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  1. Mehta is a sh*t stirring weasel and can not be trusted. He has a clear anti-jet agenda. Everything he proposes is a horrible long term decision for the franchise aimed at keeping us 8-8 and chasing the immediate gratification. Everything he reports is him trying to create a problem or actively work against the interests of the team. My guess is that he will be lobbying the Jets to sign Richardson to a long term deal soon, if he hasn't done this already.
  2. Because they didn't have any QBs on the rosters, and they took what was available to them. Nobody used any 1st round picks. So nobody "staked" their careers on anything.
  3. How has this place not drowned in it's own sea of tears yet? Jesus f**king Christ.
  4. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Same old same old NY sports reporters lazy ass narrative. Jets bad, Giants good. They love to say our players have zero talent or knock them down until they sign with the cross town rivals. Then it's WOW. "How could the Jets have mismanaged this awesome talent for so long?" If Geno makes their team over Johnson, it will be more of that..."look at what a great organization the Giants are, Geno is making real strides, he might make it just yet, just needed real coaching, real development, blah blah blah." If he gets cut, it's "YOU SEE? Jets players are just garbage and it's amazing how he was their starter, but he's not good enough to even make the great, fantastic, classy....ny football giants." As if we still need the clarification. The original, NY baseball Giants left town how many decades ago? But that organization somehow found a way to take the fact that they copied/stole the name of the great NY baseball franchise in the 20s to market to the fanbase and turned it into some douchey, smarmy marketing hook to keep the word football in their name. Brilliant marketing job by those sleazy Mara's. They get to associate all the good feelings of the word Football and integrate INTO their name....and all because they had zero originality from day one. End rant.
  5. How about run, run, draw, punt? All I really want to key on is OLine play. Is Beachum playing more like his Jax or Pitt days. Is Shell looking like he's ready for the RT job? Does he get any LT reps (there was a rumor a while back that Jets liked his long term potential there, though I didn't pay it much attention when I read it.) with the 2nd team? Is Qvale still a 1 dimensional player? Is Winters continuing along in his development/progression? Is Johnson a liability or a solid stopgap? If we have no OL....we are all set to go 0-16. And if that's the case fine....trot out McClown to take the beatings early, let Hack/Petty continue along through week 6 or so and then see what they have in them at that point. Hey it's a 2nd and 4th rounder. Odds are incredibly high that they will bust. I have no issue going 0-16. I'm a Jets fan...what's going to happen? The media will mock us, other fans will laugh at us? LOL. This isn't a team to root for if you are a weak little bitch. Thick skin or gtfo. I'll take the epic failure and join the Lions as the only teams if it the way to the #1 overall. Who gives a sh*t? None of this actually matters. If we are winless and the next team has 2 or 3 wins....fine you can go ALL out in weeks 16 and/or 17 to get the victory to avoid the "embarrassment". But the ONE JOB this season: Get us a FQB to root for for the next 10-15 years. Oh yeah, and I'm hopeful to see if Mauldin and Jenkins look any better. One of them needs to break out, Right? Please?
  6. Zeke suspended 6 games

    This stinks of John Mara.
  7. And Sheldon still checks into Florham Park every day..... Can't wait to be rid of that fat moron. I'll take a 5th rounder. Just get his cancerous ass off the team so we can...you know...rebuild, properly.
  8. None of us can prove that. If it is true, then yes it's a huge problem. Though some guys can develop leadership skills with maturity. Either way, more and more assholes are coming....it's the age of the millenials baby!
  9. Zero problem with what he said. It's exactly how you want your QB to think. It's not how you want him to talk to the media though.This kid imo is more likely the next Marino than the next Leaf or Jeff George. A lot of QBs are assholes. He just needs some PR coaching. He might think he's being real, but he's only putting a target on his back while making himself less marketable. If he puts a little more of that "aww shucks" act on for the media, America will eat that sh*t right up.. Aaron Rodgers is apparently a huge douche but we all love him. R-E-L-A-X. Rosen goes no lower than 2 imo.
  10. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    I also don't like buying jerseys and watching the player go to another team. I don't want to restrict players earning potential but there needs to be some way to keep players on the teams that drafted them. They sell us on the players, market them to us so we become invested in them, then they cut them after one down year and we watch them go to hated rivals. Stupid. I would have bought a Harris jersey this year. It would have been the 4th time I bought a jersey. (Chrebet, Toon, Mawae) Now I probably never will. But I do get the allure of the jersey. I have a couple of cool college jerseys from some fun players. I have a Vince Young, Ray Lewis, Hershel Walker, Haloti Ngata, and the crown jewel....Desmond Howard.
  11. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    I can't argue with that logic. I want to. But I just don't see the point.
  12. 80M can buy a lot of JAGs to hold the fort with. Just need to have our 2 safeties, Shell, Jenkins, Mauldin, Burris and Stewart ALL pan out. With the 80 M you can buy a pretty good LT, C, ILB, WR, RB and still have more than enough to add some good complimentary pieces to help break in your new FQB.
  13. I mean, at that point...just make VanDerLaan the QB and hand off the ball 50 times. Or just take a knee every down. Won't matter.
  14. YEah I was thinking mentor role if nothing else, but if he's truly done....then no reason to burn a roster spot. Hell I'm fine with just going in with 8 OL. I mean besides, BEachum, Carpenter, Johnson, Winters, Shell, Ijilana and hopefully the rookie Leamon....do we really have anyone worth keeping? Couldn't we just add almost anybody off the FA scrap heap after cuts and instantly improve over those other guys?