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    Die hard Jets fan.
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    New York Yankees, New York Jets
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    Formerly Known as Max...

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    1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

    2. The playoff win against the Colts. I sent my money in. Many people didn't. That felt good. Plus it was a blow out win.
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    Yes since 1988.
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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. What is the muni lot?
  2. Just edited the topic title. These tickets are being listed below face value. PM me if you are interested. I clicked off market value on ticket exchange thinking that would sell them quick. And they had them at $225 each. I have them on there now at $150 each. Face value is $160 I believe.
  3. The RV cost much more than that. We have to find away to get the # much higher. Keep researching ideas please.
  4. Jets Country is taken. Welcome to Jets Planet!!!
  5. Revis -> HOF?

  6. Was just browsing the Invision Power Board Marketplace and I saw this modification that is selling for $10. Remind Users to Update Their Email 1.0.0 About This File This file will show a remind window for the groups you select asking them to update their email address with an option to dismiss the message. Plugin Settings: Message Title Popup Message / Normal Message Message Content Change Mail Button Text Dismiss Button Text Groups to Remind Remind User After (Days) If user changed his email, the message won't display again... If user chooses to dismiss the message, It'll be displayed again after an amount of days you determine from plugin settings.
  7. WHY

    Oh I would definitely spend 73 hours of my life on a joke that would infuriate an 84 year old Tom Shane. No doubt about it.
  8. WHY

    Tom I spent like 73 hours editing your old posts in silent mode. Mostly I changed than to then. Some you're were change to your. History won't be kind to you.
  9. Just got this email: So I respond right away: Only to get this in return: Now he will never know. He might go to bed tonight thinking I was going to say yes.
  10. WHY

    Come back Ham.
  11. Version 4.1.15 of the IPS Community Suite is now available. This is a maintenance release to fix known bugs and also includes many performance improvements to search and activity streams. Commerce Customer Standing Data now loads via AJAX for faster loading Lots of Commerce related bug fixes Passwords on new hosting accounts are now more secure REST API now supports adding Staff Notes to support requests REST API now supports editing purchases Remember me cookie is now 90 days rather than 7 days A race condition is fixed where the site may call to check the license way more often than needed Performance improvements on activity streams Performance improvement to online list widgets
  12. I took the ads down the other day right when I saw this thread. Actually when JoeC pointed it out to me. I am not sure what the issue is but I won't put them back until I am around to test it out more. Thanks and sorry about that.
  13. Kind of feel bad posting this but a really funny thing happened walking in. Buster Skrine was one of the celebrity chefs and he was checking in with a family member. As he got to security it looked like they told him his name wasn't on the list. He pointed to the big poster board basically showing that he was a celebrity chef. They laughed, apologized and let him in. Then we all had bacon and all was forgiven.