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  1. Darron Lee

    More than two and the "re-builders" don't know a hammer from a saw.
  2. I absolutely despise Woody Johnson for the idiotic decisions he's made. He has destroyed this franchise. Eric Mangini. John Idzik. Todd Bowles. Mike Maccagnan. He can't do anything right. Six years without a playoff game and it looks like it could be another six if not more. The Jets are becoming the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. I've rooted for the Jets since Joe Willie was a rookie. When times got tough, it never occurred to me to abandon ship. But now I'm so disgusted I just want to watch good football. This team is atrocious. And the terrible play of the defense is an indictment of the head coach who needs to go. It's unfair to expect fans to stomach this kind of garbage year in and year out. How can Woody Johnson look in the mirror or show his stupid looking face in public?
  3. Exactly. He was supposed to be a defensive guru. This defense is horrific. Boy do they miss David Harris (and Snacks). And for God's sake, when Woody fires Bowles and, hopefully, dead ass Maccagnan, he won't ask Charlie Casserly's advice. That guy should be shot. He has no credibility with me at all now.
  4. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    I believe that there will be several (possibly even 5) potential quality (maybe even elite) QBs in the 2018 draft. It is imperative that we have a GM who can properly evaluate QB talent. Macc has demonstrated that he cannot.
  5. I'm an old Jet fan and remember the bitter rivalry between the Jets and the Raiders of the 1960s. I hated the Raiders then and, after yesterday's BS (the last second field goal and Lynch's dancing), my hatred has been renewed. I wish only bad things for this team and its coach. I want them and their disgusting, low life fans to suffer. I will bathe in their tears. Karma's a bitch.
  6. Darron Lee

    Another reason to fire Maccagnan.
  7. Cutting veterans has nothing to do with a lack of effort and an inability to adjust on defense or tackle. this is on Bowles. He runs the defense and it stinks. If I owned the team I would fire him now.
  8. Bowles has to go. The despicable performance of the defense is on him. No excuse. But it is now clear that Macc is incompetent. Unfortunately, the idiot owner (I will not say his name) will replace these two fools with two more clowns and the despair will continue. I'm rooting for the Falcons
  9. The Jets had Snacks, Richardson and Mo. Only Mo is left. What does that say about Maccagnan?
  10. Stay in college and risk getting hurt. that's your right. There are other good QB prospects who will come out. I remember 50 plus years ago when a QB from a premier college took a chance and signed with a team that ignorant NFL fans thought was barely better than the Arena League. Four years later he made history and his legacy continues to thrive.
  11. Predict our next coach

    If they are going to draft a top QB, they need a coach that can help him develop to his full potential. No more defensive coordinators.