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  1. I actually meant Rivera at catcher but good point also
  2. If Bruce can continue to wake up it makes the lineup a lot better. Glad Terry finally is playing Rivera everyday also. Lugo, Gsellman in the rotation who would have laid odds on that at the beginning of the season and still make the playoffs
  3. Fans always usually overestimate their team -and when they win they exaggerate - when they lose they exaggerate- nature of being a sports fan. Jets are a 9 and 7 team probably little better than 500 reality check- maybe they will prove me wrong
  4. Ok so our best pitcher is the weak link-hah so far
  5. Happy Birthday enjoy!
  6. expect a different and more difficult team playing in KC do not be mislead- this will be very hard for the jets to win
  7. If you think he stinks why would a team trade for him-
  8. Ok I hate both teams- NE is the obvious team to beat so it would help us in the long run if they lose
  9. Congrats to the Cubs unless they play the Mets
  10. The Mets named Brandon Nimmo and Amed Rosario their co-players of the year and P.J. Conlon their pitcher of the year in the minors. Here's the full release with honors by level.
  11. Do not feel sory for him- after he is fired a media career is waiting- he will be ideal for that
  12. I am heading out there for the game so yes I hope so= KC is a tough place to win and they have a good team we know.. I will be impressed if we can do it.
  13. Rosario is really are number one prospect at age 21
  14. We know the feeling hah
  15. Rex had to get a scapegoat- you think he us going to fire his brother- he is on thin ice there