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  1. This is the absolute low point in my long history as a Jets fan....they are so clueless in so many ways. They trade the most improved player and by all accounts their best slot corner, who consistently out played Skrine all thru training camp, for a JAG safety? There will be 10 Terrence Brooks available when the teams cut down in a week. What message does this send to a young team? Work your butt off, play hard and you get traded for a bag of balls while the guy you out played is starting? And who is Brooks, a veteran to help mentor our two rookie safeties? Nope, he's a guy who got cut from the Ravens because he couldn't learn the defensive playbook! I imagine getting Brooks was a priority because both of our new safeties can't cover downfield as they are both "box" players and at least Brooks has the skills to play over the top. MAC and Bowles have no grasp of how to build a team. CB along with OL, QB and dominant pass rushers are the most valuable positions and we have NO TALENT at any of them! Our #1 pick last year and our first 2 picks this year are virtually the same player, while our OL stinks and we came out of the deepest CB draft in history without any of the top15 prospects. Just so bad.......
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