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  1. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    This is a borderline political post and probably will be banned but a Jets reporter bad mouthing a Jets player sure seems like a football story.
  2. when people talk about how Todd Bowles is a poor disciplinarian, direct them to this thread He made the whole team run gassers after a camp fight. Who else does that?
  3. announced attendance from Jets PR: 200,000 people.
  4. preseason game 1 McCown earned his spot.
  5. You said it yourself a guy like Ross Martin can look amazing in practice and crap his pants in the real situation. Folk has been in the game winning situation many times. Even if they find a guy on paper who looks better than Folk (and they haven't yet) he won't have the experience needed to convert in big situations.
  6. He's not perfect but if the game is on the line and your choices are Folk, Canizaro or Ross Martin it's obvious who you want to take that kick.
  7. The Bucs had a younger stronger leg in Robert Aguayo. Folk took his job 2 days ago. The Giants had a younger stronger leg in Adrick Rosas, Mike Nugent is taking his job as we speak. Kicker is not running back. These guys can be good for 20 years and there's more value in a kicker with experience than a kicker with a young strong leg.
  8. i know this team isn't much for spending money right now but we can all agree Nick Folk is better than both of these bums, right?
  9. McCown had a perfect night, 3-4 with a TD a 1 drop. There's no reasonable measure where Hack played better than McCown. I suspect the coaches were working on Hack getting rid of it quickly and short. That's WCO 101. There's a reason why mcCown is QB1 and it's not because the coaches are dumb heres whats going to happen McCown plays until the week 10 bye or he gets hurt. Hack fans I hope you like seeing shots of your boy in a hat holding a clippy for a couple months
  10. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    why are you rooting for the third string QB?
  11. QB Practice In Context

    There's no right way to be a Jets fan
  12. It's an interesting scenario and the answer is probably you are right. Hack at Clemson gets better protection etc. Maybe he doesn't get chewed up and spat out. But we don't live in that alternate reality. We live in the world where Hack took too many sacks, still takes too many sacks and in other words is completely shell shocked. There's no amount of 1st team reps that will fix PTSD. He needs some drugs that aren't on the NFL's approved list maybe to clear his head and get reborn as a new person. the Hack that's out there right now holding the ball for 5 seconds, throwing 2 INT for every TD, that dude is going to get killed if he starts.
  13. no NFL franchise should carry 4 QBs on their active roster but the Jets did it last year. just because something hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can never happen.
  14. Disagree there's no reason the team could not have gone QB twice if the first crop looks awful . The rookie salaries have changed, Jamal Adams is making Josh McCown money this year and he'd be making the same if he was Watson. And on a broader note this front office seems to have endless patience for these QBs that are awful. See what we have in Geno Smith? See what we have in Hack? No one else does that with 2nd rounders. No one else carries 4 QBs Stop shopping at Marshalls. Go to the damn tailor and buy a suit that fits for Christ's sake.
  15. Jets fans were fed this line about how the 2017 QBs were garbage. It wasn't true. Watson is a gamer everyone knew that much. He wasn't 1 overall perfect prospect like Darnold but he would have started for this team. Probably Mahomes too. no matter how good Adams and Maye turn out to be (and they both look great) the 2 safety picks was negligent management. It really was. "Seeing what we have" in Hack is the biggest load of garbage the Jets have ever tried to sell. And some fans bought it.