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  1. Happy Birthday Jetsfan 80 good guy
  2. Groundhog day we hit homers we win I can repeat this over and over hah Time to bench Grandy put Conforto coach every day
  3. True scoring at home in playoffs has been killing us- just more relaxed on the road- who knows?
  4. This your Mets team hit home runs they score if they do not no scoring - that is what Sandy built . Bullpen overworked but very discouraging stretch-winnable games are going the other way right now- need to bounce back take these two before Wash this weekend
  5. Career backups can have long careers in the NFL
  6. Phil Jackson should be on a beach in California not running or trying to run a NBA team- hah Melo time is up though in New York who can take that contract in return to balance out though
  7. One week from today, every team in the NFL will know their schedules for the 2017 season. Thursday night during a summit with season ticket holders, Detroit Lions president Rod Wood spilled the beans that the schedule for next year would be revealed on April 20, exactly one week before the start of the NFL Draft.
  8. hah nice comeback Yo and wilmer
  9. Ugh another grand slam given up Conforto should play = Mets still have problem against lefties with their lineup
  10. Well typical start for baseball season- lot of uneven high and lows so far. dread all these night games with weather brutal especially for pitchers and fans
  11. Should be about a week before the draft- want to go to two or three home games so yes I am ready for schedule to come out
  12. Not a good first round matchup for Rangers-Lundquist needs to get his game up rediscovered
  13. Hopefully some bats start producing on e inning of scoring so far and the rest zilch
  14. Old saying can not have enough pitching Matz and Lugo questionable on when they might be able to return. Good thing we have depth
  15. the world baseball classic should be scrapped