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  1. Jets management has shown for this coming year they think Fitz gives us the best chance to succeed- not saying we will with the schedule we have but it really can not be questioned
  2. Ok Mac works in private and gets deal- it works for me one year committment only- the trio of young QB continiue to hopefully progress enough to take charge next year. i thought all along Fitz was going to be here
  3. well first game another example of lack of clutch hitting and trouble against lefthanders with our lineup when St Louis brought them in. St Louis is one of our competition so a bad loss in first game
  4. The sad part of this all is both sides ripping apart the other QB whether Fitz or Geno- tells you about the state of our QB situation
  5. Well we know Mac deals quietly and close to the vest but I want like everyone here a resolution to this once and for all. So either make a deal or not guys
  6. ESPN.com news services Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email print comment The Toronto Blue Jays acquired outfielder Melvin Upton Jr. and cash from the San Diego Padres for minor league pitcher Hansel RodrUpton is making $15.45 million this season and $16.45 million next season, the final year of a five-year deal he signed with theAtlanta Braves before the 2013 season. The Padres will pay all but $5 million of what is owed to Upton, according to MLB Network and confirmed by ESPN. Upton, 31, is in the midst of a bounce-back season with the Padres, batting .256 with 16 home runs, 45 RBIs and a team-leading 20 stolen bases. The 12-year veteran, who played in only 87 games last season, figures to provide outfield depth and versatility to the Blue Jays, who trail the first-place Baltimore Orioles by three games in the American League East. The Orioles also reportedly had expressed an interest in trading for Upton. Upton took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank the Padres and their fans and to say he is excited to be joining the Blue Jays.
  7. Lets watch the pics posted here many of us at work sites -=use some common sense and tact- management
  8. And as Jet fans seeing the lousy QB play over so many years competent is an upgrade-hah
  9. I do not think many Jet fans think Fitz is championship caliber QB-even his loyal supporters. More of what they have seen from Geno that steers them to Fitz who has shown he can be competent enough with support
  10. Now we know why Fitzy needs that extra money to pay for all his trips
  11. As a followup Alderson basically said no chance for Lucroy deal
  12. From SNY Mets GM Sandy Alderson said that the team may add a bullpen arm before the trade deadline. "I think realistically, the bullpen is the area we can get someone," Alderson said, according to Anthony DiComo. Alderson also said that the Mets are unlikely to acquire a starting pitcher or a position player. The GM said that other teams have been asking for top-tier prospects from the Mets, but he is unwilling to deal them, according to Laura Albanese.
  13. Doing all right been a tough year for me personally so far but hanging out watching football will cheer me up. Where you living now joewilly?