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  1. Really good, really enjoyed going through me, great post.
  2. 66 points in 2 weeks

    Well yeah that's a good point. I suppose the more it's Macc's fault, the more it will detract from that being Bowles fault. So for example, if the draft picks were bad players then it mitigates the mess Bowles has made of it. And vice-versa of course. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Enough of Macc's pick seem like decent enough players (Williams, Adams, Maye) to go with existing good players (Wilkerson, previously Richardson, Mclendon) that Bowles should make have us defending a bit better. However, Macc's saddled him with enough players who seem garbage (Lee, Burris, the re-signing of Davis) that Bowles would have struggled regardless. In my opinion I think there's strong arguments for both to be shown the door, but I believe Bowles should be the first to go ahead of Macc (unless they go together, which would make sense if there's any doubts about Macc).
  3. 66 points in 2 weeks

    I think the poor defence is the nail in Bowles' coffin. For all it's a rebuild year, it's a poor team set up to lose etc...... He is a defensive coach, with a load of high draft talent in the defence, and we are seemingly incapable of stopping him team's running the ball. Aside from all other clock/game management issues, or starting lineup decisions, the fact he seems to have made the defence increasingly poorer is a damning indictment of his coaching.
  4. Metlife Seating (135 vs 241)

    At risk of stealing on your thread, can I ask people what the seats in the 300s are like? Going to a game later in the season and budget is relatively tight. I know they are high but is view/atmosphere still okay?
  5. I'm coming over for the Panthers game in November, do people expect it to be relatively quiet/emptyish due to how poorly our season is likely going to turn out? Or should I still get a decent experience of a good atmosphere?
  6. Haha yeah. Had to go with Gridiron as "American football" wouldn't be right to majority of the board, and football isn't quite right to me as football is soccer. Not sure it needed quite that much explanation from me mind!
  7. To be fair im a 31 year old Brit who has never pkayed Gridiron is his life, and I think I could have been the best player on the field for Jets today.....
  8. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Tbf to him, there's at least 3 occasions where his receivers just dropped it. Not had a brilliant game by any stretch (including a pick just there) but he's not been helped by his offence.
  9. Just out of curiosity, 85 oz of Popcorn? Is that correct or should it be 8.5oz? 85oz is insane, is that like over 2000g of popcorn? Or have I misunderstood?
  10. Any Europe Jets fans

    Yeah lived in the UK, Sunderland to be specific. Heading to New York for Thanksgiving week, gonna take in the Panthers game, cannot wait for it.
  11. Cheers, I'll wait till nearer the time then.
  12. I'm coming ovwr from the UK in November and looking to go to the Panthers game. Tickets currently about $40 each for top level behind sticks. Do people think as it gets nearer it gets cheaper or more expensive?
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.