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  1. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    Yes they could have. In fact they would have. Don't be stupid.
  2. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    Its hilarious to watch fans the legitimately think they know better than professionals. You don't. I don't. Don't flatter yourselves.
  3. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    He's got his mind right and seems to be making the right reads but his tackling form needs work. This is correctable and with his work ethic and commitment to the game this wont be a problem for very long. He's still way ahead of where most 21 year old safeties are.
  4. Either Hack didn't call for the right protection or he did and somebody missed their assignment.
  5. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Not really... I think Sanchez and Geno had a bigger hand in that. In 2012 Sanchez was just given a big extension that year and was still considered our franchise QB. We weren't quite in the market for another young prospect to replace Sanchez just some competition for him who can double as a backup and occasional offensive weapon in the wild-cat which is why we brought in Tebow. (what a year that was ) And in 2014 a combination of the fact that Idzik was high on Pryor (Oops) and wanted to roll with Geno for the year lead to us not partaking in the 2014 class (besides Tajh Boyd). Vick was just a veteran backup who knew the offense and could theoretically come in just in case Smith failed. Didn't work out, but that's besides the point. Point is the backups had little to nothing to do with not taking QB's, the young QB's we had pegged to be our starter's were.
  6. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    we'll find out during week 4.
  7. Jets practice 08/17

    Ah, I missed the plural.
  8. Jets practice 08/17

    Which Williams? need to be more specific than that EA...
  9. Jets practice 08/17

    This is interesting. Both will probably make the team since we need a backup center but I just figured it was Johnson's job to lose. Doesn't make a difference to me who wins though, relative age, both are UFA's, as long as we can keep a starting center its all good.
  10. 8/15 practice tweets

    They're probably just giving lip service to the kicker competition until Martin kicks in an actual game.
  11. 8/15 practice tweets

    It is, but by now he should be used to a good deal of what THIS offense has to offer. I'll be really impressed once he proves he can do it to OTHER offenses. Watch he calls out a McDaniel's play out or something, it'll be great.
  12. That said, Catanzaro is probably on thin ice anyway. TB just doesn't want to say it out in the media, he's probably pressured enough without a coach burying him in public.
  13. Robbie Anderson

    I'm happy to see an undrafted player like Anderson getting time to shine but I have my doubts about how well he'll do in a bigger role. In the most effective version of this year's decidedly short yard/horizontal Jets offense Anderson would be used to keep defenses honest by blowing their top once or twice a game. But in order to do that he'll not only have to beat the best outside Corners on every team, mostly by beating their press with his skinny frame, but he's gonna have to master every route in the tree and regularly contribute outside of home run passes just so defenses will have a lot to think about. And oh yeah Morton seems to be a stickler for perfection so those are gonna have to be PERFECT routes too. So you know, just overcome the two biggest weaknesses in your game over the next month. No big deal. This man has his work cut out for him.
  14. Yeah, a C sounds better. This is a positive step for him, but for me calling that game an A+ makes me think I'm okay with him where he's at. I'm not, and frankly I don't think the coaches and Hack are either. It was competent, its a step up from last year where he didn't look playable but he has so much more to prove.