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  1. in this scenario is Julia Roberts the place kicker?  Cause if so, we're going to need a bigger mouth guard. 
  2. when we talk about the cap and "cap hell" it's news like this why there is no cap hell. Since the new CBA the cap goes up every damn year. And not by like a little, it's been like 10 million each time. 
  3. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Gurley's injury was only an ACL and he was ready for Week 5 or so of his rookie year. Smith is an ACL and LCL and could miss the entire rookie season
  4. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    I don't care how good he is, a speed edge player with that severe of an injury shouldn't be in the conversation until round 2. 
  5. the use of the word "uppity" is regrettable    throughout history, anyone who has used that word was both wrong, and an a$$hole. It's a scientific fact. 
  6. believe it or not David Harris averages like 4 sacks a year from the ILB position
  7. Trading Richardson

    sorry only 1 suspension but at least 2 if not 3 violations of the league's substance policy. Not counting the Missouri Grand Prix he competed in 2015. 
  8. Trading Richardson

    no one's giving a 1st round pick for a player with 2 suspensions and a 3rd still pending. 
  9. yeah and that was all he had for that day.  What's the other explanation the coaches saw a 58 yard run and thought 'you know, what we should do is not run Ivory anymore'
  10. they probably wanted to see what he could do, he gets his 1 carry and his body didn't respond. It's not like they had a bunch of better options. 
  11. Ivory was not effective in the last three weeks of the season. He clearly needed rest to heal his various injuries (including hamstrings). Blaming Bowles for not playing him more neglects the fact he avged 2.8 ypc against Dallas and 3.5 ypc against NE.   He hadn't had a TD since November vs MIA.
  12. Weigh In On D'Brick D'Bate

    Long term replacements come from the draft. Starters come from free agency and they cost money. Tons of money.  Even "instant starter" draft guys like top 5/10 LT usually take a year or two to settle into the job, even if they play day 1.  if the Jets had invested a long term project a few years ago it would be no problem to cut Brick. My problem isn't that Brick is damn great it's that they have no alternatives. Signing Mitchell Schwartz and moving him to LT is ludicrous. It's not a solution it's a prayer. 
  13. it is an interesting comparison but it should also be noted that OTs and pass rushing OLBs have different speed requirements.   Ogbuehi wasn't exactly spry before the injury. He's a power slob like Andre Smith who they drafted Ogbuehi to replace
  14. fwiw they are comparing the injury and recovery time to Bengals OT Cedric Ogbuehi. He went 21st last year. He was not cleared for practice until mid-November.