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  1. Well his playing has been on the decline and now he has made himself a public relation liability for any team -so stay way away
  2. Lost opportunity today with St Louis and Miami losing and Fernandez tomorrow to face. At least the game is home where he has been more beatable
  3. If he loses a job to a 6th round obscure QB from Northwestern he has hit bottom for sure. But in the NFL any QB with two arms gets another shot- so Mark will live on if let go
  4. All the QB's had bad moments last night-Fitz needs to keep the turnovers down for this team to be successful and let our defense carry the team
  5. Ok trade Fitz that is a new one-hah
  6. Why would Dallas trade for Petty no experience in any game to back up another QB with no experience= that makes no sense
  7. All the QB's had bad plays which hindered the team- running game so far has been non existent- that has to improve for this team
  8. It never ends for the Mets Adam RubinESPN Staff Writer Yoenis Cespedes (quadriceps) and Neil Walker (back) both are dealing with injuries and are out of the lineup for Sunday's series finale against the Phillies.
  9. To be honest very inconsitent play from all the QB's last night. Some good things and then some bad passes- you see the potential in Hack though if he can get squared away
  10. Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer Jets WR Brandon Marshall, chatting with personnel director Brian Heimerdinger, is scratched from tonight's game. He's smiling and talking with people along the sideline. If he's resting, it's an odd game to take off.
  11. Support Geno until he is not part of this team- which could be soon- hah
  12. I am closing this because it will get ugly and political which we do not want here
  13. Anytime we play the Giants I want to win- period Go Jets
  14. I just can not picture Max cruising down the highway in a RV-hah
  15. The optimism of this year has been shorted out by injuries and underperformance- count the Nats and Marlins being better in that also