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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory? 1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

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  1. 4.1 Upgrade Is Complete

    That is interesting, it is actually working much better for me. But I appreciate the feedback because we want to get this 100% fixed. Can you do me a favor? Post the same feedback in this thread?     IPB is watching that thread, so it is the best way to get this fixed.  Thank you!
  2. Same thing is happening for me, it is definitely a bug.
  3. I would like to thank @Admin otherwise known as Rhett. He has been helping us out on his own time. He in no way shape or form has to give us all this help, but he does not out of love for the NY Jets, but just because he is a good dude. Thanks Rhett.
  4. I just had the exact same problem when I tried to quote and back out of it. IPB will hopefully get that fixed because that was an issue in the last version. In the meantime you can click on SOURCE, erase everything you see there and then click SOURCE again. That should do the trick. But like I said hopefully the quote issue just starts behaving, that would be the preferred method. Thank you.
  5. Yes from the forum list, if you click the # of posts in the thread, it will pop up a box that shows who posted in the thread, sorted by # of posts. Please let me know if you have any problems.  Thanks.        
  6. Thank you. We do want to know. I hope we have a fix soon for the small bugs that are left.
  7. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    4 - 3.  That is the score of the ideal baseball game. 1 - 0 could be a great game. But sometimes its just because both teams suck lol. I did see the Yankees (Petite) beat the Blue Jays (Clemens) many years ago and that was one of the best games I have ever been to.
  8. RT @SeanyHots: @joerb31 Great @JetNationRadio show this week. Really well done without Vin
  9. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    To me the DH was always kind of silly. I like it personally because I enjoyed the extra runs growing up. But it is a joke when guys like ARod hang on and hit 30 plus home runs when they would hit a fraction of that if they had to play the field. I get why they did it in the AL, "strategy talk" aside, AL games are more exciting because offense sells. Especially today. So I do think it is inevitable that the NL will sell out eventually as well.
  10. NFL Combine Info
  11. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    The NL will sell out eventually. It happens.
  12. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    The NL sounds hard. I am glad they won't have the DH much longer this way I can follow along and understand what is going on.
  13. Free Agency & the NFL Draft: JN Radio @JetNationRadio
  14. Who's staying? Who's going? Looking at NFL draft on JetNation Radio will air 02/09. #BlogTalkRadio
  15. I just upgraded Tapatalk to the newest release which they put out based on some of the feedback they received here. It looks good but if you use Tapatalk and see any issues, please let me know. Thanks!