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  1. 3 and 2

    The Jets won't win a game unless someone plays the most horrible , brainless and stupid game of their lives . Our defense can't stop anyone and our offense can't run . Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut . Hopefully , we are nutless this year .
  2. 2017 Mets thread!

    Marlins kicking our asses in Florida . When does this year end ?
  3. Happy Birthday Klecko73isGod

    When does Klecko get into the hall of fame ? It's long overdue .
  4. This team must be sold

    I'll never sell !!!
  5. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    I'll never sell !!!!!
  6. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    Bleech !! A proper tailgate is MEAT , MEAT and MEAT ; followed by some more MEAT .
  7. Who can this team even get to be HC next year?

    Bring in Sean Payton and trade our next two number one's and one number 2 for Drew Brees .
  8. Why do you think you still see Chrebet and Pennington jerseys at the games ? No one is buying .
  9. The end of the McCown era ; he separates his shoulder in the third quarter ; Petty comes in ; gets hurt again ; Hackenberg sh-ts himself on the first safety blitz ; Raiders 38 Jets 13
  10. In case u had doubts about us tanking or firing Macc

    Or he could be the next Sanchez .
  11. 2017 Mets thread!

    great showing against the Cubbies .
  12. Just applied to work for the JETS :)

    Tell the Jets that their Rewards system is asinine and stupid .