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  1. What was Goff's win \ loss record as a starter? Not everyone hates the pick. Mac has spent his life watching and evaluating football talent. He likes the pick obviously.
  2. Really? Long term character concerns here? I am seriously asking...
  3. I am not entirely sure who will help where when it comes to specials. But as a general rule when you infuse speed into your roster, special teams will benefit. There were so many holes with the starting 22 last year, I think they had to put Special Teams on the back burner. Definitely seems like they are being addressed this year. Hell we even have a punter now.
  4. So this thread can't fall off of page one. C'mon people.
  5. I just opened a ticket with our ad network asking them to block these mobile ads. Any specific information would help (Ad name, Screen print etc). We are only using one ad network now. The downside is they don't fill 100% of our inventory, they are at 60% I think. That brings in less, but it helps us in these situations because we know who to talk to to get these ads blocked. I know these are frustrating, and we do take this stuff seriously. Please remember this is a fan site run by volunteers so we don't have staff monitoring things 24 x 7. Any issues -- just report them to me and we get them squared away. Thanks.
  6. So you can do something crazy and tell me about it rather then starting a thread like this. The site costs $600 per month to run, so we need ads. Bad ads happen. I just need to know the name of the company that is putting the ad up and I can block it. Screen print would help.
  7. A Closer Look at Jets Undrafted Free Agent Signings

  8. I really wish I didn't laugh at this post but I did.
  9. Site issues?

    No I didn't think you were. I think there were 4 or 5 IP address that had a combined 500 connections. So that is why they were flagged. Nothing personal, I promise.
  10. Just thought of a good headline... Geno is no Hack.
  11. 7th round- 2 selections

    Plus Peake knows Rex Ryan's kid. That is important.
  12. 7th round- 2 selections

    Shows what I know.
  13. I will never get tired of that.
  14. 7th round- 2 selections

    I am thinking that we have so many holes to fill, I wouldn't waste a draft pick on a punter. Take a flyer on someone else at a position with more upside.