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  1. not in a good way tho
  2. Josh McCown has won like 2 games in 2 years to get to 7 wins would be somewhat of an outlier
  3. by the way winning teams always needed a QB. even in the most Parcellsian ball control offense you need a Phil Simms or a Trent Dilfer to make a key pass on 3rd and long. That QB doesn't need to be a superstar but it should be noted that Simms and Dilfer were both top 10 first round picks.
  4. Once upon a time the heavyweight boxing championship was the pinnacle of sports then it was the World Series then it was the Super Bowl soon it will be something else. Maybe the NBA finals, maybe soccer, maybe Lacrosse, maybe Esports (video games). but remember nothing lasts forever. And we can blame millennials or whatever but time marches on.
  5. the good news about the safety picks is it was a historically good safety year The team needed QBs and OTs but the S that were available were probably a round or more better in terms of pure grade
  6. he is a system qb: systematic cheater
  7. it's not that crazy to believe Petty is the best of the three. He's got chemistry with Robby Anderson and it's a really low bar.
  8. better draft 2 safeties then
  9. I did not fully understand the 4 year cycle of the CBA at that time. No one really did.
  10. The "give him a chancers" sound like me talking about Vernon Gholston circa 2009. At least that guy could bench press.
  11. That entire post was speculation. What they planned on doing and what they wanted to do aren't relevant to what they actually did do. Occam's razor, Woody sets the budgets and that saved cap space carries over and the unused payroll is the same as profit.
  12. that's all fine and agree about the debt but the Jets are the 7th most valuable team, despite playing at 27th best team in the league. In other leagues, Newcastle has a bad year they get relegated and the team value takes a huge hit. The NFL doesn't incentivize winning or losing enough. The Jets don't have to win to get that money. They just have to show up. Imagine if they split the tv revenues based on W-L records, maybe the Pats wouldn't be allowed to cheat forever. Tom Brady jersey sells in London, Woody gets a cut of that too.
  13. there's an aspect of I told you so ism there. The guy's name is Hackenberg. Like the word Hack is literally in his name. Who thought that was a great idea? The fans believe they could do a better job and after a certain point, who is to say they are wrong.
  14. I'll present some circumstantial evidence: The 85% of the cap salary floor is not 85% every year, but over a 4 year period. In theory, a team could spend 70% in year 1, and 120% in year 4, if they spread it out correctly. The last period was 2013-2016. Through that lens, the short term Revis and Fitz deals make a tiny bit more sense. The Jets had to spend that money in 2016. 2017-2020 is the current period. This was always going to be a purge year and the only reason to ignore those cycles and spend the same every season is if the team has a real shot. Which this one probably doesn't.
  15. the Jets are the 5th most valuable franchise in the NFL Woody can't be displeased with his investment