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  1. A few others: Keep the coach around who "lost" the locker-room last year, has terrible clock management, and approaches the game super conservatively Check! Address one of the team's worst played positions in 2016 (CB) by signing a player who never plays (Claiborne) Check! Have the NFL's worst offense in 2016 and sign/draft 0 immediate impact players in 2017 Check! Have the worst QB depth in the NFL paired with the worst top-end WR core in the NFL Check! Tell everyone you aren't tanking Check!
  2. Jets Boarding Pass

    I don't think the Jets have even thought that one through yet.....Not sure they need to.
  3. All I am getting at is they could have better addressed the QB, WR and CB positions in the off-season and won 2-3 games more than they will in 2017. In neither instance do I think they smell the playoffs, but by not doing so, they are clearly comfortable with leaving any "extra wins" on the table. There is no way you can look at this roster as a GM and think you have put together a team that is better than 25 other teams in the NFL.
  4. These are the teams with the most Top 5 picks in the draft the in recent history. Seams like rebuilding = tanking.
  5. Taking a year off to develop players and not make a playoff push is "tanking" in my book. This team has a 0% chance to make the playoffs and have not added any pieces in the offseason to change that. I agree with the moves, but call it what it is. No one is going out there to lose games on purpose, but they sure as hell haven't put together the best possible team for the 2017 season.
  6. So you really think that a starting WR core of Quincy enunwa, robbie anderson and a handful of rookies paired with McCown/Hackenburg is what a GM does to win games. Mac clearly has assurances from Woody to take the season off and attempt to develop players. Whether this translates to "tanking" IDK, but he clearly isn't going out of his way to put together a team that is going to make any type of playoff push.
  7. So the Jets have addressed the QB, WR and CB positions to the best of their ability during this past off season? If you really think that, than Mac should just be fired now. Regarding the lottery, it hasn't stopped the 76ers from tanking for the past half decade. Not sure how/why it would be any different in the NFL.
  8. The Jets are a Safety away from winning the division
  9. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    The odds of YOU feeling good about your $30k purchase 7 years later are about 0%. I could buy a PSL and sit right next to you for 1/10th of what you paid. Enjoy the 2017 season. Go Jets!
  10. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    Who said they were an investment? Was curious to see who was walking away this season. When I got the seats 5+ years ago I was not traveling overseas 10+ times a year for work and unable to make games. People's commitments change over the course of their lives. Glad you have the next 30 years of your life planned out for you. Not my fault for wanting anything but upper deck season tickets for the few years I have been in the area while my father has been able to go to games with me, and I paid the PSL premium for it. But when I can't make half the games the next 2-3 years, can't sell them for 50% less the face value, or even GIVE THEM AWAY, what is the purpose of owning season tickets? Not everyone has the luxury of being able to go for the next 30 years. I do not understand why some people on this forum do not get that.
  11. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    Yes. PSLsource.com. I did not work with any of their reps until after I sold the PSL.
  12. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    Pslsource.com Very painless and simple process. After I sold the tickets, I wasn't sure how smoothly the process would be working with the Jets. Per the PSLsource rep I worked with.. "I have been working directly with someone on the Jets very frequently." I received the payout about 2 weeks after I accepted the buyer's bid and about a week after the transfer was finalized with the Jets. Obviously I took a substantial hit on selling the tickets, but I was already walking away from the PSL. I have the money, but have no interest buying a product (2017 season tickets) that has virtually no resale value.
  13. Isn't that what stubhub is for?
  14. So you are telling us at one point you were never an "A" level fan while the burpers and the farters were? That is inconceivable.
  15. You can only be a real Jets fan if you have "rich fun money" to spend. What don't you people get. Don't hate the player, hate the game.