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  1. 2017 Mets thread!

    Mixed about this trade= Bruce good guy in clubhouse gave you power. at some point this team has to spend some money-hah At least we have Rosario and Smith as youth infusions with Conforto to build on
  2. Any bit of good news from QB situation is welcome but lets be real also. Petty is still most likely third QB
  3. If Hack shows any progress get him into the games- only way to know for sure he is not the real answer
  4. Well it look s bleaker every day for the Jets maybe these young guys can surprise us all- no one can say they do not have opportunies for sure
  5. Hack was going to be project we should have known that- can he learn and advance is up to him really
  6. Saying prayers for you Marty get well
  7. 2017 Mets thread!

    Reyes goes back to being what he was supposed to be supersub in the infield.Still a longjam in the infield right now I expect a waiver trade in August some time Cabrera
  8. 2017 Mets thread!

    Rosario debut tomorrow night stay up to watch-hah
  9. 2017 Mets thread!

    Duda traded for a pitching prospect. Next Carbera so Rosario and Smith come on down like the Price is Right
  10. Demons with success sad RIP
  11. I doubt it Hack is the hope that the Jets management will ride on and pray
  12. 2017 Mets thread!

    T J Rivera is maybe the only bright spot this year along with Bruce and Conforto
  13. 2017 Mets thread!

    So should we still try to sign Bartolo? What are the thoughts
  14. Yes I have been to Max's house -even saw a wrestling match between him and Tom shane
  15. Green Bay and Kansas City were two best tailgating road stadiums I have been to. No others even close