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  1. You guys get that that was the right thing to do? You see a lame player gimping downfield as a "blocker" can't just clean him the **** out...that would be, like,... THE most unsportsmanlike thing you can ever do. Anyone who has ever played any sport, ever, couldn't possibly consider that as an option.
  2. We failed. We got a much better version of Calvin Pryor at 6 overall. We took a box safety 6 overall. Are we surprised? Nope. We are the goddamned Jets. What a pathetic franchise. In 4 years we took Calvin Pryor, Leo, Darron Lee and Jamal Adams in the first round. That's 2 SS's and an ILB. If not for Leo showing legitimate potential.... this would be a team who took 4 interior defensive players in 4 years. What a sh!tshow.
  3. I am looking forward to seeing the Giants get booed mercilessly tonight.
  4. Even better if he takes over vs Detroit. "QB change made as Christian gets fed to the Lions"
  5. There are no winners on the internet hoss. Just losers.
  6. Reminds me of the scene in Animal House with Boone's girlfriend.
  7. That's the 2018 headline. And it would read, "Jets just couldn't pass-over Rosen" or "Welcome the new Baal of Broadway"
  8. points for originality I guess.
  9. Give this man a prize.
  10. Reporter: "How could you miss that tackle? Was it a bad angle? Or what?" Athlete: "I don't know...Maybe I should avoid bad angles the way you avoid a healthy diet and exercise?" On that note....I'm off to the gym fatsos.
  11. LOL. Nothing like the guys who never played sports telling everyone else what to think about sports.
  12. I'm going with... "Jets preparing to pay Hooker 20 Million Dollars"
  13. You guys know that feeling when you open up the browser and click the JN link and think to yourself I bet I will read something today that's just completely absurd? This. This is why.
  14. Bowles should have lost any ability to influence draft decisions when his players flat out quit on his ass.
  15. I bet it would be a great place to work. He seems like a fun boss. Ping pong tuesdays.....jagermeister on tap?