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  1. just to make a prediction it's Leonard Fournette as BAP not necessarily what I would do just a prediction to what these guys are thinking. Trubisky could be a thing as well, just cause they are so desperate at the QB spot. two things tho, it's not a BAP pick like Mac likes and he might not even be there at 6
  2. the original poster is probably joking but he's not wrong. Confidence starts at quarterback.
  3. Mike Williams will have to burn a 4.3 to even be worth that 6th pick, let alone go higher. He's nice but it seems unlikely. He's not a Julio Jones or AJ Green type of prospect. He seems more likely to go in the teens, but he could shut me up by running super fast. *** Who should they draft, a QB, but who will they draft an edge, DB or Leonard Fournette.
  4. Has anyone actually been to St. Louis, Missouri recently? Kansas City supports their team through rabid turnout of SEC types but STL the city is absolutely screwed. And Missouri the state can't really support two NFL teams. If they did move, London would be more likely. The city is rich as sh*t, it's a relatively untapped market and Woody's UK ambassadorship synergizes neatly with that possibility. ** But either way a move is not likely as the Jets are the 5th most valuable team in the league, despite their recent losing streak. The team has tripled in value since Woody bought it. They still sell out tons of seats and sell tons of merch, despite being awful. It's a money machine and Woody should be pleased as punch.
  5. yeah but It's like worrying about the jockey when you don't have a horse. these issues are related by the way. the good coaches want to work with good QBs.
  6. NFL QBs are born not made. the coaches can only do so much
  7. the Jets could hire Bill Walsh and Hack still wouldn't develop
  8. 2 weeks before the season ends Jets fans are all "fire everyone get some decent people in here" 2 weeks after the season ends Jets fans are all "why doesn't anyone good want this job? maybe it's because the fans demand heads on spikes after every season (and the owner is too weak to say no). Honest question would you take a job if you knew that the expectations were sky high but the organization is in the garbage pile. The fans expect Super Bowl victories but the team hasn't been to the playoffs for years. And there's a decent chance some a$$hole is going to rent airplanes to run banners over practice to get you fired.
  9. Even if they had a TE they don't have a QB to find him
  10. no risk no reward
  11. put it another way if Hackenberg is really the truth, he should be able to compete with a draft pick and win I'm sick of the Jets rigging these Qb "competitions" from the owners box. Draft a guy, sign a vet, keep petty and hack and throw them all together, may the best man win.
  12. he wasn't actually supposed to start. Alex Lewis was the rookie they liked but he got hurt. He's turned into a solid veteran though. I'm not saying he's great but compared to some of these other picks, he's had an actual career. Vlad is what my grandpa used to call country strong. Like Brandon Moore. Just strong as sh*t.
  13. Vlad actually started at right guard for the Ravens this season. He's turned into an outstanding run blocker, below average in pass protection. But still, compared to Geno, Devin Smith and Hack, the Vlad pick actually panned out. Not for us, but for Vlad at least.
  14. Beat writers often bash their teams when they are bad. It happens, a-lot. but the problem with Manish is you don't get the feeling that he's one of us, suffering along side. He's like an Eagles fan right? It's kind of like when there's like a member of your family that you all talk sh*t about of but some new guy shows up and joins in. It's like no, you don't get to make fun of our family, even if it is terrible.