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  1. Thank you. That is a very big part of it as well, the people you become close with. Years ago, there was a guy that sat in back of us. He got really sick one year. The first game the next season we saw him at the first game and were thrilled to see him. He was better, this was in like 1990 before email, Facebook etc. But I remember talking to my Dad and we wondered if that guy was alright. I ended up looking up the guy that used to sit next to me way back then and we are Facebook friends now. Same goes for my new section. Just got an email from the lady that sits in front of me. We all just check in from time to time during the offseason. All of that makes it a non-financial decision. Which is why the PSL was a non brainer for me once they had a $2,500 option.
  2. I will tell you what, and I apologize in advance if this gets too deep. But season tickets are very important to me. I said this before but I got tickets out of high school. Two seats, I would go to every game with my Dad. We were there to watch football and root for the Jets but over the years I realized it was much more than that. We bonded over football and the other stuff, just spending time with my Dad eventually became more important than the game. He stopped going years ago but now I go with my son Shane. He picked his college so he could still make Jets games with me. When he would get his college football schedule, he would immediately tell me what games he had to miss and he was bummed. Again, he was going for the Jets games and it became something bigger than that. When my wife Lauren first got cancer a few years ago my son and I would still go to the games and it was like a break from life. An escape from the stresses that life can bring. I was talking to Lauren last night. Her cancer is back and she is having surgery this week. It was one of those, what really makes you happy kind of talks. I asked her to tell me the things that she thinks make me happy. There was family stuff at the top of the list. But right there, one of the first things she said was, "Going to Jets games with Shane". And that pretty much just sums it up for me. Sure I would like the Jets to win the Super Bowl every year. When they do it will be an amazing feeling. That said, going to the games, being at the stadium is so important to me. There is no way I was going to let a $2,500 per seat PSL stop me from going. I took the 15 year financing option on two seats, $5,000 in total. I never viewed it as a financial investment. I do view it as more than that from the family perspective.
  3. If you don't like him, just put him on ignore. Please, I don't want to be in the corner that is defending Sar because that would make me feel dirty lol. But seriously there is a better way to make your point \ have this debate. If there isn't then just do the ignore thing. Thanks.
  4. I don't think the 2nd Circuit can hear this until August. They have to draft their fantasy football teams first this way they know how to vote.
  5. Bruce at Metlife

    I know....I got 5 ticke ts so my whole family could go together and then this thread happened. We will have a great time though.
  6. I like the way Geno handled this. No need to get into any of the other stuff at a charity event. It will all play itself out at camp. No need for Geno to add to any speculation. But I am glad he stood in front of everyone, seems like he handled it well. Thank you to @courtnj18 for taking time off of work to cover this for JetNation. Much appreciated.
  7. I don't get caught up labeling Jets fans into groups. All Jets fans want the same thing, a Super Bowl victory. Not everyone is going to agree about the best way to get that done. But when they get it done, we will all unite and have two goals. 1) Wake up feeling good 2) Reminding @PatsFanTX that the Jets just won the Super Bowl
  8. What @rowonejetfan wrote is true, you can buy your section or lower. I tried getting two extras if they were close to me but my entire section is sold out.
  9. Fumbles are a little easier to calculate. When a running back gets to 5, he stops getting carries.
  10. Hey guys let's talk Jets football without the other stuff back and forth. No need for that.
  11. I have read this post 5 times and it makes no sense to me. If Geno wins the Super Bowl with the Jets, Jets fans will be pretty busy celebrating the victory.
  12. The premise of this poll is flawed because the only way Geno would start 16 games is if he was doing well. Doing well has a new definition here under coach Bowles. There is no way they would stick with a QB if the offense was struggling and throwing 1 TD per game. And passing TDs is really something that has to be measured against interceptions. If Geno started 16 games and threw 20 TDs, the interceptions would be a huge factor as would the # of rushing TDs. Bowles isn't going to care how they get in the end zone; as long as they are doing it consistently.
  13. I had the same reaction. Actually reached out to the Jets to see if any seats by me were open but there was none unfortunately.
  14. Skate away boys, skate away.
  15. If Fitz isn't here by 24th

    Mac said petty could be a good backup. Not geno.