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  1. Because that is what they did with Fitzpatrick last year and now people want the Jets to give him 50mm.
  2. And twice on Sunday.
  3. Do you know how interns are treated? They don't get scoops so that is either made up or oh well it doesn't matter. It is 9am now I'll wait for the big announcement. 😃
  4. 1. Geno 2. Petty 3. Hack Let's go.
  5. You haven't lived until you have sat in Florham Park in front of a team executive who mentions the forums. While you think to yourself....which one of you bastards just got me in trouble lol.
  6. Who is excited for #JetsCamp? Definitely check out JetNation Radio tonight!

  7. I am 46 years old, I am tired of the almost seasons. I was at the last two AFC Championship losses. When they almost win and almost make it to the Super Bowl, the 10 hour drive home sucks pretty bad. No more almost. Get a QB that can win it all because the NFL has set it up so that it is a QB league. Fitz isn't that guy. The Jets offered him the best deal he was offered. Saying he will sign it when he is ready is b.s. He either wants to be here for more than everyone else has offered him or he doesn't. He could have taken MORE MONEY THAN ANYONE ELSE offered him and been here for OTAs working on getting better. He didn't. He is greedy. If the Jets do sign him I will root for him. But I am hoping they just move on.
  8. He still won't win a ring there and he will make millions less in the process. Ryan Fitzpatrick will not win a Super Bowl as a QB in the NFL. There, I said it.
  9. LOL - if I didn't know you in real life, I would swear you were this guys agent. Geno has 3 good days of practice and the Jets pull the offer. I am just not a fan of greed and that is what Fitz is right now. Being greedy. So I hope he loses as a result. Regardless he isn't going to win a Super Bowl here because top defenses shut him down regularly, so I hope the Jets pull the offer anyway. It might not be Geno, but we know Fitz can't win it all. So put me in the camp that says let's keep switching QBs until we find the guy. Fitz isn't the guy. 9 and 7 isn't the goal.
  10. Plan early and have it ready to go on May 1st next year.
  11. Mac has offered more money than ANY OTHER TEAM. Mac has the highest offer on the table to Fitz. The Jets should NOT budge. You made mention of the Jets top two Wide Receivers wanting him back. So that is why I posted that they should pay him themselves. If the jets have the top offer on the table, no reason for them to increase it. No matter how many snap stories Marshall posts.
  12. Well they should take pay cuts since Fitz wants to be overpaid. They can pay him because the Jets don't seem to want to.
  13. They play in NJ. They practice in NJ. That said, that was a really bad typo, not sure how I didn't see that before hitting submit.
  14. Actually you said that 3 times during your last contract negotiation.