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  1. Well we need to see what we have in Petty= does he show any sign of knowing the system and reading defenses - still believe that playing time is going to come this year before it is all over
  2. Expect an ugly win
  3. No one wants to hear complaining from a person getting a 12 million salary= be quiet and do your job
  4. He will get a shot somewhere because teams are desperate for QB,s - guess maybe Tampa Bay or Miami or jaguars
  5. Happy Birthday Sperm!
  6. jif is ok in my book -good people
  7. fitz was supposed to be a stopgap- exactly until we acquire a bonafide starter or develop a QB from the draft- he knew this or should have instead of being delusional so no crying
  8. Smith gets his last shot and if he fails Petty will get in most likely if healthy - we do need to see him in live action to see and evaluate him
  9. Ok I jinxed them - i post good things and the next game we lose
  10. Well this Geno's last chance to show he can lead a team - with us anyway-I will withhold judgement until I can see extended game play from him right from the beginning of a game
  11. Overexposure lousy football and too many penalties being called
  12. If the team loses badly in games and shows no fight yes- he would not deserve another round with us.
  13. Only a small sample but good sign is all the team creating opportunities and scoring balanced
  14. Keep the GM - Bowles and his staff needs to revaluated- after the season= if he continues not to try to make changes and improve his game decisions- like many others he was not meant to be a head coach
  15. Last year easier schedule created delusion we were better than we were