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  1. Okung has never made it through an entire 16 game season. Okung has never made a Pro Bowl and he probably never will. Clady is paid more than Okung because he's worth more than Okung. It's refreshing to have this discussion without the "Dbrick is kiling this team with his contract" bullsh*t. Actual left tackles cost money.
  2. been saying this for years but believe it or not the Jets OL is above average. I currently have them graded out at 13th. Mangold is a huge part of the grade, as is Carpenter and Clady. Jets fans remember the 4 First round line of Faneca/Woody etc from 2009 and anything that is less than that everyone talks about drafting an offensive lineman in rd 1. the Jets' OL certainly can be improved (and they might make a high pick if Clady gets hurt again) but overall it's good enough to win. Other teams have way worse. Look at the Pats OL every week it's garbage and the Seahawks is even worse but the QB Is everything in this league. *** by the way this week the Ravens are missing Marshal Yanda perhaps the best RG in football. That's a big loss
  3. Todd Bowles was the hottest coordinator prospect for years. He won the same Assistant coach of the year award that Rex won in 2008. The question becomes who would they hire that would be an upgrade? Firing coaches doesn't make things better in and of themselves. You have to find a better replacement.
  4. End of the day the record is the responsibility of the coach and no 1-5 isn't a great result. But I also can't think of better coaching moves Bowles could have done, that would have changed this outcome. Let's be real half of these games so far were Ls when they drew up the schedule. The Jets never win At KC or At PIT. That's bigger than Bowles.
  5. Untrue. Belly makes 7.5 mil. Brady got a 28 million dollar signing bonus. They play games with Brady's salary but it's all bonus.
  6. I do the same with you but it's just a folder full of animated gifs.
  7. If Coaches were so important, why do QB's make 10x more? Money talks. Bellichek was just a failed retread until Brady came along. What's the worst coach in Jets history? Kotite? Give Kotite a QB like Peyton Manning and he'd be a winning coach.
  8. I don't think that's accurate. Tanny's handling of the Revis' situation was atrocious.
  9. mauldin's been playing all sorts of snaps he's done nothing. in fact all this talk about Bowles, i'm wondering if Mac "Take Christian Hackenberg 5 rounds too early" isn't a worse problem.
  10. This is a decent point. If the tickets were easier to afford, more would be exposed to that feeling of a live game. It's not the only reason tv ratings have gone down but certainly doesn't help.
  11. what resources? Mike Catapano? Marcus Williams? Maybe Sheldon is a better OLB or CB than both of those bums. Revis does look like garbage but again it's not like a better coach would make him great again. Coaches need their big money players play like big money players or the whole thing falls apart.
  12. Well, was I wrong? Did firing those coaches win the Super Bowl? I stand by those statements. Somewhere along the way Jets fans accepted firing people as a substitute for winning. As if I'm not happy, NO ONE'S going to be happy. It's a NY thing. But it doesn't actually improve anything. Maybe if Rex had time to build a program like Marvin Lewis or Bill Cowher, we'd be 4-2 like the Bills instead of 1-5 with yet another new coach. End of the day I don't think coaches do as much as people think. They set the tone. They give speeches. But coaches coach and players play. Give the worst HC in the league the best QB in the league and that team will win a ton of games. If that wasn't true, by the way, if coaches really were that important, they'd make more than a special teamer. side note the one time it was true, that coaching really made a difference, it was Parcells, he had Belly and 10 other future HC's on the staff. That was a lightning strike. Most coaches aren't that influential on the outcome.
  13. Until recently Millennials weren't bigger part of the population than Boomers. But it happened, in 2015 Put it another way this group of people love to binge watch and stream tv shows rather than going out to bars. but you can't binge watch the NFL in real time. It drip drip drips 30 minutes of action out over 3 hours. Young people won't sit around for that crap like previous generations. Maybe for the Super Bowl where they can live tweet it or whatever.
  14. coaches coach and players play. What are we supposed to believe, that the Jets would be awesome, if only they had a different coach? Yeah, right. BY the way, the roster has been riddled with injuries to key players. Revis, Decker, Breno, Harris. This week Mangold and Clady didn't practice.
  15. We are all die hard fans and too close to see the real reason. Die hard fans watch even when the refs stink and even when their team stinks. It's not the protests or the refs. It's not even the penalties or the overexposure. This thread is 4 pages long and no one's mentioned that people (ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE) aren't watching TV anymore this thread is about TV ratings, well what happens when everyone under 35 stops watching TV in real time? theres no growth in appealing to the 50-64's or the 65's and up. All the growth is in the millennials. the Atlantic had a great article but this is the future happening in real time. The NFL remains the big fish in the TV pond but they won't be able to get all those billions in tv contracts when the tv pond keeps shrinking