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  1. When last season ended, Bowles said that he wanted to get faster on defense. This guy has legit NFL speed, and can contribute early. It's not a pick that changes the franchise but it's at least solid with the potential to be very good.
  2. NFL execs stomping on videotapes is the story that always sticks with me. even more than the radio headsets that conveniently fail or the mic'ed up nose tackles. like what exactly was on those tapes that were so damaging, the league needed to destroy evidence, at the moment yhey saw the tapes, to preserve not just their profit margin, but perhaps the entire viability of the league. remember it's not legal or scientific, it's not even a fair and open market. It's the NFL. A communistprofit-sharing entertainment association with an anti-trust exemption from Congress. No one ever promised us "fair." Terms and conditions may apply.
  3. -they stay at 20 -they take a guy who was rated as a solid first rounder or fell from top 15 -Shaq Lawson
  4. there are many guys taller than 6'6" they choose to play basketball because in general the NFL doesn't have a place for them. outside of the power forward/TE conversion. No one ever says hey you know that 6'9" guy he'd be great at QB. There's a reason for that. Probably having to do with crouching down to get the center snap, another thing that Lynch never did in college. by the way threads like this turn into "Bitonti hated Lynch" absolutes years later. I like Lynch at 2nd/3rd round prices. Not at 20.
  5. let me be clear I don't hate Paxton Lynch. If he's around in rd 2 that makes more sense from a value perspective. He probably won't be around but these guys don't reach they wait for players to fall. Lynch at 20 feels like a reach. also his 18 wonderlic is garbage. Which doesn't bode well forhis already suspect defense reading abilities. Geno did better than that. put it another way, If he was Cardale Jones (who got a 24 on the test) people would be making Jamarcus Russell comparisons.
  6. Should we trust Mac Daddy?

    Mac and company are doing a great job at sealing up the leaks. Matt Miller did a team by team report a couple days ago, it was really good, with sources inside almost every NFL team. Almost.
  7. also by the way Flacco is 6'6" Lynch is 6'7" that extra inch shouldn't matter but there is such a thing as too tall for the position. Without looking it up I don't believe any QB over 6'6" has ever accomplished anything at the NFL level. It's Derek Anderson country.
  8. Paxton Lynch reminds me of a taller Geno Smith. No idea how to find his 2nd or 3rd read. Unfamiliar with pro offense concepts. Nose dived the end of his career with a loss against Navy and bowl game embarrassment against Auburn.
  9. Cardale Jones

    Tom Brady is the greatest cheater in the history of the game. That's why there's never been a 6th round FQB, before or since. Occam's razor.
  10. Cardale Jones

    Lynch is not further along than Petty either
  11. Cardale Jones

    it also should be noted that Braxton Miller tested at an elite level andwill also be a top 100 pick, despite the fact he has to make a position change at the next level. It's not like Cardale Jones lost his job to a nobody.
  12. Cardale Jones

    this thread is gold, Jerry as for the value of Cardale Jones he's worth a 3rd round pick QB values are jacked up. And teams are thirsty as hell. my prediction is that someone willuse a top 100 pick on a guy with those rarephysical gifts, who goes to a factory, just onfourmiracle games two years ago. Whether it's a good idea or not is a different discussion entirely. But if the Eagles can mortgage the future for Carson Wentz, maybe a 3rd rounder for Cardale Jones isn't the worst gamble. and for the record, no one is worse than Geno Smith.
  13. neither Smith nor Enunwa are on track to be a #1 WR though in fact, Devin Smith might not actually be able to catch a football.
  14. Villain's 1st 2016 Mock Draft. (Includes Wilk Trade)

    One thing I learned about the draft a long time ago, it's that the draft isn't about what we want the team to do. It's about predicting what the team will do. Predicting the Jets taking a TE in rd 2, after they didn't use a TE all last year, is what you want them to do. It's not what they want to do. Also btw this is a terrible TE draft evenif they were so inclined, this isn't the year to do it.
  15. Grade 6 Potential Jets Picks at #20

    how about undrafted for a guy who may never play again