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  1. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    This needed to be happen. So here it is, the thread. I will kick you off with a little video of Gary Sanchez doing squats.
  2. I know we were talking about this in the road trip thread. But figured I would start a thread just for this game. Anyone going to this game? Should be a fun trip. I am looking online at RV parks, looks like the JetNation RV will be making an appearance. They actually let you park the RV in one of the lots near the stadium before the game. Just have to figure out where I am staying otherwise. If anyone is going let me know where you are sitting etc. Would be great to get a group together and sit close to each other.
  3. SHAME on Jet fans

    It was like 120 degrees and full sun. People were literally melting. I love this though. I wasn't at the game but I am going to call out other people for not being at the game. I never miss a home game. Ever. And I would NEVER call people out. The Jets cut every veteran and have a 38 year old QB. People are going to need to be convinced. No reason to call out fans like this. And for the record, the stadium atmosphere was great. There were a few chants, but they didn't really help Scott and Rob out because they didn't put them on the big screen much.
  4. Post for gAY-yES

    I'm locking this. No idea what this thread title even means.
  5. So the Jets are 0 and 2. Things seem like they are going to get worse before they get better. Instead of the game, let's talk tailgating. Who is going to the game? Where are you tailgating? What are you making? Unfortunately it looks like tailgating will be the best part of this season.
  6. Have to shout out @GothamCityCrew, they were in a suite with their group & they were rocking it. Very loud cheering for the Jets. Great job.

  7. Game Observations (MIA)

    I was going to start a thread on this. Terrible challenge. The game just started and it was like a 12 yard pass. You have to be 100% right if you challenge that.
  8. The Optimists View

    Well the Jets got unstuck when they fired everyone involved with that draft pick. They could have also just skipped Pryor and drafted either of the next two players that were picked: JaWuan James or Brandin Cooks. That would have been cool.
  9. Playing McCown a few weeks is a great move. We are seeing good things from the receivers, more so this offensive line is starting to gel. We have a brand new O\C so it is good for him to have a veteran running the show for a few weeks. That said you can't stick with McCown for long. They are going on a win streak but after the Patriots game if McCown is still standing, time for a change. And Stewart needs to see the field more. Kerley looks good but Bowles and Gailey didn't want to even see him the last go-round. So nothing really has changed...Anderson and Kearse are doing well. Let's get Stewart on the field with Peake and bump Kerley down.
  10. Find another way to make your point. This is a garbage post.
  11. McCown had a lot of time. I like these jumbo packages. Nice seeing Tight Ends on the field again. Things are settling down nicely. Petty will inherit a much better opportunity in a few weeks when McCown gets hurt. Oh and to your first post, that Stewart catch was unreal.
  12. Call everyone a "moron" again and you won't be posting here. Garbage post. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you can launch a personal attack against the majority of people on this site every day.
  13. Think of how it is going to be when the Jets are sitting at 3 and 2.
  14. Are there actually Idzik fans? lol... Definitely a good day for Macc. A great day for Macc. I am a huge fan of Shell, I have been saying this line has a chance. They need a long term LT but everyone else has a chance. Dozier stepping in the way he did is so encouraging. But I don't think today was a great day for Shell. He rebounded and they got him help. But he got off to a really rough start. I tip my cap to our new O\C for putting together some game plans that are helping a lot of these young guys out.
  15. Jermaine Kearse

    I have always said that.
  16. I was talking to someone else when you quoted me and asked, "Define "filled" for those of us keeping score at home, please.". I answered the question you asked, not sure how that is berating you. I am not questioning anybody's fandom. Anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn't do that. It is what make JetNation work. Nobody even knows my name. So I never play the fan card. What I am saying is pretty simple: This is a NY Jets fan site. As a result we want the Jets to win. Patriots sites, Dolphin sites, they all root for the Jets to lose. Buffalo Bills sites root for it not to snow in October, they don't care about the Jets. People rooting for the Jets to lose, especially on game day are free to do so....but we won't have threads being hijacked because JETS fans are upset they lost. There was a guy in front of me at the stadium that wore a home made shit. It said something bad about Darron Lee, then said 0 and 16 on the back. That guy was jumping up and down when the Jets scored. He was happy they won. I honestly am not concerned with if you are happy or not with the win. It doesn't matter to me either way, no offense intended. But the season is young. If they were 0 and 8, I would understand. THis is a team that isn't going to be in the bottom 5. Today showed why. And it was a good day, the Jets won.
  17. Jermaine Kearse

    Wait, serious question, the league went off as scheduled? Nobody signed up lol. I thought they were cancelling it.
  18. Jermaine Kearse

    Kearse has been a great pickup. Robby Anderson seems to agree, as he is getting less safety love as a result.
  19. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    I know. When the draft rolls around and Darnold isn't selected # 1 it will be funny. DMC...we have to get DMC. Lose this game. Guys DMC is a beast. The Jets win, DMC goes to the Raiders at 3. The Jets draft Gholston at 5. Guess what? DMC has had a nice career with one 1,000 yard season for the team that drafted him. He has average year is 602.5 yards rushing. Joe Flacco was drafted 18th overall that year. The Jets aren't going to be close to the first pick. I have said it a million times, they won't be drafting in the top 5. The defense showed why today.
  20. I didn't count. Parking lots were packed. Jets chant was good after they scored. People went in expecting the worst but were very happy the Jets won. I didn't look up the attendance #s. But I am sorry you are upset the Jets won. Plenty of sites where you can root for them to lose.
  21. I was in a stadium filled with Jets fans rooting for the Jets to win.
  22. There's a HUGE difference...

    Here are two problems: 1. I have no idea if I will be alive next year. Nobody knows the answer to that question. 2. The Jets played today and I can never root against the Jets when they play. Tomorrow is promised to no man. All there is, is today. Enjoy the J E T S victory! The stadium was a lot of fun today. Fans were going nuts and the Dolphins fans were sooooo quiet. Good stuff.
  23. There's a HUGE difference...

    I don't agree. Stewart made an amazing catch. The offensive line played well. The offensive coordinator seems to understand how football is played in 2017. We have a young tight end that looked good today. The DLine is young and played well. Robby Anderson showed a lot today, Kearse continues to impress. The young RB McGuire is very encouraging. Then there is Adams. No words to explain how good he has looked so far. They need a QB. No doubt. But they started the year needed everything and a QB. Nice to see a bunch of the questions getting answered positively.
  24. Call me old fashioned. I am rooting for the Jets to do well. I am rooting for the young Jets players to step up and do well. Crazy talk, I know.