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  1. USC Qbs usually fail for the same reason Alabama QB's usually fail: Their college team is jacked with first rounders at every position and makes them look better than they really are. It was the story with Sanchez, Leinart, like every one of these USC QBs. The only decent USC Qb was Carson Palmer and he won the Heisman. If Sam Darnold wins the Heisman we can revisit the situation otherwise it's likely fool's gold.
  2. Losing every game is not a way to build a program. All it does is enforce a culture of losing. There's no such thing as a successful rebuild in the NFL. It's literally never happened certain teams got bad for a year at the right time (Luck, Eli) but teams like the Browns have been "rebuilding" since their inception. Specifically the most annoying thing about the current situation is the QB stuff. people pretend like Hack is going to be awesome, that dude isn't even good enough to beat out mcCown. They could have drafted a QB to compete like Watson and given us hope. Instead, they drafted safeties and sold us on the idea that losing every game this year would be the best way forward. here's the real truth: This franchise is killing time until Brady retires and not even trying. Woody can't even be bothered to stay in the country while it's happening.
  3. "I bought a lottery ticket, i'm either going to win the lottery or I'm not. So that makes 50/50."
  4. I think it's misguided to take pin all the hopes of this franchise on another USC QB, less than a decade after Mark Sanchez Also, the team should never draft a TE in the first round ever again. naysayers will say that's just superstitious or maybe it's a small sample size yeah or maybe those who fail to remember the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.
  5. listing the rare exceptions to the rule doesn't really disprove the rule. Manning had bloodlines and Palmer won the Heisman. If Darnold wins the Heisman we can talk about him being the next Carson Palmer Maybe USC qb isn't a good fit in the AFC East where there will be at Buffalo, At foxboro and 8 home games in the elements. That's 10 games every year with potentially worse weather than anything Sam Darnold has seen in his career. Not counting playoffs, which could be at Foxboro, at Denver, at Pittsburgh etc.
  6. Petty is better and probably always will be. If Hack gets to 64% Completion percentage this year I'll eat my hat.
  7. It's not their window it's the average career length for all players in the NFL. There's too much churn in this league for a long term rebuilding project to work. Example: The Cleveland Browns are still awful. Getting high draft picks doesn't mean squat. And I love draft picks as much as the next man. But there's no Lebron in next year's draft and there's not even a Luck. Side note the so called best player went to USC a place where all their QBs basically bust including Mark Sanchez.
  8. they could go golfing instead.
  9. The fact that Trubisky goes 2 means you can put those thoughts out of your mind forever. Cause the Jets didn't pass on him. Fans of Watson and Mahomes II on the other hand will be watching Jamal Adams' career very closely indeed
  10. Darnold might very well end up 1 overall but he also might need his throwing motion completely retooled. As others have noted Rosen is probably off the table for Woody/Gob Bluth-related reasons. Allen is exciting as others (Lamar Jackson anyone?) but this tank idea is ludicrous. NFL teams can't tank for a QB when the average career length of your labor is 3 years.
  11. McCown vs Hackenberg when secretly Petty's the best on the roster. Yeah. This feels like rock bottom.
  12. 4. The reason Maxman will finally have to change his username
  13. the Jets rebuild will take generations. Like how the people who planned the huge cathedrals were long dead by the time they were actually finished Our reward will be in the afterlife
  14. what don't you believe rubbing Acai berries together fixes torn ACL's?
  15. The only proven way to win an NFL championship is to suck so hard for so long that the Jets losing actually reverses the polarity of the universe. Down becomes up, Dogs become friends with cats and the Jets win a championship. I saw it on Rick and Morty