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  1. 40% you're talking about inflated Elephant 🐘 and Castle numbers.
  2. Can we add this sack to Mauldin's season total? He needs all the help he can get at this point.
  3. If Mac's in a position to take a blue chip QB, I just can't see him pass on it. Even if Hack plays fair (best case scenario this coming year) he can be used as trade bait. If Mac whiffs and pulls a Cleveland Brown moment, we officially become the Cleveland Browns.
  4. Looks like the bus got Hacked.
  5. Convert him to safety. Perfect size.
  6. This song sucks. (Actually a rock n roll classic! Thx).
  7. If you rebuild it........he will come.
  8. Christian Hackenberg is a combination of Andrew Luck and Tom Brady. They're all 6'4" and somewhere between 220 and 240. They all have rocket arms. They are all very good at moving through the pocket. And they all can hit the ocean from a boat 🚣.
  9. Rooney passed in 1988. Webster retired in 1990. His problems surfaced afterwards. Rooney was known for being extremely compassionate with his ex-players. This is something many owners do. Big heart ❤️
  10. Why didn't Woody step up and take care of this Jet hero. He was a class act, great player. Art Rooney would have. No doubt. One of the all time great Jets. RIP Larry.
  11. Say what! Not sure who made that comparison. Everett is bigger but I can see it since he's not a classic size TE. 6'3 239. Enunwa 6'2 225.
  12. Hard to argue. I saw CB as a MUST in round 2 or 3. But the guy I really really wanted in round 2 was TE Gerald Everett. And he was there. SMH. This kid is going to be a star ⭐️