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  1. why is this so hard? Just cut Geno Smith already. This isn't calculus. The guy is friggin terrible.
  2. by the way, Vollmer spent all preseason on the PUP it wasn't like he got hurt in camp. Breno also has been on PUP all preseason
  3. if a guy doesn't have a true position in the offense, doesn't block, can barely catch, and doesn't really help on specials, how exactly does this player make the team? over tall/fast WR like Peake, Anderson who are playing their asses off? Over Jalin Marshall/Jeremy Ross one of which will be returning kicks and punts? Over tough guy Tommy Bo who is more of an H back than Amaro ever will be. Amaro doesn't help this team much in 2016. Sure we could say the same about Christian Hackenberg but these guys are invested in that pick. They will fight for their picks. Mac doesn't care about Idzik's picks. Or his plan for the future. Who exactly is going to stand up and say Jace Amaro has to make this team? Honestly, I'd rather the team keep 4 QB or 7 WR than the normal 3 TE. The TE had 8 catches last year and the reason is not because Amaro is hurt. Chan Gailey doesn't care unless it's Tony G and he's forced to care. Otherwise it's multiple WR all day long.
  4. all the "fitz screwed the Jets into missing the playoffs" threads neglect the fact that the team's best player, Mo Wilkerson, broke his leg in the third quarter of the contest. It wasn't all on Fitz. by the way when they draw up the schedule, the Jets face the Bills 2x, home during the fall and in Jan in the middle of winter. I don't care if the Bills are 0-15 going into that game, the Ralph after New Years is a brutal draw. Just like how At Oakland is almost always a Jets loss. What should have happened is that worthless dicks for fingers Devin Smith doesn't fumble the kickoff and the Jets beat that team at home. And then week 17 is a rest week.
  5. Qvale is probably making this team, they are playing him at tackle but he can backup guard too. Shell might be psquad material.
  6. honestly it doesn't matter that much. Nate Solder missed all last year and they still produced. Why? Because they are blatant cheaters.
  7. kind of a random question but could the Jets keep an extra WR and cut one of the useless TE? Like Amaro for example? What does that guy do?
  8. Smith with get PUP'ed and the team won't have to make that decision until he's healthy.
  9. the difference between a 4.6 guy and a 4.4 guy is that a 4.4 guy outruns the coverage on a 80 yard return.
  10. The Jets don't use receiving TE under Gailey. There's no true role for Amero in this offense, and he's not going to get reps at H back behind Enunwa. No one currently employed by this team will advocate for his roster spot. See ya Jace.
  11. the Jets should trade Geno Smith to the waiver wire for an empty roster spot.
  12. if Fitz is ranked 25th, Geno has to be in the 40s or 50s.
  13. Jerry Rice was 6'2" and broke every NCAA receiving record at the time. By the way, those calling him a poor man's Julian Edelman should note that he was a late 7th rounder (232 overall) and even he had outstanding short shuttle of 3.91 (which would have been best at his position if he was invited to the combine) Yes he has value as a punt returner but those players don't impact the game very much, they play basically 1 down and if they can get above 7 yards on a PR it's a great job. None of this is to say he stinks, just putting the "why wasn't he drafted" questions into context. You can be short and fast or tall and slow but short and slow isn't a recipe for draft value.
  14. Bad measureables. 4.6 is a great time for a linebacker not a WR. Also hurts him is a lack of height. most teams and the Jets especially want WR over 6 feet tall