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  1. need speed...........bye bye Davis...
  2. ***Jets sign Cromartie***

    gonna be a sick defense
  3. If this happens..you think Dunbar stays as DC?
  4. Just Hire Bill Cowher

    pass....I don't want to wait another 15 yrs before he wins one....
  5. I have 4 Tix to ten game...I have something that came up and might not be able to go....4 tix upper section...
  6. Happy Birthday Thor

    Happy Birthday THOR
  7. awesome news Phil....congrats to the Wifey.....
  8. why isn't the 4th Sack Exchange in there, ,,,,why no Salaam ??
  9. JetNation Merchandise

  10. JetNation Merchandise

    im with you.....I cut my old JN tshirt into one...lol
  11. Joe Namath on JetNation Radio

    WTF is up with these callers...ha