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  1. Is Geno a leader?

    Well he has not done anything so far in his career that would make you think so- the odds are against it happening
  2. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Yeah sorry about that- I know the feeling me and my friend shelled out big money to see Tom Glavine melt down last game of the season in the first inning that mets needed to win some 6 or 7 years ago- memory is fuzzy
  3. Nice spin Geno sucks so the Jets have to pay me- if you want to sum it up nice and neat
  4. 2016 Mets Thread!

    The Mets have acquired first baseman James Loney, reports ESPN New York's Adam Rubin. Loney, who was with the Padres organization, had an opt-out in his contract that allowed him to leave for another team if he was offered a major league contract. Rubin earlier reported the Mets had been looking at outside options for first base as Lucas Duda was placed on the disabled list Monday with a stress fracture in his back. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported Friday that the Mets had scouted Loney. In Triple-A this season, Loney hit .342 with a .373 OBP and .424 SLG in 43 games. Loney has a .285 average and a .338 OBP over 10 major league seasons while playing with the Dodgers, Rays and Red Sox.
  5. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Well it is Memorial day- Fleet week all ships in the harbor Inteprid also you can visit
  6. Well he has to show better hands dependable for sure- the current Jets management has no ties to him it is up to him to show something to prove his worth
  7. 2016 Mets Thread!

    90 degrees too hot for a helmet- hah Nice where you staying this visit up here?
  8. The schedule is really tough pre season looking- many games the difference with winning and losing is slight- Geno would not give me any confidence he can be the difference
  9. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Julio Urias, 19, will make his major league debut with the Dodgers on Friday in New York VS Mets. He did not allow a run in his last 26 inning in the hitter friendly PCL....the Dodgers AAA affiliate. He was promoted to LA with an overall 1.10 ERA. He has a mid-nineties fastball., a Wipe out knee buckling curve ball and fading deceptive change up. He has the ability to change eye levels, add and subtract velo on all his pitches and keep the ball out of the middle of the plate. He has the poise and composure of a 10-year veteran and was considered the best left-handed pitching prospect in minor league baseball. The only question left is how the teenager will handle the pressure of making his major league debut in New York City against the defending NL Champs New York Mets in a close to sold out CitiField and millions of people watching on TV. Most scouting reports say he can handle the pressure......We'll soon find out.
  10. Fitz or refund ?

    Yeah Woody will be down for this - LOL
  11. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I expect some move soon by Sandy to shore up the bench
  12. The Jets have brought this on themselves- for not making a clear cut decision on where they want to go with QB - the media and this site is having a field day
  13. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Henderson and Reed have been very good leading up to Familia. Duda has been lost mostly this year again with breaking balls- hopefully sooner rather than later Smith can show he can hit to support his draft status
  14. yes lets tank the season and draft another project qb
  15. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Herrera has nothing to do at triple A- he has teared that up so he should come back up and play.