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  1. Let's be honest. The media is always a problem here. Even in the years when we are successful they are circling overhead like buzzards just waiting for their chance to attack. They have a favorite team and they want them to always be the hero and for us to always be the punchline and they work very hard to continue that narrative every day.
  2. That's where we disagree. I'm generally of the opinion that the little things are what define the franchise and organization. Unceremoniously dumping Mangold and Harris like the second rate joke of a franchise that we are shows us exactly who Woody is and how he runs his operation. For me, as a fan, I want to be proud of the team I root for and see them do all of the little things right. I'm not expecting perfection, just an attempt at doing everything the right way. That is what makes the dysfunction of this little trust fund baby's sad operation all the more infuriating. I want to win, but I want to win with class and with a team of players that we can be proud to represent our favorite team. The little things always matter in that regard. They set the tone for the organization and establish the culture. Sadly, we have no organization and our culture is whatever the coaches and players make it out to be as a group. To me these things are more important than watching a team win. Lowlife scumbags may be a inevitable part of the NFL, but it doesn't mean we have to like it and simply accept them for being who they are just because they can help us win. If Sheldon had 22 sacks, I'd still want him gone. So maybe that makes it harder to compete with that mentality. Well, that's fine. I wouldn't want to win if it meant sacrificing integrity. Look at the Patriots. Their success is incredible. I wouldn't want to have it at the cost of the legacy of the team and always being known as a cheating outfit with no integrity or class or respect for the game. They may be winners, but they will never be champions. I'm rooting for a champion. For champions, every step on the journey matters.
  3. Friendly bet: Not one of them makes it to FA. I'm guessing that Cousins/Stafford will get resigned by their teams. Jimmy G gets tagged and traded (assuming Brady doesn't retire) and Brees either resigns or retires.
  4. I mean by that logic anytime he's not lined up over the guard attacking the B gap he's "out of position". Now sure, a lot of Bowles idiotic scheming is an issue, but he's still on the field, rushing the inside lanes. That's "in position" for a DL in this scheme as far as I'm concerned. When Bowles had him at "OLB" in 2015 rushing the passer from the edge he was a non-factor as expected. But when he was asked to push the middle of the pocket in 2016 he was equally ineffective. You can say his stats were depressed because he's not in a system that fits his skillset perfectly (like say a Tampa2), and that's fine, but he gets no pass for that. Lee is also miscast in a 3-4 based model. So what? They need to adjust and produce, or get lost. And when they totally quit on their team, they get all the hatred and venom spit their way - as they should.
  5. Wow. Congrats! You broke the code. My issues w Sheldon being a loser and the Jets being a dysfunctional joke are the root issue here. Well, Duh. And I'd like to see them both manage their approach much better. Sheldon to STFU and the Jets to have a real Marketing/PR dept capable of muzzling ignorant cancers and putting their best player reps forward. As to my time spent online vs not. Lol. When business is slow I post. When it's not I don't. Feel free to track my activity if you like. Finally I can say that it is meaningless (bc sports are ultimately meaningless) AND it is important to the operations of the business. It's called scope. Also it's my right to say whatever I want because this is not Saudi Arabia. Hehe. And to be clear, I am salty at the Jets, not you for disagreeing with my take (of all things to get bent out of shape over lol). I don't push that on other posters though unless directly provoked. I got no issue with you, but you are beginning to make it personal. You can choose to continue that or not. I promise not to care either way.
  6. Was it Little John Flowers who played really well in Europe and became a preseason fan favorite here?
  7. I'll always have a soft spot for VY because of that Rose Bowl. But seriously man...stfu.
  8. IFJackson improves his accuracy and improves his game from the pocket, he will easily go top 5 imo. He has Vick like potential, WITH the professional approach and commitment/dedication Mike lacked. I have a harder time believing that Allen is the goods, but I am anxious to watch some Colorado games this year. LOL. Did I really type that? Rosen needs to show he's all the way back from injury and also quell the rumors that he's an entitled douche who lacks motivation. If he does that he's in the running for #1 overall. I could see Allen, Rudoplh, Falk, Browning all being discussed as 1st & 2nd round talents too. Of course we need to see how they measure up first. But the completion%, size, arm talent (for the most part) seem to be there.
