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  1. Is Geno a leader? Let's look at the evidence. He once called a media member a d--khead when asked for an interview. Source: NY Daily News He was once punched in the face by a defender, whom he stiffed for 600$. Revis and others say they are disspointed with on both players. Source: NY Daily News. He missed team meetings in SD to go to a movie (before they got blown out and he was benched). Source: NY Daily News. He hurled obscenities at a Jets fan after the Lions' loss. Source: NY Daily News. He recorded his very own buttfumble. Source: Well, look for yourself. Got caught Facetiming his junk to a nursing student. Source: NY Daily News. Kicked off a Virgin America flight for not hanging up his cell phone. Source: NY Daily News. He threw a hissy fit in NYC when he didn't get drafted in the first round and threatened to leave before round 2. Source: Scouts report he is not a leader. Source: Yahoo Sports He reportedly spent most of his time in pre-draft visits texting on his phone. Source: NY Daily News He big timed the Senior Bowl, believing he was too good for the event. Source: Hail WV. He recorded not one but two safeties in the snowy Pinstripe Bowl, adding to the idea that he plays poorly in inclement weather. Source: SB Nation.
  2. other teams have training camp battles but this year, the Jets do not. Their five starters are basically set, except for injury. There is a chance Breno could be cut to fit in Fitz but other than that...
  3. If I were Fitz' agent, looking at the competition (Geno, Petty, Hack), there's no way I'd agree that Fitz will be backup in year 2. It's not like they drafted Marcus Mariota. There's no sure things among the bunch. The Jets want a 2017 starter on backup money, which is what they had in 2015 when Fitz won 10 games.
  4. according to it's more like 7.5 Mil cap space freed up by the deal (more than Cimini's 5.7 number) If that's true they are a Decker/Mangold restructure and/or a Breno cut away from having the starting QB back.
  5. He's not getting younger.
  6. Petty was sort of a throw away pick but Hack in rd 2 wasn't. You don't take a position in rd 2 if its not a problem.
  7. drafting Petty and Hack and signing Fitz before last season all point to a front office that has zero faith in Geno Smith. So far, they've basically done everything they can to avoid this outcome.
  8. this just in Fitz signs with the Pats for vet minimum, in unrelated news he finds thousands of shares of Gillette in his mailbox with no return address.
  9. this just in Fitz started a company called Fitzpatrick's Beard Trimmers, they are the official beard trimmers of the Patriots, all the season ticket holders must buy at least one trimmer in 16-17, and his salary is veteran minimum.
  10. it's almost like the Pats are a franchise that cares about winning football games. Haven't they heard of the salary cap?
  11. to add my 2 cents to this debate (like you've all been waiting for that) i actually agree with the OP. If cutting Geno saves 1 dollar this is 1 dollar better spent. He's not good and he will never be good. Keeping him on the roster only invites the chance that he might play. And nothing good can come of that.
  12. id rather be a fan of a stagnant franchise at 10-6 than a dynamic franchise that loses games under a cheaper QB.
  13. that's like my dream of when the Pats cut Jimmy Garappolo and we can eat baked ziti together.
  14. if Geno Smith had Fitz' ability to make quick decisions he'd be that Pro Bowl type. There's a reason why he fell from probable 1 overall pick to the 2nd round.