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  1. Sheldon Richardson Trade after 3 games

    Pushover? eh... Not sure most coaches could have ended a dispute of ego's like the one between Marshall and Rich. And I'm still happy we chose Wilk over him. But otherwise agreed.
  2. Sheldon Richardson Trade after 3 games

    Its too early to say whether or not this was worth it, but so far I must say I'm not missing Richardson very much. The quality of this trade will be based heavily on what the Jets acquire with that second round pick. If that pick is any good and Kearse is on roster next season the Jets came out of this pretty good. Either way getting value for a player who was good as gone is decent win in its own right. If Richardson makes little difference to a team who's championship window is closing then they come out looking pretty bad, especially since they could have used the draft pick to help reload if not outright rebuild the roster.
  3. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Jamal Adams is a promising young player with a lot of talent. Todd Bowles, a man who's made personnel mistakes in the past, utilized him to the fullest vs Miami. These aren't mutually exclusive concepts.
  4. There's a HUGE difference...

    Its too early to say for certain, but I think most will be around for a while. The least likely among them is Lee in my opinion. In addition to the names you mentioned there are a few other non-draft picks who can conceivably be on the team in two or three years time like ASJ, Kearse, W. Johnson, etc. Not saying they will, but if they play well and contribute other than Forte, McLendon and McCown I don't see why they couldn't be a part of future plans. We've got a lot of dudes in their prime years.
  5. Jermaine Kearse

    Kearse has acclimated to this offense very quickly and has made himself into a damn near indispensable part of it so far as the team's leading receiver. He's on contract through next year (with a 5 million dollar cap hit) so I don't see any reason not to factor him into next year's plans at least. I'm not regretting that trade one bit right now.
  6. ... And it was a joy to watch. The Jets didn't just beat the Dolphins, they EMBARRASSED them. They should have shut them out and would have if not for a last second garbage time score. The secondary played wonderfully, especially our number one pick Jamal Adams. Robby Anderson came back from a couple of big drops and made the play of the game with his TD. The O-line made some mistakes with Penalties (including a questionable call to negate a Powell run) but they held firm for most of the game. The 2017 Jets still aren't a great team, there will be many more losses to come, but I for one am happy to revel in this one particular victory over a long time rival. 0-16 is not a legacy I want this team to carry, and if this one win is the only one they get all year it was worth it.
  7. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    BEST. PLAYER. AVAILABLE. He's having a great start, doing about as much as expected. I wont anoint him too early, need to see him put on this kind of show a few more weeks before I would even consider him rookie of the year material, but I'm satisfied with what he's been doing.
  8. There's a HUGE difference...

    Its probably a blip on the radar, but its astounding how radical those that want the #1 overall pick are being after the slightest bit of good news. As if one good day where the team dominated in all three phases is suddenly going to cost the team it's future, especially considering many of those who contributed to the win will be involved with its rebuild.
  9. Why target Kearse? McCown is a vet without a future, but Kearse has a real chance to be a key piece for us. He's still in his mid-twenties. I'm loving that trade more and more each week- and we haven't even gotten a pick yet.
  10. Gang Green SQUISHED. THE. FISH!

    They must've came in expecting a lopsided beating. And for their phin sins, they got one.
  11. Just because the team isn't good, doesn't mean they aren't going to win games.
  12. Its gotta be good for a younger team getting a win like this. You certainly don't want the team to develop a losers mentality.
  13. So how about that secondary? Or Anderson? Lots of guys contributing.
  14. Its like each team is playing the way everyone thought the other would. Especially the QBs. Jay Cutler is throwing ineffective deep passes while McCown is owning the field.
  15. that, and/or the Dolphins are a lot worse than we thought they would be.
  16. The Jets are beating the Fish in a blowout shutout. Crack a smile and enjoy the moment Jets fans.
  17. This is awesome. This game is great.
  18. Lee is the most disappointing thing on the team right now. He has the physical tools and drive to be a valuable new wave LBer, but none of the head for it.
  19. OLine > Franchise QB

    Sure. easy, until reality hits and one or two or maybe all those things don't go as planned. Out of all that the QB thing sounds like the most likely thing, and that's assuming the QB class holds up its end of the bargain.
  20. OLine > Franchise QB

    I don't like working with draft trade hypotheticals. It takes two to tango, we don't have a clue anybody would accept an offer for the team's first and second rounder. We have no way of knowing how highly they valued their eventual picks, assuming they'd take a deal based on the draft chart is a bit of a leap. Its not that easy, unless the jets were willing to give up future first rounders or a lot more draft picks than they should at this point I don't know how you can say they could have easily gotten one if they wanted.
  21. OLine > Franchise QB

    What does the center market look like next year? Because if the Jets aren't getting one of those, I don't think we're doing much as far as addressing the O-line there. The Guard spots seem relatively set, Carpenter is going into his last year and he's been a picture of stability for the franchise. Winters is guaranteed through next year I believe, so there's very little chance a guard is signed to a big deal. And Brandon Shell is actually doing pretty well at right tackle, might be best allocate elsewhere. As for the Left, we're screwed. Good left tackles don't get let go by teams. When Mac signed Clady last year and Beachum this year he honestly got the best he could. You have to draft a LT, most likely in round one.
  22. OLine > Franchise QB

    I've wanted a franchise LT for so long. They're just as hard to get, if not more so, than QB's. I think the Jets will wind up taking one QB or another in round one (just and assumption, we talk but we cant no for certain before a full season of college football) but if they went with a clear as day top left tackle you wont hear one complaint out of me. Hell, I think that might one of the only positions that warrants a first rounder more than QB does. How many late draft guys are out there watching a QB's blindside?
  23. Brandon Shell played a pretty good game overall going up against Khalil Mack of all people. He struggled in the preseason but seems up to the task of solidifying the right tackle position, and after 5 quality regular season games in a row I think this isn't a fluke. Mac has to answer for quite a bit but Shell is looking like a winner. Also, Adams looked good. That's all.
  24. Darron Lee

    How are the players who were drafted after him doing? he's playing awfully, I'm not making excuses, but I recall it being a pretty poor first round class by the time the jets went with Lee.
  25. Reasonable discussions

    Was looking for a thread like this. One of the biggest things I realized over the past few weeks is just how much Bowles doesn't want to lose the game of field position and doesn't trust his offense. He took the kicker that was better at Kick offs, he punted on 4th down while being down two scores with four minutes left apparently because he felt the team was too close to their own end. And the offense the jets have going emphasizes conservative safe decisions, so much so that he awarded a check down king the starting job. He oozes an unconfident demeanor when it comes to his own offense and he's running it scared- Bowles is more concerned over turnover prevention and getting good field position than letting his offense make plays. I know this offense isn't proven at all but its such a defeatist attitude and I don't think it helps the team one bit.