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  1. If pats have a perfect season...

    It's Thanksgiving Eve - maybe stop whining for a day or two?  Be grateful that ALL of us get to enjoy/hate/whatever it is you call your football experience.  Football means being a couch potato/bar fly/tailgating at the stadium on game days where you get to yell/cheer/boo/etc, drink beer, eat unhealthy food and escape reality/be entertained for several hours....which in the grand scheme of things - is pretty cool, but certainly not the most important thing in your world...hopefully. Have a Grand Turkey Day, Turkeys!   P.S. Brady says he'll hang 'em up when he sucks.  So, I suspect a Peyton-esque departure (maybe not as bad).    BB is not a kid anymore.  What else does he have to prove?  It would not shock me if he left before Brady (in the next 2 years).  
  2. only whining I see is the one is this thread.  Happy Thanksgiving, Assmop!  
  3. Pats fans: not mad

    What?  You didn't want to ask on February 2, 2015? 
  4. Pats fans: not mad

    LOL!  It's never too late to open that mind of yours, you know.  Good luck.
  5. Pats fans: not mad

    ...and the Ravens....
  6. Pats fans: not mad

    ask the Colts....:)
  7. Pats fans: not mad

    Know what else is sad?  Not teaching kids responsibilities and letting them know that excuses are cool.  However, if there is a lesson to be learned its this:  Karma is alive and well.    
  8. Pats fans: not mad

    Can't resist.... and yes, this is "trolling" I guess..,.  
  9. LOL!  Same old angry Assmop.  Walk-thru provem to be bullsh*t.  MIT?  Really?  Brady getting paid under the table now?  Avacado ice cream is  a PED?'ve actually gotten crazier.
  10. they talked about it during the telecast of the game. Guesd you weren't watching
  11. I think you take things like football too seriously.  Go have a beer. 
  12. Pete Carroll for 1 million