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  1. Film Review: Week 2 Jets @ Raiders

    Good review. OL seems not to miss a beat when Dozier comes in for Winters. Recall that being case last year. Makes me question Winters' extension this past offseason.
  2. Darron Lee

    Despite Lee's speed he's poor in coverage. Wouldn't mind seeing Lee get benched for a series or two if he keeps playing poorly. Even though want to see young guys like him play and develop, could be worth sending message that he can't get by with crappy play just because he's a 2nd year 1st round pick. Put in Carter or Stanford for a series or two, send a message (same could go for Davis as well).
  3. 14 point dogs sunday

    Line now at 15. Surprised it's not higher, when at Buffalo was 11 and Oakland is a Super Bowl contender while Buffalo is a 1st pick contender.
  4. I have to think he lost track of the score and/or couldn't do the math to realize Jets were down two scores. Because there is no way this makes any sense down nine. Down eight, still the twong move, but I can understand the logic.
  5. Predict who gets the #1 pick

    Think we've got the best chance at it. Browns, 49ers, Bills, Bears, Jags our toughest competition in that order.
  6. The message to Mo is that we have had three good players at the same position, where only two play in position at once, and we traded one of them, so we are committed to keeping you
  7. Looking forward to see the defense

    Possibly worst starting QB in league, definitely bottom 5. Worst skill position players. OL is average at best, most likely below-average. One of the bottom five offenses last year, only got worse. That's why I think this offense will be bad. Performance of backups against backups who mostly are not on rosters anymore not a good indicator of regular season success.
  8. Sheldon Traded

    Looks like good deal, get something of value for Richardson. Never made sense to have Richardson, Wilk, and Williams, forcing one out of position. Would've rather dealt Wilk but impossible with contract foolishly gave him last offseason. Looks like a good move to make best out of circumstances Macc created.
  9. Joe Haden?

    Haden's 28, I wouldn't call that old. Obviously there are reasons for Browns to look to get rid of him - contract is higher than it should be (though not at a Skrine-like level) and he's had injuries past two years which have caused decline and missed games. But we have a player in Wilkerson who is just a year younger, also declining in play due to injury, and even more overpaid. And another in Richardson who plays the same position and is a free agent next year. I'd trade either one of our imperfect good DLs for an imperfect good CB. Not saying that is the best option of a master plan. There may be a better deal for draft pick, there may be better CBs we can get in free agency next year. But I think trading Wilkerson or Richardson for Haden would make a lot of sense for the Jets. As far as Haden's contract, doesn't look like it's so terrible after this year. Cap Number of 14.4 mil this year is high. Next year is also 14.4, but if cut only 3.6 mil, 10.8 in cap savings. 2019 $10.9 mil cap number but only $400K in dead money if cut. https://overthecap.com/player/joe-haden/284
  10. Joe Haden?

    Try to trade Richardson or Wilkerson for him (preferably Wilkerson but less likely Browns want his contract). In a vacuum Wilk or Richardson may be better, but given the redundancy we have at having our top 3 players at the same position, Haden would fit our needs better.
  11. That's an insult to Jeremy Kerley, the fair catch king
  12. Bates Press Conference

    Basically what I got too, and I don't get the hysterics from the OP and others. That's a plan that makes sense. Even if organization is tanking season, players and coaches can't completely, and McCown is starter now because coaches and players job is to win games and right now he gives best chance. I also got the sense from Bates and especially Bowles that this is a decision for week one, and definitely open to changing during season. Contrast with other teams, like Broncos where Vance Joseph said Siemian is "permanent" starting QB.
  13. This Isn't "Sexy" But ...

    Petty has similar issues; recall the play last year against Miami where he was sandwiched by Wake and Suh Though that may have been a snap count issue as well. Wonder if keeping Mangold would have significantly helped Hack & Petty in this regard.
  14. Those 3 losses had nothing to do with committing 10 turnovers? Scoring under 20 points each game?
  15. This. And failed to trade any one of them, instead giving Wilkerson a big extension. It's a nice but unnecessary luxury to have all 3. You can only play so many 3-4 DEs in their ideal position at one time. And the two best games for the DL last year were opener without Richardson, and Ravens game without Wilkerson. One of Macc's biggest failures is that we are going into another season with our top 3 assets being redundant.