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  1. When Russell Wilson is healthy and mobile he escapes pressure with his legs. But this week he's hurt. They weren't completely sure he'd play, he's going to possibly be braced up and the Hawks' line is seriously awful. This is one game where the Jets DL can feast and take it over completely.
  2. I don't hate Hack but I did see him play football. He was David Carr'ed by Penn State. The question is, can that which has been ruined, be unruined. It remains to be seen.
  3. the only defense for Hack's roster spot is the absolute scarcity of QB's in the league, that makes even Sam Bradford worth multiple first rounders in trades. Hack is a total worthless bum but even that bum has value in this league.
  4. the seahawks' QB is banged up and their OL is awful. They are going across country for a 1p start. Vegas has the Jets as 3.5 point dogs when it opened but only 2.5 points now. This is a very winnable game.
  5. Sam Bradford is fool's gold, he's going to get hurt again eventually the reason why the Vikings made this desperation deal is because they are opening a new stadium. Not that different than when the jets went all in for Sanchez to sell PSL's. You can't open a new stadium to fans with bags on their heads. Remember the NFL isn't about winning it's about entertaining. It's not like winning gets you a bigger chunk of the multi-billion dollar tv revenues. 31 teams are going to lose every year the question is, did the fans have a decent ride? If so they will be back.
  6. if tanking games was the way to get better in the NFL, Cleveland would be champions by now. all being bad does is create a culture of losing btw here's a prediction we are at peak wentz for 2016. Lane Johnson's suspension finally kicks in and that line will go from amazing to garbage for the next 10 weeks.
  7. Ok so what are they offering. This years' 20, and maybe the next 2 firsts might do it. But even then Cleveland probably won't get a pick as high as 8 out of the deal. The Jets with all the DL strength etc aren't going to win 1 game. They will be solidly mediocre at worst.
  8. this is not entirely true. The Eagles had the 8th overall pick from Miami, they still needed to pony up an extra 1st in 2017 to get to 2 overall. The Jets couldn't match that deal if they wanted.
  9. the comments are hilarious
  10. if we are talking about moves it's a mystery how either Dozier or Shell made the 53 man. They were bad in preseason, even against scrub-a-dubs in week 4. either could be taxied no problem. the 4 QBs really is borderline roster mismanagement at this point. Geno is deleting instagrams, Hackenberg on scholarship and Petty, clearly the best of the bunch, might be better off on IR. Sad.
  11. this is the reason why Fitz wasn't pulled. He could have thrown 20 picks.
  12. These are statements built on hope not on fact. I hope Hackenberg is the next Andrew Luck. Based on what I saw in preseason he's David Carr, after Houston. THe dude is shell shocked.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 24th highest paid QB in the league in 2016. He is below average no one disputes that fact. They are paying him that way as well. The real question is why do Jets fans expect above average or even amazing play from a clearly below average QB?