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  1. I found the stats: Hack has performed well not just in Yankee Stadium but in Metlife too Christian Hackenberg ’s first ever college start in 2013 took place at his new home — MetLife Stadium. He led the Nittany Lions to a 23-17 win over Syracuse, throwing for 278 yards and two touchdowns. The following season, he threw for 371 yards and four touchdowns in a 31-30 Pinstripe Bowl victory over Boston College at Yankee Stadium. Seems he already feels comfortable at home.
  2. of all the throw away taken out of context stats the team has pushed about Hack, the one that resonates with me is Hack's stats in the tri-state area he was the MVP of the Pinstripe Bowl (dec 30th outside vs Boston College) and maybe more than once against Rutgers. I'm too lazy to look it up but he did well. compared that to Geno Smith who looks amazing every time he's in Miami playing in the Orange Bowl (even in the pros) but sh*t his pants for 2 safeties during his Pinstripe bowl appearance. obviously, we all know that scouting prospects isn't an exact science. But verifying that a player has the ability to perform a certain set of conditions, that is similar to your professional team's conditions is at least something.
  3. Gailey: Giant Steps for Geno

    No other teams want Geno either. sh-t even the Jets don't want Geno. They drafted Petty in rd 4 and Hack in rd 2 those aren't the move of a franchise who believes in Geno Smith.
  4. if the Jets keep 9 total linebackers Catapano has a shot for the last spot. I wouldn't call him a lock though. It will come down to special teams for those last few spots, not who plays a better defense. Overall I really like the color scheme original poster, nice work To nitpick, I would argue that Amaro and Milliner are not deserving of their light green status. Neither were drafted by this FO and neither contributed last year. We could say the same about Geno Smith.
  5. Claim Zach Mettenberger

    Geno Smith is the worst QB on the roster right now, I fully believe that, starting experience be damned. But as for Mett, he's a good ole boy who doesn't fit in NY from a culture standpoint. He needs to stay in Nascar country.
  6. Revis not only created turnovers he created game winning turnovers. But even if what you say is true, there's no way of defending the way the Jets handled the Revis situation. He won the SB with Bellichek two years after being traded. Meanwhile the Jets drafted Dee Milliner. And then gave Revis the money anyway. Total hack job.
  7. it's absolutely true. The draft is such a crapshoot. When you find a difference maker, pay and keep him.
  8. not unfairly either Jets fans who think the team will have a great year forget that the QB is the most important position. Or alternatively, they hope that that Geno, Petty or Hack will somehow be good in 2016. That dog doesn't hunt. They are a good team but with no starting QB they aren't doing jack squat.
  9. Checkdown to Touch down

    I can't wrap my head around a world where Geno Smith is the "safe play." If Geno Smith starts the safe play is to stop watching the Jets.
  10. the Jets have had a long tradition of claiming an open competition and then anointing a QB. They did it with Sanchez, they did it with Geno, and I'm not holding my breath for these guys to do the right thing.
  11. datone jones is a pretty good player actually. but I guess they don't need him and Kenny Clark (both UCLA DL)
  12. they aren't the only ones the team is totally screwed if Geno Smith is the starter. totally 100% screwed.
  13. they aren't related they are analogous. i'll say it again just because we want Geno to be good (and likely will spend the next 6 months convincing ourselves he has a chance) that doesn't mean it's true.
  14. Jets fans convincing themselves that Geno will be good is like Pats fans convincing themselves that their team doesn't actually cheat. It's a blind spot. There's a huge difference between what we want to be true and what's actually true.
  15. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    there are no QBs on the roster better. So it's a moot point.