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  1. It is because he is black isn't it
  2. He won the national championship I'm pretty sure of that Sent from my SM-G950U using mobile app
  3. It was the most watched NBA Finals since the 90s. YA people are tuning out alright.
  4. If we win more than 3 games then Bowles is the coach of the year. This Roster is dog shiit outside a few players.
  5. Didn't Winston win a national championship
  6. As long as we stay far away from Lamar Jackson I'll be happy. Sent from my SM-G950U using mobile app
  7. Everyone talking about Sam. Rosen will be playing in a pro style offense this season if he shows out he will jump him for the best qb. Dude has an amazing arm. Sent from my SM-G950U using mobile app
  8. Rex is sh*t anyway
  9. You spelt Josh Rosen wrong
  10. Dudes career is most likely over why would you keep him
  11. Who cares we are going to suck at the right time finally. Fuk the media
  12. Everyone saying we will mess it up and win some games is crazy unless our defense is holding teams to 6 points per game
  13. Painful? How so? they are in prime position to get a top qb next draft
  14. Hopefully we can cross QB off the list next draft
  15. Maybe he realizes our young qbs are shiit and the 2018 ddraft is full of qbs. although he should probably be fired the taking hack in the 2nd.