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  1. Well people are talking about him, but not in the context of him being the future. A good long positive future for Christian and the NY Jets. That's what this thread is about.
  2. Actually we should have a full rep system soon, more then just + / 1. It is in the next version soon to be released.
  3. You have to make big statements when you are launching a website.
  4. 5. Please post a video so we know you really did it.
  5. This needed to be happen. So here it is, the thread. I will kick you off with a little video of Gary Sanchez doing squats.
  6. Anyone here going to the Green & White scrimmage at Metlife on 8/5? If so, let me know and come tailgate with us. We will have the RV there and it would be great to do a JetNation meet up before the season starts. Let me know if you can stop by!
  7. Not even sure how to respond to this, lol.
  8. haha, definitely let us know if you are going. Just need a head count. Not sure if every alter ego eats the same amount.
  9. I can give you that 2006 season magnet that I owe you lol.
  10. We always park in F11. I am confirming with the Jets that we can still park there, they told me it was okay but they were double checking. Definitely stop by!
  11. Awesome. Let us know definitely when it gets closer. Hope you can make it.
  12. Awesome news. It will be great to tailgate with you again.
  13. As we prepare for #JetsCamp Bobby Watson provides another Positional Outlook this time the safeties - @BobbyWatzNYJ

  14. The Jets will do it without cheating though.
  15. Be afraid. Be very afraid. For the Jets old passing records. Because they are all going to be broken by Hack soon.
  16. In three years that will be a true statement.
  17. Okay. But please remember this. Like seriously don't forget it. Because it is important. The Jets will not select a QB in the 1st round of the 2018 NFL draft. Because Christian Hackenberg will be the 2018 opening day starter for the Jets. It is right there. All you have to do is see it. Let me know when you all see it.
  18. Everyone is dead set on D1. He is just in the .00004% that has D1 set on him apparently lol. Seriously is an amazing accomplishment and I don't think people realize how tough it is to accomplish what he has, great job.
  19. Enunwa Comments on Talk of Jets “Tanking” ’17 Season

  20. Any one have a video of the play?
  21. Sorry people who have been banned aren't eligible for the tailgate.
  22. #SEC Player to watch- Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB/S #bama

  23. Awesome. You guys need to all tailgate with us. I have a nice surprise. Nothing bad I promise lol.