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  1. I have watched them tank for most of the last 48 years..... with a few exceptions and we still suck and yet I watch every down of every game I am a glutton for punishment.
  2. we are a perennial playoff contender
  3. Don Shula didn't cheat.... Woody is my favorite owner NY is blessed with 3 great professional sports team owners, Woody, Dolan, and Wilpon Sheldon is a role model. Everybody loves the Jets cupcakes....
  4. the upside is we are a 2 win team either way...
  5. Harris will start for them and our LB's will be in jail....
  6. best case scenario he plays great and we still tank... then will have assets and options.
  7. this is a BS thing It's a misdemeanor charge and they arrest is a formality as they investigate the case. This was mainly done to back up the civil suit.
  8. He went from worst to first good for him. He is a class act who deserves to compete for titles in his last days. He has no worries about pass coverage against us...
  9. we should use it on our worthy home grown talent, sign some free agents for depth who are quality players and teammates, and keep drafting. We will figure it out after the tank
  10. so when I lived in Long Island in the 70's I went to many games at Shea I moved to NJ later on and so did the Jets so I went to a few games here and there. In the 90's I lived in Passaic Park and went to many games as I could always find scalped tickets. My schedule was to hectic to buy in advance back then since then I lived in south Florida and saw them seemed like a home game last 19 years been in Charlotte and I see them when they come here. So I never go to games hardly, however I see every game good or bad I suffer through them..... However still I am still a real fan and my kids are being raised to suffer as well even though we do enjoy a Panthers game occasionally as well.
  11. Good for him. Seems like a good place for him. I have nothing bad to say about him
  12. looks close I think some maybe another udfa or two may have a chance
  13. No matter who starts this is a down year. However it is a good chance to see if either of our young QB's are players
  14. I don't see the downside of these moves especially now seeing the numbers. Pryor was useless. Sad to see Harris go but these are tough decisions rebuilding teams make now back to the tank we need a QB
  15. I think even if he has a good year any smart team would sign him to a prove it deal with his history. However not too many teams are smart