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  1. it's still fairly early. I predict this dude will get some kind of charge
  2. I don't understand how someone could shoot an unarmed man, murder him in the street, and be released without charges the next day.
  3. sad news RIP Joe McKnight
  4. You said it yourself he's started 114 games that's the dictionary definition. That and several teams paid him starter level money, before the season began (i.e. taking injuries out of it). Looking back, he's more of a starter than Sanchez or Geno. Is he good, hell no but he starts.
  5. The steelers go out and score. but Sanchez didn't respond until the second half. You can't go the SB with an offense that doesn't show up. As for him being better than Fitz that's wishful thinking. Geno isn't better either. Fitz is hugely flawed but he's a starter and those other guys aren't.
  6. he didn't make plays in the Pit game until they were down by double digits. On the road, that's not enough. If there were any doubt about this player, his career post NY should erase any doubt: Mark Sanchez sucks.
  7. another one I mean. Let's be real. Why should we expect this outcome? Based on what evidence? Every year they don't contend, Jets fans treat it like a big surprise. If the team were loaded and still bad, sure that's on Bowles. But this roster is putrid and was struck by major injuries especially on offense (Decker, Clady, Mangold). He's a coach he's not a miracle worker.
  8. Spoiler alert There's a very real chance the Jets will never win a Super Bowl, no matter who the coach is.
  9. Rex Ryan is the all time playoff winningest coach the Jets have ever had. It's a sad statement but it's true nonetheless. The guy literally broke the records here and the Jets tossed him into the trash. I'll ask yet again why would a so called awesome coach with all sorts of experience want to coach in a place where the expectations are super high?
  10. you are still looking at it from a Jets-only perspective. I'll ask again why would these HC's (non rookies) who have options, want to take this job? Money presumably isn't going to be enough as a guy with options can get money anywhere. And if the job is in Florida he doesn't pay income tax.
  11. it's entirely feasible. I don't think Rex deserved to be fired or Bowles. Coaches coach and players play. Give either of these guys good players and they look like good coaches.
  12. looking at that play the Steelers rushed 6 for 5 blockers there's definitely someone open. Sanchez couldn't beat the blitz that's on Sanchez. You talk about the 9 minute drive ok and what does Sanchez do right after that? Nothing. They couldn't put up points until the 2nd half bottom line you can't go to Super Bowl by not using the QB and hiding him. The QB had to make plays and he didn't.
  13. Bowles beat Rex, this season. It's one of their 3 wins.
  14. literally on this planet Rex is 14-13 and Bowles are 13-14 in the last two seasons.