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  1. Cook would be great, but I agree with Beer that he doesnt seem like he has the character that Mac wants. It wont be sexy, and he might not even have a spot as a starter in 2017, but Forest Lamp would be the type of pick that eventually makes your O line into a true force. If he can play center, guard or tackle, draft him and figure out the details later.
  2. Except there was no one to trade down with
  3. I hated the Pryor pick and love this pick. Anyone who is claiming that Adams is a box safety hasn’t even taken 5 minutes to read up on him to form an educated opinion. Pryor isn’t a good NFL player because he cant cover – all he can do is make big hits, which isn’t important, and never had good fundamentals coming out. Adams, has off the charts fundamentals and character. On the field, he is a superb tackler and has the athletic ability to cover a TE or WR out of the slot in man coverage – allowing the rest of the defense to be more versatile. Pryor actually needs to be protected as he cant cover anyone other then a slower TE. Adams started as a true freshman for an SEC defense and has had every single coach, scout and draft analyst heap praise on his leadership, and ability to QB the defense. He is a true leader and ABSOLUTELY the kind of player you build a young team around. Leo, Adams, Lee and Jordan Jenkins are now the core of the Jets defense going forward – none of whom are over 23 years old.
  4. Kizer is literally the last person I want in the entire draft. He wasnt even good enough to lead his college team. I would be happy with Cook or Lamp at this point, as both are likely BPA. Peterman would be a dream in the 3rd.
  5. Spoken like a truly clueless fan. Lets let a draft pick from 3 years ago that has underachieved and whose option we wont pick up affect us so we pass up on an excellent player. Great idea
  6. What exactly is moneyball in your statement? Gathering multiple picks to increase your chances on hitting on productive NFL players -thats been done by successful teams (Dallas - JJ era, Pats and Baltimore) for years. Do you mean taking on salary in exchange for draft picks -again thats smart, the reason it hasnt been done is NFL teams are reluctant to alienate their fan base by "tanking". Its not a question of GMs being smart or not, if there was a formula to finding successful players at any position, everyone would know and use the formula. Drafting isnt like that which is why the more picks you have the more you appear successful since people remember the good picks you have and the busts dont hurt your team as much. Its just math, not money ball
  7. Players like hackenberg need their mechanics altered because they are routinely inaccurate. Mahomes isnt inaccurate - in fact he not only has a strong arm, but can hit throws with the necessary touch and remains accurate outside the pocket. Messing too much with his mechanics is a mistake and something guys are saying who dont look at the big picture of the fact that you only need perfect mechanics if you are inaccurate - does anyone question Rothlisberger's mechanics?
  8. Love peterman too, and would be happy with him at the top of the 3rd, however his ceiling is kirk cousins, as far as a good QB but not elite. As far as mahomes, going with your theory of not parroting what other people say, after watching Mahomes’ presence on the Gruden show along with his demeanor on the field, I think he is the type of guy who will take over a team like the Jets day 1, be a player that can lead and whose teammates will follow him, and there is simply no way he wouldn’t be our opening day starter. We will have to live with 2 years of boneheaded INTs, and some ill-advised scrambling, but this guy is the type of athlete, QB, and leader that has top 5 in the league ceiling. Im not saying that is what he will be, he could bust as well if he never learns the intricacies of when to throw it away or take your checkdown, but his physical ability, coupled with the fact that he will not be a Blaine Gabbert, who cant handle and NFL passrush, gives him a legitimate advantage in his ability to be very successful in the NFL.
  9. There is a good breakdown about the run game principles that SF ran under Harbough when Morton was there and it was definitely both power and zone (the article was from a month or so ago). Personally id prefer Elfien simply because he seems more versatile and if the biggest knock on him is strength, that is something he can easily improve on while hopefully having a "redshirt" year behind wes johnson.
  10. For the watson defenders, how are you able to overlook the lack of speed on his passes? His intangibles are off the charts, I get that, but so were Tim Tebows. I also completely realize you dont need an arm like matt stafford to succeed, but you do need to be able to throw from the hash mark to the opposite sideline with either enough speed or enough anticipation to complete that pass, otherwise defenses will ignore one side of the field and be given an enormous advantage. I like watson as a college player, and leadership, etc absolutely matter, but an NFL QB has to have certain physical abilities (again - not saying arm strength is the #1 quality) but its something that matters and its one thing to be slightly below average in a particular skill set, but its another to be an extreme outlier like watson happens to be with his ball speed.
  11. That would be an amazing haul, although I would put Nathan Peterman in for Ryan Anderson. Would love to see the versatility of this team if we could put 2 TEs in like Kittle and Howard, with Powell, and 2 WRs.
  12. I dont particularly love any of the prospects you mentioned on their own, but if the chips fell and we ended up with Mahomes, Peppers and Foster - that is a haul that would be as boom or bust as anyone has ever seen. Count me in for that group if it can happen
  13. I dont think anyone is saying whether these guys will be good or bad, good GMs with years of experience cant do that. I think the point about this draft is that the chances of a "top guy" like Trubisky being a franchise QB vs. someone like Nathan Peterman is much smaller then it would be with a mariora/winston over a middle round guy. GMs clearly cant identify with any regularity what makes a great QB, its just a question of odds and when you use a high pick on someone where the odds of them being a great QB are too low (ie to many question marks with either experience or physical ability) then you set your franchise back significantly because not only did you miss on the QB, but you missed on the position player you could have had. Also, it doesnt seem like the ourlads article gave much opinion - they just stated the numbers of other QBs and how velocity is important. High velocity doesnt automatically = being a good NFL QB, but low velocity seems to indicate its much harder to be successful.
  14. Anyone who thinks Peppers doesnt have a position should watch the breakdown of his game by Brett Kollman, really great study of what peppers actually does with respect to his responsibilities in the michigan defense - NOT what he would do in the pros. If he is there in the second, he would be a plug and play SS who can cover the slot in 3 WR sets and also return kicks/punts. Dont forget - this is a kid who ran sub 4.5 at the combine, that is explosive at 213 lbs.
  15. Yes the New CBA hurts player development, but with a QB he can focus on mechanical work without the staff around with a private QB coach.