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  1. Game Observations (DET)

    They are absolutely in the running for a tank job, and may be without their LT Cordy Glenn as well.
  2. Game Observations (DET)

    While there is little to excuse about Hack's performance there were certainly extenuating factors, the biggest of which is that we too were playing a vanilla scheme on offense. Morton isnt an idiot, and he certainly realizes that none of our receivers will be able to beat a defense on ability alone, so he is going to have to manufacture opportunities with rub routes, motion, and bunch/stack formations. Robby Anderson is very fast, but he isnt physical enough to beat press coverage, so we will need to use the scheme to get him open. The problem is though, that we cant show that stuff now, and lining up stewart or peake and asking them to get open against a first team defense is going to result in sacks or incompletions no matter who our QB is.
  3. Are we actually talking about Deshaun Watson after his 3-10 performance last night - thats a 30% completion and most of the yards were after the catch on a screen. If that was Hackenberg's line he would be getting killed by this board. Mahomes looks very good, but its too early to have these types of conversations.
  4. We needed to get faster on defense, particularly at LB and Lee filled that need. What input could woody possibly have had on that pick? Was a first round coverage LB going to sell tickets? Secondly, what GM isnt influenced by what their coach needs - that statement makes absolutely no sense. The falcons, who everyone now thinks are the genius franchise of the league, had a puff piece out last year about Quinn and Dimitroff/Pioli and meeting to discuss the exact players that Quinn wanted. The GM and Coach have to be on the same page in that department and if Lee was the BPA AND he filled a need for Bowles, then why wouldn't we make that pick? Lets give lee the 2017 season before declaring him a bust too.
  5. 8/16 camp tweets

    I hope we keep someone like connor harris over Bruce Carter. Not an indictment of Carter, but we know what he is as a player and its not going to improve in 2018 or beyond
  6. Why exactly is center a big problem? Is Wes Johnson a possible HOF like mangold, no way but he's a serviceable NFL player who is playing between 2 good guards. I also don't see where or how fitz could be better then McCown. Fitz had a career year with 31 tds. Well McCown also had one career season playing with Jeffrey in Chicago. Outside of those statistical outliers both QBs pretty much suck equally. But more importantly, fitz' poor play coupled with his inability to ever take responsibility definitely hurt the teams chemistry last year. At least McCown is good teammate and is therefore an upgrade over fitz.
  7. Learn From History

    Matt Hassleback - and he is also the only QB who was bad in college who improved after joining the NFL.
  8. With all the talk about how bad this team is and how our roster is an embarrassment top to bottom, Im curious what position group is actually worse this year then 2016, aside from the WR group? The easy ones to identify that are better this year than last are: Defensive line - healthy wilkerson, motivated Sheldon, another year under his belt for Leo Tight End - we didnt have any, and now have ASJ and Legget Safety - no question Maye/Adams are better then Pryor and Gilchrist QB - Fitzpatrick put up one of the most horrific seasons anyone has every seen RB - same group, plus McGuire, can't see how that is worse then 2016 Now for the groups where there can be a debate Linebackers - yes we lost harris, but Lee and Jenkins are a year older CB - Clairborne is an upgrade over Revis given that Revis didnt try whatsoever Oline - losing Mangold is a loss, but Beachem is an upgrade over Clady Overall I just dont see how this is a worse group of guys then 2016
  9. Learn From History

    I was not a fan of the Hack pick, but I do see why it was made and Im rooting for him because its the best thing for the team. That being said, your point is actually 2 separate things. I was and still am 100% in favor of giving him the redshirt season, there was no reason to run him out there in the last game or 2 to get killed behind a team that had given up weeks earlier. Confidence is extremely important and it was smart to not play him. However, it is atrocious how little time Gailey spent developing him. Should he have gotten practice reps with the 1s or 2s during game weeks, definitely no, but Gailey admitting that they couldn't work with him is insane to me. I dont know how an NFL team works, but would it be completely crazy to simply hire an additional QB coach to work on footwork etc with him in-season? Keeping his confidence in tact was an important step in his development given his college career, but we could have done A LOT more with him last year had we had guys like morton/bates here. Really a travesty that more wasn't done.
  10. Learn From History

