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  1. I got 2 seats in 123 I'm looking to sell. Psl is completely paid off. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  2. Like my bullsh*t 40 good credit seat. That is worthless Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  3. Yes we will..... Coach Bowles will be unemployed. Funny thing Rex would be looking to take that job back and he's the best fit as of now. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  4. The only thing shocking is my season invoice
  5. That is hilarious!!! What about last seasons price increase for 5-11
  6. We all know the Jets are rebuilding and are going to be horrible for some time to come. I feel the product doesn't represent the ticket prices. What's the incentive to renew your tickets? I can think of better things to do with $4k.