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  1. The 2017-2018 New York Rangers Thread

    Ok my teams disaster has now affected the Rangers unbelievable
  2. I would expect a couple of games suspension for pushing ref and coming onto the field and deserved players union will appeal as usual though joke
  3. He won two Super Bowls eveything came together twice for them as a team otherwise no I say his lifetime in NFL has been good not great-let the great ones go into Hall
  4. At least we have excuse the Giants have talent on offensive side and they can not move the ball consistent or score not that I feel sorry for them hah
  5. Enjoy the tailgates best part of the Jet game experience always especially this year
  6. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    My prayers are with all you people in its path
  7. Jets 1-0 Start

    he NFL season kicks off this week with something special -- a potentially historic Super Bowl long shot that could be a double-digit underdog against the Cleveland Browns. The New York Jets are 1,000-1 to win the Super Bowl at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas, preseason odds that are longer than any ever seen before, according to some Vegas oddsmakers.Last year, the Browns and San Francisco 49ers started the season with the worst odds, but they were only 200-1, a more standard number for the biggest long shots on the board in early September. "[I've] never seen any NFL team this high before any games are played," said Ed Salmons, a 30-year veteran Las Vegas oddsmaker and assistant manager at the Westgate.
  8. His career as a backup is solidified
  9. Congrats To Kevin- great center should be rewarded for his play here
  10. Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    Do the Jets actually want to score some points this year- hah
  11. Just as big a concern ids the poor play of the offensive line just about anyone will not have much of a chance with poor blocking up front we have shown so far
  12. No way they will bring in Colin here as I see it- the level of scrunity and media frenzy would be crazy
  13. 2017 Mets thread!

    You can not even make this up on number and type of injuries on this Mets roster not just this year obviously David wright had a hit last night for St Lucie hah
  14. His career is to be a backup QB- whether with Giants or somewhere else