - the whole league missed on him, so again, 20-20 hindsight. Other then that, the next time an offensive coordinator is afraid of Preston Smith or Yannik Ngaokoue will be the first time.
  12. You're right - the jets should invest more in positions that correlate to wins. I wonder if there were any QBs or edge rushers available in a trade for Calvin Pryor, I mean we could have thrown in sheldon richardson too, what a dumbass Mac is. Do we need a QB to win - absolutely, was there one at 6 who could do that, NO. Would it be great to have been able to draft Von Miller 2.0 at #6 this year - would have been awesome. But guess what, those players werent available. Until people can point to QBs or Edge Rushers that Mac has passed on in favor of other spots, like safety or ILB, then arguing that he isnt finding those players is like shouting at the wind. Mac has drafted OLB/edge players in the middle rounds in each draft (Mauldin, Jenkins and Donahue). He picked Petty and Hackenberg in the mid rounds in 2 of the drafts. If he hits on one in each of those position groups, then he will be a genius - if not, he may not be around anymore, but you cant draft aaron rogers or von miller if aaron rogers and miller arent on the board
  13. Is woody asking you for money to pay Wilk? The guy had 12 sacks when healthy in 2015, thats more then von miller had, while also excelling against the run. To say you want to get rid of a 29 year old player of Mo's caliber, when his contract becomes more manageable as the cap goes up, makes no sense. Teams try to accumulate good players. Mo is a good player who had a down year coming off an injury, theres no reason to dump him.
  14. This was posted on NJ.com and is really why I dont think Hack can ever make it. No QB in the history of the league continually bounces balls or sails them, that is something that will lose too many games for you. Maybe it was just day 1, but seems like the same thing from last year When he misses ... he really misses Connor Hughes http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/05/christian_hackenberg_observations_howd_he_look_at.html This was my biggest issue with Hackenberg last year. It's still my biggest issue today. When the guy misses, they are back-breaking misses. Just horrific throws. Hackenberg threw one interception when he forced the ball into zone coverage. He should have thrown another two when safety Doug Middleton jumped the route, and Hackenberg threw it anyway, but Middleton dropped them. Hackenberg attempted to throw a swing pass to running back Elijah McGuire, but sailed the ball 15 yards over his head. He bounced once to a wide-open receiver on a five-yard curl. Hackenberg will wow you one second, then wow you in the other sense with his very next pass. Here's an example (video here). The ball just gets away. This happens far too often.
  15. Why would they hand the job to anyone after a series of practices in shorts and tshirts? You cant preach competition and then simply give the job to anyone. They should say that like almost every other position on the team, QB will be a competition and reps will be decided once it gets closer to the start of TC and evolve as the players show their grasp of the offense - very simple.