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  1. Becomes a Jet next year
  2. Kraft and Bellicheck prob sent this chick after him
  3. I disagree that the OL is one of our biggest needs. The group might not be spectacular and could be upgraded, but outside of C nothing is overly pressing (and even then we can survive - we wont be world beaters next year regardless). Why reach in a draft very weak at OL?
  4. Pretty good draft, but Howard to the Chargers? I know Gates is old and injury prone at this point, but Henry showed he could be legit. Chiefs going for Webb in the first is pretty crazy too.
  5. My first reaction is the beginning is way too easy. Would've liked a few of those games against more challenging teams to dig us in a hole early, loose morale, and tank. Would hate momentum to build until we sh*t the bed after the bye. Couldn't be a worse schedule. Let's Hope some Dolphins and Bills start hot because Jags and Browns are a toss up and I don't expect the Raiders to have Carr that early in the season.
  6. If the Jets somehow amass that many picks, I think they should also target a developmental ILB in the mid rounds to replace Harris next year. Good teams draft in anticipation of future holes (I know, I know we've already got enough holes to fill without anticipation).
  7. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the Browns are better than the Jets.
  8. There needed to be another thread for this?
  9. I'd agree that USC QBs have a bad history Jets not withstanding, but he wont have the inexperienced label by the end of next year. Let's be glad we will have more game tap for evaluation.
  10. To be fair all the prospects get compared to the GOAT. How often does it actually come to fruition? Bust rates are still high. Would I complain about getting some top talent? Of course not, but the value of this draft is not at the top. This is a deep draft and when you are a rebuilding team you need to set the next foundation. If the Jets somehow got that many 3's, I'd prob look to trade back into the second or acquire another pick for next year personally.
  11. Picks are nice for the rebuild. Too high for Mahomes? Sure. I'd be mad, but as long as you don't have a qb, you've gotta try to address it. second round I wouldnt complain about the position at least. If you don't like the prospect replace it with another CB. 3rd round has some good pick, but I don't like the idea of a WR or NT. I'd replace those with an OLB prospect and RB/ TE.
  12. It's been widely discussed that all the QBs are not ready to play this year anyway. I think it doesn't really effect the perception of Hack. If they pick a QB at 6 they will hope Hack shows up and they have a tradable asset best case scenario. If they don't pick a QB I think it's indicative of the QB class at hand.
  13. Pretty sure that's everyones plan O_O
  14. Wishful thinking. More than likely the Titans will look to capitalize on the deep class. Top of the second round seems like a good spot, if I were them.
  15. On the tape that I've seen, I feel he is more likely a possession WR than elite. I wouldn't be upset with the pick, but I think I'd rather have OJ Howard.