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  1. I'm not gonna sweat over players the jets didn't pick when they had the chance playing well because there are ALWAYS going to be players like that. But these two players don't even make sense to harp on. Was Carr really the one that got away in 2014? I thought fans were on the Cooks train back then? Carr was a moderately coveted QB that year, a fringe first rounder that some draftnik's loved but others were underwhelmed by. Every other NFL team, including QB hungry ones, passed on this guy at first- I suppose because they didn't like his value in round one. That non-pick is not gonna keep me up at night, misjudging Pryor and a whole lot of mid-round picks is a much more damning part of that draft. And Lynch? What about Lynch? He was another guy who showed round 1-2 promise that wasn't exactly can't miss. What matters is how the picks Mac made did, same with the Pryor pick for Idzik. There fixed it for you.
  2. Claiborne is great when healthy, which isn't very often. The fact that we have to rely on him to be our "shutdown" cornerback is what really does a number on my confidence in this position. It wasn't an awful signing in general given the state of the position and the cost, but if we got 14 games out of him it'd be a god damned miracle. Besides the lower round CB's Burris is the only other corner with upside. That said his ceiling is likely as a good compliment to a better Corner more than a shut down man you'd place on an elite receiver. I'll take that from a round 4 guy though. He had moments last year, I think he'll earn his keep in year two. It would really help out if he emereged (Success from he Shell and Jenkins would really help out Mac's credibility) Skrine... having worked in this D for two years (and being the oldest CB) he's officially the elder statesmen of this positional unit for better or worse. He's got fire but he also seems sloppy, (Penalty machine) supposedly he's fine in the slot, but how often will that be when Claiborne is so injury prone? Marcus Williams is a fine dimeback, and backup CB nothing more nothing less. That's nice to have when your best Corner is an injury risk waiting to happen. This might just be because of the poor safety play, but he seemed exposed last year when given a bigger role, but hey he can grab a pick or two out of nowhere, so that's nice. All in all the position is on shaky ground, it could go from good to average to awful for so many reasons. There's a lot for everybody to prove, contracts and careers are on the line.
  3. Some guys fit an offense better than others, it happens all the time. Chan's "dinosaur" offense has given QB's better seasons than they had any right to have. We didn't complain when he uplifted the O to top 10 production in 2015. Doesn't mean he didn't have faults or that the wheels didn't fall off or that he still needed to be around mind you. All I'm saying was there was a legitimately successful strategy going and it wasn't a crime that it didn't involve a pretty good receiver with traits the coordinator didn't value. Still really like Kerley, would be glad to have him back.
  4. ...and that's too little. What WR would take 5 million a year for the last four years of their twenty's? Though maybe you're right in that I went too high, I'm mostly compensating for the fact that this would be his only chance to cash in like this and that he'd want some bigger money down the road if he's committed to the team for that long. If I recall right that's how Nelson's deal worked. Actually, take that twenty million figure and make it for three years instead of four. (counting this year) 6.3 million a year is pretty good for a WR with one good year, especially if he's coming out of it a 28 year old free agent.
  5. True, but even then I doubt he's making elite cash (we're talking Green/Jones/Thomas money) and we'll KNOW he's worth it. Sure it would be a missed opportunity to get him a bit cheaper, but I'd gladly pay a really good WR like a really good WR. If we can get him on a reasonable rate then fine, but either way works for me.
  6. Once again, a sound argument. I'd prefer to see him put up another year like he did last year but a bit better just to put my mind at ease that his positive production wasn't an aberration, but that might not be possible given our QB circumstances. As long as he looks like he's adjusting to the offense fine or doesn't appear to be dealing with any lingering injuries (he had a neck one that cost him mini-camp, gotta keep an eye on things like that) I suppose it is worth the risk. Out of curiosity what kind of deal would you give him right now if you could? Like I said before I couldn't justify him making more than what Decker was making (7-8 million) over the next two seasons right now, and that's about all I'd guarantee. I'd probably give him something over 10 million unguaranteed in the latter years of the deal though, give or take 11 million a year sounds fair. So: 2017-2018- 14-15 million guaranteed 2019-20/21- 11-12 million a year unguaranteed
  7. I see where you're coming from, and your argument makes sense in general. But there are some hold ups I can think of. Enunwa has only had moderate success thus far in his career. He's had a wash of a rookie year, a promising sophomore season with flashes, and a "breakout" year last year where he had slightly above average production. (58 recs, 857 yds, 4 TD's and passed the eye test) We haven't seen him as THE top target though. We also haven't seen him in Morton's offense. We don't know if that's his ceiling or just the tip of the iceberg. So its a little harder to properly gauge his value to this team going forward. If the Jets could pull off a team friendly deal where he get's a pay increase this year and guarantees for next year worth No MORE than 15 million altogether (no signing bonus) it would be worth the risk. (and that's ASSUMING Quincy doesn't bet on himself for more) Otherwise, I'm leery at giving him too much too soon and would be perfectly okay giving him a "prove it" year. We want to get ahead of this, I get that. There is an opportunity to get a cornerstone locked up for years to come on a value deal like the names you mentioned, but are we sure he's that guy? I like Q, but I don't know that for sure, and Macc might not either.
  8. I'm just curious if they'll fit in this offense or not. We got some info a week or so back about how Gailey's offense allowed WR's to change the route they were going to run if the defense gave them a certain look. (likely to a predetermined option route) There's none of that with Morton's O to my knowledge, timing and precise route running will be key, especially with two young QB's trying to get used to the system. How much of their success was based on a call they made at line of scrimmage? And how good are they at filling a more fixed role in the new offense? Also how do they contend with the added pressure from defensive backs and D coordinator's who are gonna focus on them? I liked what I saw last year, especially from Anderson, but they've got a huge challenge ahead of them. Enunwa is this close to an extension too, he plays as well as he has the last couple of years with maybe a couple hundred yards more he could see a deal in an early double digit range.
  9. Its actually a three year, so if he impresses he'll be back next year. He's been pretty fortunate to have stuck with the team thus far, being a 4th rd RB and all. The one thing I can say about Powell is he's always made the most of his opportunities- and he's damn lucky to have had them in such sporadic spurts. Its like he's shown just enough to keep around, but has had the benefit of not being a workhorse so he's had a longer career. Also, he and Wilk are the longest tenured players on the team besides Tanner Purdum. How crazy is that?
  10. Considering his wife and family in major decisions, going to a team that wanted him in a time of great flux, what a douche.
  11. I'm sure many players that were drafted after Adams and Maye will be good, I'm sure many on this board or anywhere else on the internet could have made a solid argument for other picks and will point out who would have been great to have on our team in hindsight some 4 years from now, and I'm sure Mac had his own reasons for going with these two over the QB's or a Dalvin Cook. But in the end none of that matters, what matters is how these two play and if they can indeed provide a service at the safety position over the next ten years. I'm not gonna sweat the success of draft choices of other teams, just how ours go.
  12. Sorry, I was vague there, mostly because its a beaten horse topic. Hack and Petty are unproven, we're agreed. I just can't argue with the overall cynicism towards that position, that was what I was going for there. I still contend that the O-line will be better than expected.
  13. Looks about right. Nearly forgot about the ASJ and Marshall suspensions. I'm worried about our depth at certain places, namely ILB, CB and Guard. We're trusting Davis and Claiborne to do A LOT this year, if one or both goes down there isn't much to replace them with on roster. I forgot Dakota Dozier was even on the team, must have shown something if he's still around though I don't feel great about him backing up Winters and Carpenter. He and Enunwa are the only holdouts from Idzik's 2014 draft aren't they? damn....
  14. I laughed harder than I should have at that...