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  1. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Mayfield would be an excellent fit in our offense and frankly I think his character fit would also fit in with guys like adams and May who simply love football. His height should not be a big issue, as long as he measures over 6 feet and morton has extensive experience with a QB that size in Brees. Would love to see Mac grab mayfield
  2. The last QB who had the sentence "if he was a little taller he would be the #1 pick" was Russel Wilson. Given Morton's experience with Drew Brees in New Orleans, if all that is separating Josh Rose and Baker Mayfield is height - we better pull the trigger on Mayfield and pick an Olineman and RB to help the offense around him
  3. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    From Mel Kiper ESPN's Mel Kiper believes Washington State senior QB Luke Falk is a sleeper who could sneak into the first round "if he has a great pre-draft process." "He's the best of these quarterbacks at working the pocket, but he's also probably the least athletic," Kiper wrote. Kiper's colleague Todd McShay lists Falk as the No. 6-ranked quarterback right now. To me its crazy that athleticism could be an actual knock on a QB, who already shows the ability to stand in the pocket, move through progressions, look off safeties, and pretty much everything else that NFL Teams try to teach guys who are athletes first to make them better pocket passers. I think the "5 yard passes only" narrative is overblown. The offense and Leach want him making those throws and he does them successfully. Falk will never be able to drive the ball like Stafford, but accuracy and decision making are the most important qualities a QB can have and that is where he excels. Lastly, again - while he will never have a cannon, he is 6'4 and if his hand size measures over 9.5 inches, he will have the physical traits to be able to increase his arm strength enough to be a successful NFL QB. At this point, if we are picking in the mid first round, he would be my guy - find a RB or WR and Olineman with our second round picks, and take it from there.
  4. Minnesota also paid Kyle Sloter near the veteran minimum to steal him from Denver and put him on their practice squad. I believe they offered him $20K per week instead of the normal $7K. Loved sloter coming out last year and he had an excellent pre-season, definitely a developmental guy to watch once they let go of Bradford or Teddy.
  5. Having a devastating injury that knocks you out for 16+ months and THEN the team trades for Sam Bradford is not exactly losing your job to Sam Bradford. Bridgewater to me is a guy who if we do take a QB outside of the top 2 would be a good signing to come in and compete with said rookie and at worst becomes a good veteran backup. Give me Luke Falk in the draft, with our next 2 picks to bolster the team around him (preferably an O-lineman and then any offensive position or OLB) with a short term contract for bridgewater and I think that really improves this offense and gives us some depth at the position.
  6. No kerley is one thing. But playing Hack literally puts the players at risk. Did you see his ability to manage blocking assignments against the Giants? How could Bowles or Mac in good conscience put him out there?
  7. As I asked - what point are you trying to make?
  8. Whats your point exactly? I clearly stated that you cant project that the first QB be better then one picked later. Then added the fact that you get an additional player picked in the top 10. Do other positions bust - again, yes. Just as I said that if you argument is that picking higher allows us to control our own destiny, that is true. So what are you saying exactly, other then wishing that the team lost games on purpose which is no different then yelling at the sky when it rains
  9. I never mentioned Rogers. My point is that there is simply no way to say that this team, with an OT, DE, WR, or RB picked at pick 10, with Luke Falk or Baker Mayfield picked in the second round is a worse team then if we picked Rosen #1. Could he be Peyton Manning, absolutely and thats why scouts love him - could he be Jeff George, absolutely.
  10. Actually, no, people are not literally saying Mayfield is better then Rosen. What people who understand how difficult evaluating QBs is are saying is that there is no guarantee whatsoever that Rosen will be better then mayfield and therefore there is no guarantee whatsoever that having the first or second pick will result in picking a better player then having the 6th or 10th pick and statistical history backs that up. If the tankers want to say that going 0-16 would allow us to control our "draft pick destiny" moreso then picking 6-10 that fact is indisputable. But to sit here and argue that the team should lose on purpose to take Josh Rosen, who could easily wind up being a worse NFL player then Mayfield or Luke Falk, just doesnt make sense and that is backed up by historical facts
  11. Dont forget Big Ben - 3rd Qb taken in a "Great QB Draft" at pick 11 Its actually depressing coming on this board and seeing actual fans who honestly believe its possible to lose games on purpose. Could Mac force Bowles to start Hackenberg, sure - and that would like appease 2% of the fans. While doing the following: 1. Putting hackenberg and the others at risk to be injured if he isnt prepared with protections, etc. 2. Ensure that the rest of the league, who Mac may need to have hire him at some point, thinks he is a complete idiot 3. Stunt the development of the young players who have spent the last 15-20 years as winners 4. Still not ensure the top pick You guys who think the players can lose on purpose, arent the ones who are essentially betting their career, earnings potential, family etc on this. None of Mac, Bowles, Hugh Jackson, Kyle Shanahan, or any of the other front office or HCs in the league are trying to lose games.
  12. Williams Released

    Marshall's issue is ball security, his fumbles arent fluky, he is just very loose and careless with the ball when he is running. Might be a result of him just being a young player, but its very apparent that he is extremely susceptible to fumbles. That being said, he just seems to have a smoothness to his play, that other players simply dont have. I went to the Green/White scrimmage and watched him quite a bit - he is really explosive and just has that quickness/burst to him that makes him look different then other players. I really hope he can clean up the fumbles because he could be a good player for Morton to use in the slot and even in the backfield similar to Ty Montgomery in GB. He certainly has more upside then Marcus Williams
  13. Definitely not. Shell actually has said in interviews that he is significantly more comfortable on the right side and when he played LT last preseason it was a disaster. I think that is why Mac made the trade up to take him. Shell was a dominant player at RT for 2+ years at South Carolina and struggled as a senior when he was moved to LT, creating some value in the pick if you keep him at RT. I wouldnt mess with what hes comfortable with - lets hope we locked down the RT spot for the next 5+ years
  14. Patriots Oline and Front 7

    What do we know about Travis Cadet because he could wind up playing a big role on Sunday? He seems like a shifty-type RB simply because he has more career receptions (102) then carries. He was on the saints with Morton so he should know the offense, and Morton should know what his strengths and weaknesses are, so hopefully if he is pressed into meaningful action Morton can out him in position to be successful.
  15. I clicked on the Pats-Jets thread hoping to see a conversation about the upcoming game, but instead it was another debate about Watson or Adams which has been beyond beaten to death. The team didnt play very well yesterday, but the truth is that while Cleveland is winless, they have a lot of talent in the trenches that proved to be a very difficult for our team. Their O Line is one of the best in football and Garret had a monster game along with the rest of their front 7 stopping the Jets running game. As bad as those matchups looked for us, we shouldnt have any of the same problems against New England. Im not sure who will be the RB, aside from McGuire, but we should be able to run the ball against the Pats defense, there just isn't a lot of talent there. The coaching advantage is obviously a huge issue, and the Pats have 10 days to prepare, but hopefully morton can get creative as McCown should have more time to throw then he did on Sunday or vs Jacksonville Id like to see the offense use as much motion and bunched formations as possible, as the Pats have had communication issues in their secondary. I know its Brady/Belichick, but this matchup is better for the Jets then some of the teams they have already beaten.