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  1. Jets Uniforms

    I think I prefer the one with one stripe alone (Sanchez pic) than the one with two on each side. Looks cleaner.
  2. The Jets screwed that game up on their own, but **** did those refs screw em over. So what, is it a fumble every time the ball isn't stuck to their chest ripping the paint of their numbers? BULLsh*t.
  3. is it time to talk extension

    If I recall correctly, Bowles is on a four year deal. No idea how long mac is on for. Either way, slow your roll. The team has a winning record after barely beating the Browns. There are encouraging signs with the roster but this is hardly grounds for an extension. Talk to me in December about this.
  4. Brady doesn’t practice

    DAMMIT! It never ends! In all seriousness he's gonna play on sunday and look like his usual self. The Pats are known for BS Injury reports before games.
  5. Patriots Oline and Front 7

    Time to play a perfect game. Despite a weaker front seven and O-line than usual the Pats still have Brady and his impeccable ability to find his man in short order. It sounds stupid obvious, but maintaining position is the biggest key to beating the Pats. Going for passes and giving Brady time when they had the lead is the reason is why Flacons lost for instance. Keep Mr.uggs on the sidelines at all costs. That said we need Powell BAD for this one. Other than him I think a guy like Ardarius Stewart might be a very useful to take advantage of a slower front seven- this could be his breakout game so long as McCown can find him. I say this also because there isn't a lot of film on him and they aren't gonna see heavy use of him coming, they'll probably just focus on ASJ who is the other more known potential big threat between the numbers. Morton's got his work cut out for him...
  6. Williams Released

    Seriously. @KRL, what the hell? Why not make that title one word more specific? A shame what became of Williams after a breakout year in 2015. While he came back to earth last year I thought he would at least be solid back-up Corner/dimeback. Guess whatever ballhawking magic he had has run out- and yeah, Jones must be coming along too.
  7. So about those Safeties

    I find it a waste of time to focus so hard on picks not made when the ones that were are working out. Adams is great. Maye is great. I regret nothing.
  8. McCown a great addition

    And there's no telling just how much he's holding this offense together, or how much the younger QB's are learning from him. He brings much needed stability to this team, something I doubt Hack or petty would have in the same spot- at least to start with.
  9. Jets vs pats

    Yeah, they probably aren't. I'm honestly not all that confident after these wins, they don't strike me as a team that can make any kind of run- just one that got a string of favorable match-ups. All I'm saying is that if this team pulls out a win next sunday the perception of the entire team and what it can do changes. Otherwise- its status quo, the team is probably headed for another top 10 pick.
  10. Jets vs pats

    Alright, here's the real test. Beating a listless Miami team and skating by the Jaguars and Browns means very little beyond giving the team some momentum. If they're playoff contenders they need to prove it by beating the Pats at home. I have my doubts, and my head says this is a loss for Gang Green, but I'll hope they see it through regardless. Go Jets!
  11. Hacken-buried?

    Looking like it. Thankfully there's Marcus Maye to break the cycle.
  12. Most Team twitters are often a little cringey and have very little to do with the team itself. I think it's usually just the intern in the team office who thinks he's being clever.
  13. Bucs vs Pats

    Folk hero?... Folking awful. Remember when he made a few clutch kicks back 2013 and got an extension?
  14. Bucs vs Pats

    Dammit, I just realized they're gonna have a couple days more rest than the Jets in 10 days. That doesn't bode well.