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  1. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    There simply was not enough evidence to overturn and I cannot believe they did it. This was an indictment of the entire replay/league office review system. But protesting about it will accomplish nothing for us. They're not going to review the game and decide we should get the win; they're not going to review that play and call in the Jets and Pats tomorrow to play out the last six minutes of that game as if we had scored a touchdown on that play. We got f***ed and there is no recourse for it. I'm gonna go watch the new Star Wars trailer again. It calms me down.
  2. Stop The Crap

    Agree to disagree. Outside of Enuwa and Leo Will, is there any player I trust to do their job every play? That's the state we're at right now. We've drafted an inside-linebacker, Hackenberg and two safeties with our high picks over the last two years. We drafted a quarterback that hasn't played well in several years (when we drafted him), and then arguably the two least important positions on the defensive side of the ball; safety and inside linebacker. It looks like we missed on Darron Lee. Hackenberg is a complete unknown. We've cut every veteran on the team. Upside is: the two safeties are actually good prospects! So I got that going for me. Which is nice.
  3. I agree that had an effect. And I agree I enjoyed watching the more violent version football. But I can at least understand that rule - it's about safety/concussions/cte. The defensive holding and pass interference changes don't have anything to do with safety; but rather everything to do with offense/high-scoring = ratings. Which I think worked in the short term, but will have a longer lasting negative effect long term. The 2002 Bucs and 2000 Ravens could not win a Super Bowl in this league; and that, I think, is a shame.
  4. Bilal is a jack-of-all-trades, high-effort running back. I like having Bilal on the team. There are times when I think; we should use Bilal more. But pro bowl? Come on, bro. Maybe if we had that Dallas o-line. And a quarterback.
  5. I like this. Also think the pass interference/defensive holding rules need to revert back to the early 2000's/late 1990's. The defensive secondary is completely outmatched these days, by design. I think that was a mistake.
  6. Sure, but I doubt a team will be successful by picking safeties, guards and inside linebackers in the first two rounds consistently. You can't win in this league without good quarterback play, offensive playmakers, time & protection for both of those and a good pass rush on defense. That's the recipe; score + hit the quarterback. Two safeties don't really help that.
  7. I like Maye better than all of those players. And Adams was definitely the safest pick at six. Genuinely, we might have went BPA at both picks. But I think an argument could be made that any strategy/philosophy, no matter how reasoned and empirically tested, shouldn't be so rigidly adhered to in the face of circumstances. Taking two safeties in the first two rounds, even if they're both the Best Players Available, isn't all that smart. And it's one thing to take one safety in the first two rounds; it's something else to take two, back-to-back, in the first forty picks. If we went for Mahomes or Lattimore at six, or maybe traded down and picked up Bolles, Charles Harris, Humphrey or Cam Robinson and then picked Maye in round two - we might be far better off.
  8. I liked Maye and Adams before the draft, but it was definitely weird to watch us draft both back-to-back. As much as good safety play is more important now in the game than it ever was; it's still nowhere close to as important as a quarterback, pass rusher, elite wide receiver or offensive tackle. While I'm happy to read how well they're performing in OTA's, it's going to be easy for people to look back on this draft and think what could have been if we didn't go back-to-back safety in the first two rounds and grabbed one of those premium positions instead with one of our first two picks. But so long as they both hit, become productive starters, we won't be a laughingstock - just perhaps misguided.
  9. There's only two ways to see this; either we're grossly incompetent or we're intentionally tanking. Lets hope they're doing it on purpose... and these quarterbacks better be worth it.
  10. It is nice to see Sheldon fired up and acknowledging this is his contract year. I bet by week 6 all the people ripping him here will love him again. The offense will be hellish, but I bet the defense will be fun to watch.
  11. What was the feud between Sheldon and Marshall about? Is that old news? I haven't seen anything on that, and although it's not surprising, I'd like to know more.
  12. Premier League

    Congrats, Jack. And on the subject of diving: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/may/18/football-association-introduce-retrospective-bans-diving-feigning-injury-next-season • Two-match bans for players found guilty of diving or feigning injury • Incidents reviewed by panel of ex-manager, ex-player and ex-referee Been looking for something like this for a while. Anyways, nice to see other Premier league fans; can't wait for the Liverpool match Sunday. YNWA!
  13. He lobbied for the quarterback who just helped him, and the jets, win ten games. I don't hold wanting Fitz back against Decker, nor do I think that divided the locker room.
  14. Other than get injured last year, what has he done wrong? What's the opportunity cost of keeping him at this point - who are we signing with his cap savings? We need some veterans... never heard anything bad about Decker. The whole suck for Sam crowd getting a little too carried away. At the very least, it's worthwhile for the other WRs development to see Decker work, run routes and handle the media.