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  1. No. Not a chance. If they draft a QB it means Petty is getting cut.
  2. Now that you are here, any chance we can get rid of your brother?
  3. I know there were rumblings about that, but that isn't really going to happen is it? Please say no.
  4. I for one hope the Jets win the Super Bowl with Hackenberg and then have 70 million in cap room to put towards the repeat.
  5. The Jets problems are far and wide. Geno Smith isn't even in the top 5 of recent blunders. You seem especially bored today. The Jets didn't give Geno 5 years, you are thinking about Mark Sanchez. That was the QB that set the franchise back.
  6. You are acting like there are a million people calling for Geno. There were a group of people calling for Geno to start over Fitz. Guess what? Fitz sucks. Geno sucks. I don't like threads that call out posters simply because they were rooting for the Jets. If the Jets played Geno last year, they weren't winning the Super Bowl. They played Fitz and they didn't win the Super Bowl.
  7. Yes, the thread title just screams objective lol.
  8. It has everything to do with Fitz. Fans lobbied for Geno over Fitz. The Jets sucked with Fitz and would have been better with Geno. None of it matters now, both of them are gone. All that remains is your fixation. Geno can't hurt us anymore.
  9. You were here in 2014. You made me check I was like has he really been gone for 10 years? LOL. Welcome back.
  10. Quinton Patton Signing is Official

  11. We did come over with a lot of people and change the dynamic. It was really obvious that we needed our own land lol.
  12. Sucks about Didi. But at least it isn't a season ending injury.
  13. For the record @faba is no longer a mod. Please adjust the lawsuit accordingly, JN is not responsible for his actions any longer.
  14. So it seems like the Jets have to trade Sheldon. They never got in a groove with Wilk, Williams and Sheldon. Wilk got paid. Williams is younger, so Sheldon is on the way out most likely. A few questions, maybe we will get lucky and Jason will see this. If the Jets let Sheldon play out this year, and they lose him as a free agent, what would the comp pick be? A 3rd rounder? If they trade Sheldon they would be 8 million lighter against the cap. I think they can roll any amount they are under the cap over to next year. Is that true? The thought of having like 75 million against the cap next year is pretty damn appealing.
  15. That is good to hear. If we need to send subsidies to the Hampur to keep everyone away from ji they should shoot up a flair. Just kidding.