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  1. Happy birthday 🎂 At least we'll have one win this season 🤒
  2. By your logic we should be doing the opposite of what you propose because we are far from being a 'good team'. We are barely in the fringe of being an expansion team.
  3. I think if he gives up a safety he'll at least get a B grade. Hey at least it's points.
  4. Practice? Really? Say that to the players faces that were cut after the game. Preseason is a time to show what you're made of not a time to practice.
  5. Had to be one of the most uninspiring preseason games I've ever seen. Zero excitement. Boring, conservative play calling. Hack played fairly well but still was unable to put any points on the board in 3 quarters. He looked overly cautious to really take any chances downfield. Wasn't impressed in the least. Defense looked decent but made a lot of dumb mistakes. Secondary was better but still has so many growing pains to go through as goes the rest of this team. To give Havk an A+ here is comical. He sat for an entire year and looked like a 3rd stringer at best. I guess he's improved because he didn't even play last year. To think we could have had Dak.
  6. Yep. Just wait till after the weekend. We're in the eye of the hurricane right now.
  7. What word here needs to be deleted? Might it be might?
  8. How can we go out on a limb when we'll be limbless
  9. Clady Retired today.

    Clady obviously suffered PTSD from playing on this team last year. No way he ever wanted to experience such horror again.
  10. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    Bring Revis back as a safety. One Can never have enough safeties. 💁🏼‍♂️
  11. Hack's Footwork

    When Hack masters hopscotch I'll be convinced his footwork has improved.
  12. Pre-preseason predictions

    1 name. 16 personalities. 1 take on '17 season: 2-14 Top 3 pick in draft. We will suck bad for a variety of reasons due to Mac's adherence of Eisenstein's definition of insanity 'doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. Who are you? who who who who.
  13. Pre-preseason predictions

    The encyclopedia has spoken.