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  1. Adams was the pick to make. Dude is a top 3 talent in the draft you don't pass on that. As for the Maye I don't like that pick no reason to double down on safeties, especially when Cook was there.
  2. Draft perine for 1st and 2nd down powell on 3rd down **** Forte
  3. I mean idk much about stewart but dude had 900 yards and what 8 tds with a terrible qb. Guess we will see
  4. we need offense we take offense every hates it hahaha
  5. We are gunna go CB book it
  6. I mean ill always be a jets fan but that pick is terrible
  7. Jets will take a cb round 3 book it all defense all the time ****en idiots
  8. WE have been drafting defense for the past 10 years how far has that gotten us
  9. So keep drafting defense. **** offense right. lmao Cook should have been the pick
  10. What pass rushers? If you want a db take a corner there since we need one. sh*t pick another sh*tty 2nd round pick might as well trade it away every year.
  11. because we already got the best safety in the draft. Why would they take another safety makes no sense. it is a sh*t pick