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  1. Ok who would you trade to get something back at this point? opinions
  2. After Enunwa it is a open audition on who can make the final roster
  3. washington weakness is their bullpen not that ours is great hah. So who put this cloud on the Mets that every single guy on the team goes on disabled list at some point
  4. Most fans wanted harris gone a couple of years ago to put that in perspective. timing was off though should have not put him in start of OTA and show some class
  5. 6 man starting rotation will not help if they do not pitch up to their capabilities. Ces ongoing injury history is more than worrisome especially with Mets training staff
  6. Ok how about the pass defense and rushing the passer- fail
  7. Mr mets gets fired this organization can never hit new lows -hah
  8. You know it all is about controlling them for another year before arbitration- money talks
  9. Well this season so far has mirrowed the Jets nightmare. Rosario and Smith in 2018-hah
  10. Happy BD to the icon -hah
  11. Should be diapers for a;ll the crying and whining they have done all the years
  12. His days were nembered after our draft better to get something in return than nothing. Maybe Davis can learn from Kevin Greene
  13. Congrats to Shane and to your family
  14. The only hope we can be better than expected is for this to happen- maybe our 50 year of misfortune can change but do not bet on it
  15. From overuse the bullpen has exploded. The Mets are still not calling up Rosario no matter what so do not get your hoped up on that IMO