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  1. Paxton Lynch being terrible doesn't make Hack good. Both of these guys stink until proven otherwise. As for Tom Brady, science is ridiculous right now. I wouldn't bet against it.
  2. yup. And what if Darnold and Rosen both suffer injuries? You've tanked for a Sam Bradford prospect who hasn't played all year
  3. It should be noted Drob started 5 years 16 games each year and had actual stats, 16 career sacks, most of them with the Jets people also forget Josh Evans was suspended and that particular draft was very weak (The picks they traded ended us as Michael Bennett and Rex Grossman) In other words, Drob was no Gholston
  4. Live and learn, let's not draft anyone who's got any arthritic joints at age 21, mmmK?
  5. the Jets have been using non-first round picks on QBs for years. it never works out. the only decent QB's they've drafted in the last 20 years were Chad and Sanchez. Every other 2nd-4th round project has been worthless bottom line if you aren't drafting a QB in the first round you are probably drafting a backup. Yeah yeh I know Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott etc but for for every one of those guys there's like a dozen Geno Smiths and Kellen Clemens.
  6. his shoulders are arthritic. F-
  7. Brad Kaaya was last year's Sam Darnold Example 100 why waiting for next year is never a good idea
  8. there are no OT prospects worth the 6 pick this year. Bolles is 25 and Ramzyck has hip injury stuff still not working out. There are decent G prospects but that doesn't help this team too much
  9. and like every other USC QB ever
  10. Did you read Mick Lombardi's resume? He's a kid. There's nothing on that resume that implies he has any idea what to do with QBs. He's one step higher than jock strap laundry guy (which is a job Eric Mangini once had) I don't know how the reporting structure goes exactly but what if the Jets had one legit QB coach all he did was work on Hack and another legit QB coach all he did was work on Trubisky lets say. my concern is that the Jets had too many young guys to develop last year and it could happen again. Whatever they are doing at Florham park, it isn't working.
  11. Didn't mean like two assistants junior guys. I mean real QB coaches with real QB experience not only as QB coaches but maybe even as NFL QB's themselves. Spend some real money it's not going to hurt the cap
  12. It's certainly possible. I would take that bet just because it's so hard to predict and the uncertainty would be on my side. they could take OJ Howard for example. Who could use a TE more the Jags with Bortles or the Jets with no one?
  13. I'm wondering if the Jets should hire another QB coach. Imagine they have 4 QBs again, it's probably too big of a job for just one guy to develop 3 young dudes. There's no salary cap on coaching expenses. Why not have more than one QB coach on staff, it couldn't hurt, right?
  14. looking at the mock draft, Jamal Adams could actually go 2 or 3. If he's there at 6 they almost have to take him