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  1. I rarely post here, but if i did i would share mostly the same thoughts as the OP. Realistically, its the same as many other forums.... give people a chance to speak their mind, you will hear some dumb stuff.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to successfully develop a new QB... Maybe i can work for the NYJ, i fit the bill perfectly.
  3. At this point, i am one of those fans. I guess it just didn't realize that people believe we have seen enough of Petty. I had high hopes for that kid... I am of the mindstate that most QBs wont turn out to be franchise QBs, unless they were regarded as cant miss prospects, consensus top 5 picks... so i am fine with shooting for a new QB in the first every year until we find one.
  4. First post - hope everyone is well tonight. My question is simple. If the NYJ draft a QB they will: 1.) Cut a QB (name which one) 2.) Carry 4 QBs I can't see them cutting any of the 3 guys they have. And carrying 4 Qbs (from what i have heard) handicaps pretty much everyone on the depth chart aside from the #1 in terms of practice reps. Drafting another QB is also, to some degree, giving up on Hack which wouldn't bode well for Mr.Macag... Thoughts?