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  1. Those two young stud safeties everyone is jealous of us for having, the $100 million double-digit sack interior lineman who makes Lawrence Taylor look like Elizabeth Taylor, the 200lb mosquito pest ILB who is every Tight End's worst nightmare in coverage and ofcourse the greatest defensive lineman ever drafted over anyone and so makes me forget about Vic Beasley.
  2. 66 points in 2 weeks

    tonnnes of good players
  3. 66 points in 2 weeks

    We had a very soft schedule in 2015 plus Marshall and Decker kept moving the chains on offense which covered up a lot of the weaknesses on defense. Also, don't forget we still had Snacks.
  4. OLine > Franchise QB

    Oakland and Dallas have the NFL's two best offensive lines. They are also both Super Bowl contenders. What a coincidence.
  5. OLine > Franchise QB

    Oakland's defense isn't good.
  6. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Huh? $23 million is what Kraft deposits in Brady's swiss bank account in addition to his official on the books salary
  7. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I agree we have a shot. Everyone is on Cleveland's jock strap right now but I think we can beat them in a 7-game series
  8. Bowles is about 4-5 weeks away from officially being on every list of worst coaches ever. Ditto for that numbskull GM jets fans make excuses for because they liked some of his idiotic moves at the time (i.e. - $100 mil to Wilk)
  9. He's built the worst defense in the history of football but I guess to make him "average-ish" he must have done some phenomenal things on the offensive side of the ball like pay $20 million to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown in 2 years.
  10. Jimmy Garoppollo

    So would you root for Brady playing for the Jets? Because that is actually a more likely scenario
  11. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I think Belichick missed the boat on trading for Garropolo last year and even he knows it now. This year's QB draft class is too deep
  12. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Yeah like $23 million
  13. Centurylink is not only a gorgeous stadium but there is not a bad seat in the entire house MetLife is an eyesore it looks like an alien beehive
  14. This team must be sold

    I said it before buying the jets was the only smart business decision Woody ever made on his own in his life.
  15. This team must be sold

    President Trump orders congress to seize the Jets via eminent domain and they get auctioned off to someone with a brain cell
  16. MetLife is a microcosm of what NYC is now. Overpriced and ugly
  17. We don't have a season thanks to Macagnan and Bowles so the main forum is the draft forum
  18. This is why we have to root for teams to not only beat us but blow us out
  19. Everyone knows Bowles is the real defensive coordinator and has even less to do with the offense than Rex Bowles cannot make adjustments, no one plays hard for him. Arizona had a top 3 defense last year clearly they never missed Bowles. He isn't bad he is horrible