    If 2 QBs go before us, that also means that 2 positional players will be available. This draft has edge rushers, 2 LT prospects and an excellent RB. On top of that, guys like Luke Falk will be available with our second pick, or if we trade back into the first round, so we have the option of taking a pass rusher (Arden Key/Harold Landry), or Barkley and then a QB. Then we improve the team, while having Falk and Hack continue to develop - increasing our chances of finding a QB while also building a strong team around that QB.
  11. 8/15 practice tweets

    The term "mentor", and "good influence" gets thrown around a lot, and its absolute laughable that people thought someone like Fitz was a good mentor for any young players especially a QB. The guy admitted he "doesn't like to throw" in the offseason and took every opportunity last year to blame the coaches, GM, or anyone other then himself, when he was a complete abomination on the field. Not only was did he suck as a player, but he routinely tried to play above his ability - had he understood the position and his own limitations, as a good QB should, he would have been much more successful. McCown is a similarly average player who actually understands that QBs need to deflect praise and accept responsibility. The article that was posted last week, really gives insight into what a valuable mentor can do, and McCown is actually that, as opposed to Fitz who is as responsible for the 2016 implosion as Revis or Marshall is. Im personally happy that McCown is here to work with Hack and could care less if we paid $6 million vs $3.5 for him. Hopefully he will be back in 2018 on a veteran minimum deal to work on his future in coaching and continue to work with Hack or with Hack and Darnold/Allen.
  12. I think 2 staples of Mac's drafting philosophy are that CBs, WRs and Olineman can be taken with mid/late round picks and developed if they have an elite physical skills. Looking back at just how bad Idzik was at drafting, you see guys like Shaq Evans and that tiny receiver that he took in the, and jeremiah george the ILB he took in the 5th and you have to ask yourself, what exactly did he see in picking those players. In no way did they stand out and in the case of the oklahoma kid, he actually had a massive physical shortcoming that he would need to overcome to excel in the NFL. The entire league was moving towards speed at LB, and instead Idzik took a slow ILB???? Everyone harps on Mac/Hackenberg, but what would our QB situation look like if we had simply taken AJ McCarron instead of those duds? If you look at our late picks/UDFA, especially Robby Anderson and Peake, those guys have elite speed and size respectively so you can see what Mac saw in them. They might not pan out, as most last round picks, but at least there is a method to what he's doing. Burris and Brandon Shell also have true NFL size for their positions and needed a year to work on NFL technique to hopefully develop into contributors or even starters. Derrick Jones fits the same mold, great athlete, needs to refine his skill set.
  13. Actually good teams do use the preseason as practice, which is what the Jets did with Hackenberg. You use all 12 quarters of the first 3 games to implement the concepts and generic play designs that you will use during the season. I have zero issue with the throws they have Hack Saturday as that is step of this preseason and Im certain they will add more as he gets comfortable, its how you actually develop a QB rather then just throw them out there like we have done in the past.
  14. Robbie Anderson

    Its on the coaching staff to get him in motion, in a stacked formation, or in the slot in order to get around his inability to beat press coverage. Yes he can improve by adding some strength and with technique improvements, but he's simply never going to be a physical, strong guy. That being said he plays the game at a different speed then everyone else, has good hands and attacks the ball when its in the air. Hopefully morton starts to use him in ways to take advantage of his skill
  15. While sparano was horrendous and the WRs were bad to start, to defend sanchez is so preposterous, he may have the 2nd most post season wins in jets history, but aside from the New England game the team won in spite of him. Indy Win 18/31 0 tds and 1 int San Diego win 12/23 100 yards 1 Td 1 Int Bengals win 12/15 182 1 Td 0int Sanchez, as he has shown playing for all the other teams and OCs that he has the past few years, has no mental grasp of the position. He was a good athlete with an above average arm, but had no idea how to set a protection (see strip sack in Pitt that cost us the game), how to manage down/distance, when to throw it away or any of the mental parts of the game that make QBs successful. He thrived on a good veteran team, and when it was time for him to improve, he fell apart. Theres a reason he's the third string QB on the bears now, he's not a good QB and theres not debate. If he was good, then he wouldn't have more Ints in the past 2 seasons then TDs - which he does.