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  1. Yep Hack is the franchise..... doesn't say much for the franchise
  2. I am thinking that we are going to go from worst to wurst....
  3. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    I think once we see how he can do well against press coverage we will have a better feel for him
  4. I guess we will see what happens next game as we look for progress. I still think we should tank tough
  5. I think Vander Laan over Tomlinson for probably in
  6. Robbie Anderson

    As stated above he needs to be stronger to against press coverage
  7. some stupidity still but overall much better for game one
  8. Game Observations (TEN)

    I watched this game twice... Yes the defense looked fast and totally different than last year Robbie Anderson looks like what we thought he was, he can burn Hack was smart, efficient, and was hindered by drops So far the team looks like it is m ore well coached than it has been in the past. Maybe the lack of PS turmoil has helped I am happy and mad. Happy because we looked better than I though and mad because I am all for the tank and drafting a QB still
  9. camp updates...

    I am waiting for the first report of Hack over throwing the ball by the reporters
  10. Panthers GM Gettleman Fired

    as someone who lives in Charlotte I watched this guy build this team. He did a great job as he inherited a mess. He made tough decisions on veterans much the same way the Patriots do. Get rid of them a bit early rather than late. In my 45 years plus of being a Jet fan I have not seen the Jets have a better GM. OTOH the Giants passed him over as well for their job....
  11. at the end of the day Cousins is not our guy we suck enough to finally draft one of the promising QB's coming out of college
  12. none of this matters... we just need to do everything possible to draft a franchise quarterback
  13. I have watched them tank for most of the last 48 years..... with a few exceptions and we still suck and yet I watch every down of every game I am a glutton for punishment.