  9. Honestly, he just needs to play extensively this season, and find a way to not trip over his own d*ck. If he plays well enough to start any real talk about him pushing to be the 2018 starter, then he will have also won us too many games for us to be discussing which 2018 QB we should be drafting. My bigger concern is that he plays mediocre, wins us 4-6 and we are talking about whether or not we should be drafting Sam Hubbard or Mike McGlinchey if our QB choices are all dried up. In that case we'd better pray Allen and Jackson can get their completion percentages way up and Rosen comes all the way back from injury. Because if this becomes a 2 horse race for QB we will need to be holding the #1 overall pick.
  10. Smart teams manage their brand like good corporations. We are not a smart team. Yes in the grand scheme of things it's ALL completely meaningless. It's sports. It's a form of escapism. Yet we are all still here debating every little thing. Just because the NFL encourages players to speak doesn't mean the teams need to accept it and just take a hands off approach to how they are presenting their players. In the sense of a team managing it's own brand, players representing the team well is actually very important and needs to be closely managed. Not sure why you are getting salty about it. I just want my team to operate like a professional outfit. I know they have not and likely won't. But I can still blast them for failing at that and adding what I think they should be doing if they want to operate like a functional, respectable organization. You want to dismiss it as pablum, fine. But I can guarantee you that any smart GM will look at how this guy represents the Jets and ask himself if having this kind of guy spouting off idiocy on a microphone to the media is good for his teams image. This is the entertainment business after all. And, yes, what they say has a big impact on how they are valued.
  11. Love Joe, but it's over. He's not getting into the HOF. He has too much working against him. 1 - no true position that people identify him with 2 - no flashy stats - only 24 sacks listed/recorded (1982 was 1st year they recorded them) 3 - People can use the Sack Exchange talent against him to minimize his impact. 4 - He's a New York F***ing Jet.
  12. Yes, I do have an issue with him speaking at all. He should too. It shows his lack of awareness of what the media is using him for. He wants to get out in front of his own branding, I get that. But he's not smart enough to do it on his own and he's making himself and the team look worse at the same time. You have to think the Jets don't want him speaking either. His comments will be made to serve himself and not the team because his interests oppose the overall interest of the team. The best outcome for both parties is that he says nothing. He can even quote Marshawn Lynch if he needs to. The best thing he can do for himself is go silent and answer every question with, "I'm just going to be out here working my hardest for my teammates and let the GM and HC make all the decisions on the strategy and direction of this team." That MIGHT allow another GM to forgive his previous idiocy long enough to think that maybe he has matured and is, if nothing else, a great teammate who is just misunderstood deserving of a prove it type deal instead of just another talented, toxic lockerrrom cancer looking to just get paid.
  13. The game dictates that when you go and embarrass yourself and your team in a very public way, the right play is to keep your head down and mouth shut and redeem yourself with your play....not to be the most vocal guy leading the charge (while simultaneously admitting you only care about your money and stats) and acting like 2016 never happened. Also, go ahead and judge. This is the internet after all. Sure everyone gets triggered and protests, but nobody really cares.
  14. Again, it's not what he said, it's that he is the person that said it. He regurgitated the correct, canned answer. He just isn't the guy to say it because it reeks of total BS because his words now are directly opposite to the effort he put on the field last year. Guy quit on the team and shrugged it off like it didn't matter. Now he's in a contract year and he's pretending that he's got the heart of a lion. That's why the hostility.
  15. I totally see him as a lost cause. But yes, you want guys who want to win at all costs. That's not Sheldon though, despite his personal motivation THIS season.