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  1. the Jets are already way under the salary floor. Cutting Mo means they have to spend even more money in years 2-4 to offset it. The Fitz and Revis contracts were huge in 2016 to balance out the 2013 purge.
  2. Bryce Petty is a good prospect. He's got confidence and the most raw talent of any of the 3 (terrible) Jets QBs. That being said he's fragile. He had the job last year and got hurt and he was making a move for the job in preseason this year when he got hurt again Bryce Petty's durability is holding him back.
  3. blah blah blah both Williams and Mo get constant doubles. The Jets take guys like David Bass and Kony Ealy off the street and start them. this isn't a MO or Leo problem. if the DE were legit the DT wouldn't be constantly doubled. There isn't a DT in the league who produces without some sort of actual starter next to him at DE. and by the way the Jets got 7 pressures on Brady it was the 4th most pressures on any QB last week. Pass rush is not really the problem with this team, scoring points on offense is the problem and it's been this way for as long as I can remember Jets fans love to discuss the paper cuts on defense to avoid talking about the sucking chest wounds on offense. let's review they have no speed at RB when Powell is hurt (and he's always hurt) the only WR and TE left healthy can't get a call cause the refs hate them both with a passion of a 1000 suns and the best quarterback on the roster (by far) is Josh McCown. but sure let's fantasize about cutting Mo Wilkerson. Cause that will solve everything.
  4. sam darnold is a marshmellow soft southern california boy who never saw snow or a day of adversity in his life 2 weeks into his Jets career he'd be crushed like a grape under the pressure
  5. it's not even about fairness. You can't give reps to the young WR with a QB that bad. The whole team won't develop. As for whether McCown was better than Hack he clearly was and it wasn't even close. That's why Hack doesn't get to play cause he can't even beat out McCown. He can't even beat out Petty if we are being honest. Christian Hackenberg is the least qualified person to draw an NFL paycheck in the last 2 seasons. His career is based on the idea he might be good not any evidence of basic competency.
  6. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Adams had a similar college career as Berry and they both ended up high first round picks as safety. The question isn't whether Adams is legit or not. He is. The question is why does this team draft defenders when the biggest problem every year is scoring points?
  7. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Jamal Adams makes the same salary as Josh McCown. 6 million dollars a year. It's not small change. He's a rookie ok but he's being paid like the starting quarterback. One could even say he was drafted especially just to cover Gronk. These are his stat on the year: 28 tackles 1 sack. Can someone explain exactly why Adams is awesome? Is it cause we all bought his jersey? I know this will turn into a "bitonti hates Jamal Adams" thing. It's not true. He's great. He's just not a QB and it's kind of questionable if he's even really a safety. they don't use him there when it's 3rd and long. they use him underneath with the TE. Like Gronk. It's Maye who is 60 yards downfield
  8. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Here's some light reading http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jamal-adams-rookie-season-hits-rough-patch-jets-loss-article-1.3565065 *** Don't get me wrong, Adams a great person. A wonderful source of quote. And he's everything you'd want out of a football player. But he's a strong safety basically playing OLB. Maye is the coverage guy who they can't replace. Brooks is the other safety on passing downs. Jamal Adams pick was like the Leonard Williams pick a very easy to make pick, stick to the board, no one gets fired type of pick. I like Adams. the problem is he plays safety. and last weekend not very well. The calls went against him sure he also fell down and looked not so good. This coming off his "F" performance against Cleveland. I know this won't be a popular post. I know people like Adams. I like him too. The same way the Chiefs like Eric Berry. But Andy Reid drafted Mahomes to replace Smith eventually (or at least fire him up) not Malik Hooker to backup Berry (who by the way is on IR again). Because QB is more important than safety. Bill Walsh said draft one every year and seeing what they had in Hackenberg (or Geno, or Clemens) is not a reason to violate that rule. on the other hand, maybe I'm wrong and the Jets are 3-3 just cause Jamal Adams no quit character has changed the locker room. That could be true. But also everyone who said this last QB class was terrible (and next years is awesome) was just guessing. Watson beat Alabama maybe he could have worked miracles with this team. At least he'd be starting over McCown. It's easy to draft in hindsight but the team still needs a QB.
  9. it's not fair to the other 52 players to have a guy who couldn't even beat McCown be gifted the starting job. Josh McCown is a low bar. If Hack can't bellyflop his way over it he doesn't deserve to play. Petty actually has talent but he's super fragile.
  10. Yeah ill do that if you look up all the USC QBs and how their careers went think about the entitled douche nozzles who get those QB scholarships to USC it's basically a four year license to slay puss and enjoy the sunshine. Sam Darnold is not equipped for life as QB of the NYJ, just like every other USC QB in history, before or since. best cause they stay out west and become the next Carson Palmer. worst case we have a moment called the buttfumble that is now used as a custom emoji next to like and haha
  11. what defensive scheme works with zero edge rushers? the Jets are like hello David Bass you were like the 8th rusher on the Seahawks, would you like a starting job? Kony Ealy is a good story and all but they are getting these guys off the street and thrusting them into starting roles. That's never good.
  12. ASJ is playing for his 2nd contract. He will probably get that contract, but don't ever forget that fact. On a more general note, it's probably easy for a man who just earned a 6 figure game check to act mature and find ways to get over how bad his job was that afternoon. These guys get paid. They aren't fans. They don't really care for the Jets. ASJ hasn't seen Brady beat the Jets 3 dozen times. It's a discouraging day at the office. The fans on the other hand, we pay for this. We consume it. I still can't get over the game it's Tuesday. I could have got in the car, driven for three hours and found more entertainment from the radio than from that Jets home game.
  13. the tank was never a good idea. Sam Darnold in NY was always wishful thinking. He's not Lebron James and he never was. This is way bigger than 1 player or 1 draft pick. Every win creates a winning culture. Every loss creates a losing culture. and by the way The Jets don't need to pick 1 to take a QB. they could have had Watson at 6 or Mahomes, either of which would give hope for the future. They could have had Jimmy G instead they drafted Jace Amaro. They just need to grow balls and make the right pick. And not be scared to cut bait on the Hacks and Genos of the world when everyone else knows they stink.
  14. it's the tale as old as time. John Elway was once a running QB. Steve Young was a running QB Even Cam Newton who is built like a Tight end, his body will break down too against NFL defenders.
  15. The FXFL was one dude trying to create a partnership with the league. This needs to be run by the league. there's a market for Tues/Weds night live football, regional in places like Miss, Alabama, Texas, Florida. Keep travel and living expenses low. The FXFL was like Miami, Brooklyn, Ohio whatever. Keep it int he south, run those corrupt Last Chance U Community Colleges out of business. It must allow 18 year olds. They run pro offenses. The players make minor league money. The practice squad guys are there too maybe can call up players who are in football shape or are tearing up the league. They try new rules out. They develop QBs and OLs and that's the point not really to make a ton of money with it short term. There's a hole in the tv schedule, there's hometown Tim Tebow types and they can sell it to their own NFL network which is synergy and looking for fresh content. How do they NOT make money on the deal? It's a capital expense like when McD's makes their owners install a mcCafe. Maybe these owners are too lazy to do it but the idea of a secret jedi training location for QBs and OLs could actually save the league. the only real loose end is the gentleman's agreement between the NCAA and the NFL not to do something like this. But what has the NCAA done for the quality of the product?