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  1. Introduce Yourself

    I'm still Bob.
  2. No More FanDuel or DraftKings in New York

    You guys couldn't have thought this was going to last forever.  
  3. Two sh*tty pass attempts. Geno hasn't lost a step.  
  4. If you believe that, you're an idiot. Of course, we already had plenty of evidence of that.
  5. Fitzpatrick fans read this.

      Unknown commodity? He's known. He sucks.
  6.   Bullsh*t. Buffalo is a good place with fans who really care about their teams.I've got lots of friends there. I actually feel sorry for them being stuck with that clown. Since they're in our division, though, I'll get over it.
  7. This guy is a friend of mine from high school. Played briefly with the Jets after bring on Flutie's o-line at BC. The most notable thing he did was kick Jeff Lageman's ass in a fight in practice. Great guy.  
  8. Most of the guys on this board are better equipped to tell you how to sleep with members of the practice squad. Or guys who pretend to be members of the practice squad.
  9.   The memes aren't bad.
  10. Nobody would be held accountable for yesterday's embarrassment. I can hear the presser now.   "That's football. People get excited. Now, let's get a goddamned snack. Somebody make a smoothie for Geno."
  11. Was I a jerk?

    You paid for your seat. You owed that family nothing.
  12.   Maybe with a cheap shot, after the play was over. That's pretty much his style.
  13. I wish I had a job to offer Enemkpali. We have a chance, now.