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  1. How spoiled are Pats fans? Very. I'm very appreciative and do not take this successful run for granted. I'm well aware that the abyss awaits. I've been there before....just let me revel in this for a bit. Happy Holidays!
  2. wow - angry much? LOL! You should - maybe - read up on "deflategate." You're a smart guy....take off the blinding green glasses and learn something. You'll see the truth.
  3. The jealousy is still pretty ridiculous around here. Pathetic. I doubt Easley was a locker room cancer. That is the Globe being the Globe....through the true Dolphins fan, Ben Volin. I do, however, believe he's hurt all the time and is a sh*tty dog trainer. He has shown flashes...and then poof! IR. I wish him well....but yes, the Patriots look like they have their own version of Vernon Gholston on their hands. At least they cut bait quickly...I guess.
  4. It's Thanksgiving Eve - maybe stop whining for a day or two? Be grateful that ALL of us get to enjoy/hate/whatever it is you call your football experience. Football means being a couch potato/bar fly/tailgating at the stadium on game days where you get to yell/cheer/boo/etc, drink beer, eat unhealthy food and escape reality/be entertained for several hours....which in the grand scheme of things - is pretty cool, but certainly not the most important thing in your world...hopefully. Have a Grand Turkey Day, Turkeys! P.S. Brady says he'll hang 'em up when he sucks. So, I suspect a Peyton-esque departure (maybe not as bad). BB is not a kid anymore. What else does he have to prove? It would not shock me if he left before Brady (in the next 2 years).
  5. only whining I see is the one is this thread. Happy Thanksgiving, Assmop!
  6. What? You didn't want to ask on February 2, 2015?
  7. LOL! It's never too late to open that mind of yours, you know. Good luck.
  8. ...and the Ravens....
  9. ask the Colts....:)
  10. Know what else is sad? Not teaching kids responsibilities and letting them know that excuses are cool. However, if there is a lesson to be learned its this: Karma is alive and well.
  11. Can't resist.... and yes, this is "trolling" I guess..,.