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  1. Early predictions for the #Jets vs #Dolphins game? https://t.co/20xwPO5lzC

  2. New York Jets Bryce Petty beat Christian Hackenberg for the No. 2 job, but he isn't considered the heir apparent. He can come off the bench to finish a game, but he has yet to prove he can win in the league. He played poorly and went 1-3 in four meaningless starts at the end of last season, completing only two of those games due to injuries. Petty is a fiery leader and ultra-competitive, but his ability to read defenses isn't where it needs to be. His future with the Jets beyond 2017 is up in the air. -- Rich Cimini
  3. And you shouldn't really ever give the Jets your cell phone #. That is a scarier decision than anything we posted about in this thread lol.
  4. Okay, I will try to explain it again. I agree with the bolded part. I am just saying that the coach only controls one part of the equation. He has been asked to win as many games as possible with the 53 he is given. So that is what he will try to do. Organizationally there are many issues, I agree.
  5. You can blame the owner for that. Bowles and all the coaches are coaching for their jobs. I agree that they are making decisions that aren't in the best long term interest of the organization. This is nothing new here. But Bowles doesn't pick the people on the roster. He is playing those that give him the best chance to make millions of dollars in the future. Of all the things I can think of to blame Bowles for, that isn't one of them. That problem needs to be addressed at a different level.
  6. Two different issues. Why would you fire the coaches for keeping 3 QBs when that is what they were given? The criticism of Macc only having those three guys on the roster is valid. Although I think he will fix it next year with a real veteran.
  7. Jets still in playoff hunt

  8. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Sounds like Bowles should get extended if they end up 6 and 10.
  9. Nice. I guess we will have to wait then, oh well lol.
  10. The quote was: If you settle for mediocrity that is what you get. My point, once again, was what people root for doesn't guarantee anything. Which is why rooting for your favorite team to lose at the start of a season makes no sense to me. I would respond to the other part of your post, but I would have to look up piety first. JetNation doesn't have press passes because we are built on being critical of the team. Being critical of the team and rooting for them to lose are two different things.
  11. The problem is however is that the best players on this team have been late add ons. So if the GM is better at trades and signing UDFAs why are we rooting for a better draft pick? If you settle for mediocrity t that is what you will get. The fans root for a win every game. If the root for a loss, it means nothing. Rooting for a win, doesn't mean they will win. So fans aren't settling. I want a Super Bowl this year. That isn't settling.
  12. This really seems to be the case. I think the staff is convinced that neither Petty or Hack is going to be the starter next year.
  13. No more FanDuel League

    Unfortunately we had to cancel the FanDuel league. We were filling all 100 spots as of a few weeks ago, but the last two weeks there hasn't been as much interest. The problem when we don't fill the league is that they open it up. So we are no longer playing against each other, instead we have to compete against FanDuel ringers. That wasn't the goal of the league. We wanted a fun thing where we just played with JN people. They asked me to promote it more which we could have done via email blasts & more social media posts, etc. But since it costs people money to play I didn't want to twist peoples arms to play, so I asked them to shut it down. Thanks to everyone who played.
  14. Nope. We are talking playoffs now!