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  1. this CB from Ohio State better run a 4.3-4.4 or he's not really value at 6. that goes for any DB in the top 10
  2. We could look at the pick of Adrian Peterson and say "The Vikings haven't won a Super Bowl, therefore that pick sucks." or we could say Peterson gave that team an offensive identity for the better part of a decade. Todd Gurley is a similar prospect. By the way several starting positions have less value than RB, including guard, ilb and 2 down NT. At least an RB can score TDs and change the outcome of the game.
  3. Forte is done.
  4. jets fans can debate the wisdom of these QBs all day and night but the real question is, what Mac will do at 6? the answer is he will wait for value, for someone to fall into his lap. He won't reach at 6. it's not clear that any of these Qbs are actually value at 6. Trubusky and Watson come the closest to value but they most likely have a higher grade on the LSU guys (Adams and Fournette) and probably some of these edge rushers/cbs too. Will Mac take a lower graded prospect because of need at 6? it doesn't sound like Mac that plus the Hackenberg thing means don't get your hopes up for qb at 6, regardless if it is a good idea or not
  5. wasnt there one game with Petty where Brandon Marshall was targeted 11 times but only caught one? his hands have gone to sh*t this year
  6. hey and while we are at it... any ideas on a quarterback?
  7. the 5 letter web domain is a huge portion of that value. CBS Sportsline sounds good when you say it but typing it on a phone is a pain
  8. lol on dick squared. I think the mistake being made here is putting yourself into that situation. Yes Crusher would be toughened up by the hazing at Millbrook School for being named whatever. Because you were toughened up by other situations. Or because no one would fight your battles for you. Woody is squishy. He can have 6 trillion dollars and he will always look at himself as not good enough.
  9. anyone can draft Leonard Williams at 6. it's the 2nd round picks that are worrysome. Mac's evaluation lives and dies with Hackenberg. Even if Hack stinks and Mac can move away quickly that would be fine. For example they drafted Devin Smith and he stinks but Mac found Robbie Anderson so fair enough. The scenario where they don't draft a Qb high because they have Hack and then Hack stinks, could get Mac fired. Hack needs to be great or he needs to find a replacement super fast.
  10. If we are crawling into Woody's brain I don't think he thinks he's a genius. His life has been a non stop series of embarassments, the most recent coming when VP Pence was in his box watching Woody's Jets get spanked on national tv. If I was going to bet money on it, I'd bet that Woody probably thinks he's not good enough. He inherited his fortune, he didn't create it like his father and grandfather. The guy is constantly trying to prove he belongs. This ambassador thing is yet another attempt to round out his biography. truthfully why would a guy worth 6.3 billion dollars want any job? it's all about perception and how he goes down in the history books.
  11. You'd think. But at times Woody has acted as thin skinned as a broke teenage boy posting from this mom's basement.
  12. Look at Woody's life. He didn't really earn that money, and the best business decision he's ever made is to buy the Jets. honestly If we all knew what Woody's life was, I don't think everyone would trade places, even for 6.3 billion dollars. His daughter Casey for example (RIP)
  13. Woody's life to date has been an enormous personal and political embarrassment. That's why predicting this move makes sense.
  14. considering they can't cut him this year without massive dead money, might as well move him to safety.