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  1. I agree but the guy getting the most undeserved attention is Luke Falk who is a career backup at best.
  2. He played very well last season against the best teams in the Mountain West when he had some talent around him. This season he has basically high school level talent around him and that is why he had no chance against teams like Iowa and Oregon. Allen is the most talented QB in the country. He has great arm strength and is a tremendous athlete. He is definitely a high risk/high reward prospect but the reward is a potential Brett Favre.
  3. You couldn't be more wrong about Josh Allen.
  4. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    No I have actually watched him play a ton. This is a guy with no arm strength that puts up big numbers throwing 5 yard passes in a gimmick offense. So no I didn't form my opinion on this scrub from checking box scores.
  5. This is what we get for winning too many games in a lost season. We either have to reach in the draft and hope that the guy that picked Hackenberg gets it right this time or sign some other teams trash.
  6. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Falk shouldn't go before the 5th round.
  7. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    I think Dorsey was in Green Bay when they drafted Rodgers but the fact remains that he is a proven elite evaluator of talent so I would trust him way more than Maccagnan who has far more hits than misses at all positions.
  8. Sanchez was doomed from the start being coached by Rex and Schottenheimer. If he had good coaches he would have had a chance at being successful.
  9. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    To me its Darnold and Rosen miles ahead of the rest with Allen the ultimate high risk/high reward guy with the potential to be the best of the bunch but also a chance of being a bust. I throw out his numbers this year because he has ZERO and i mean zero talent around him. I loved what I saw of him last year and he has all the tools to be an NFL superstar if coached correctly. I know that Falk is loved around here but I don't see it at all. Not a fan of the gimmicky Leach offense translating to the NFL and I just don't see the arm talent for him to be successful. All in all I want one of Darnold, Rosen, or Allen and am willing to do whatever it takes to get the first two but would happily settle for Allen.
  10. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    John Dorsey has a proven track record of finding good football players. He is responsible for the Chiefs roster being elite so I would trust him to find us a QB.
  11. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    I choose Darnold and its not even close because I am high on him and also think Mayfield sucks.
  12. I just don't understand some of you guys

    So basically the defense of this GM not finding a QB in his three years and the overall lack of talent that he has acquired is that other GMs suck too. Hey may as well give him a 10 yr extension because the next guy could always be worse. How about hiring a real winner with a long resume of success in John Dorsey. Let him decide the fate of the GM and coach and go from there.
  13. If Maccagnan was truly set on landing either Darnold or Rosen he should have forced Bowles to start Hack. By the way I don't want Cousins and the ridiculous contract he will receive but he isn't going to San Fran either. No way are the Niners passing on either Darnold or Rosen so they can pay Cousins 25 million per season.
  14. No its not 100% going to be a QB when we aren't in position to get one of the elite guys. If we can't land Darnold, Rosen, or Allen who I still like very much this idiot will go with what he considers the best player available and you can guess what side of the ball that will be. In the second round we will reach for a stiff like Browning and the mess will continue as is.