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  1. Jetlag added a post in a topic Zac Stacy Traded to Jets (MERGED)   

    I had him on my fantasy team  for a little last year so I paid attention to him also.  He completely disappeared but not sure why although I should remind people of who his OC was.
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  2. Jetlag added a post in a topic Zac Stacy Traded to Jets (MERGED)   

    More valuable then any other 7th rounder we were going to select.
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  3. Jetlag added a post in a topic Woody Johnson likely to cave to pressure, fire Idzik: NFL execs   

    This is more than just Idzik and Rex, if they're going to clean house, then do it completely.  Terry Bradway should get the boot right along with them.  The whole scouting department needs a revamp.  
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  4. Jetlag added a post in a topic Moving forward (things we need to see thread)   

    The red zone offense obviously has been discussed ad nauseum.   Specifically within 5 yards, if you're going to throw the ball, then use Geno's and the offenses STRENGTH'S.  Yes I know they are few but running the ball with Ivory is one and if you do want to throw than WHY aren't they using a BOOT??? If I have to see this offense sitting in the gun one more time within the 5 yard line I'm going to lose my s*** on Mourniweg.  
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  5. Jetlag added a post in a topic Wilkerson left off of PFF's top 101 list for 2013 performance   

    Can we stfu about how good Mo is until he renews his contract?  
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  6. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

     Enunwa was insurance for the Saunders and Evans picks.  He is hoping even just one of them pans out.  Clearly WR was need-based, I wouldn't dispute that.  Idzik took a shotgun approach to the position because he went quality else where (and I agree with it).  That said if all 3 WR's produce nothing in the NFL it will certainly not be forgotten by both critics and fans alike.  For his sake (and potentially his job down the line) and ours, let's hope that we get some production from those guys.
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  7. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    Thanks Matt, I've relegated my Jets forum time to lurking-only for the past year or 2.  For some reason this was burning me to post.  I should have explained in my intro that by "Success" I meant optimal result and  "Failure" meant unmitigated disaster.  For instance, overall if this class yields 2 starters and 2-3 key depth/ST players I wouldn't call that a failure.  It just wouldn't meet my expectation of success for a draft in which we had 12 opportunities to bring in talent with a talent-rich draft class. 
    I like your starter predictions and that's whom I had in mind, mix in one of the WR's.  It would be a shame if we totally whiffed on WR in this draft.  That would certainly be a black eye for Idzik especially if one of the other WR's he had an opportunity to draft blows up the league. 
    Like all NFL fans, I just really want this QB situation to be solved already.  Can we for once be the franchise with a rock in that position?  I don't see the answer to that question on this roster today, unfortunately.
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  8. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    But what about on a quantifiable level would you consider it successful?  2 players are good? All players good?  I was laying out what I thought it would take for this class to be considered a success.
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  9. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    Success being best case and failure being worst case scenario as I see it.
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  10. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    The author has been drinking rum.
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  11. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    It's not far-fetched the way I see it: Pryor, Amaro, one of the 3 WR's, Dozier, then one of the other 6 guys.
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  12. Jetlag added a post in a topic This draft be a success if...   

    bump for the edit
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  13. Jetlag added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    This draft be a success if...
    John Idzik's draft is receiving varying grades from fans and analysts but as we all know you can't determine a draft immediately.  You need at least a 2-3 year span for it to marinade.  The Jets had 12 selections this year and made sure to use every single one of them to the chagrin of some fans and even one beat writer.  Here's what it will take for this draft to be a resounding success.
    1) Calvin Pryor: A Big Hit
          For years if not decades we've seen safeties come and go.  Some of which have left an imprint ala the Victor Green's or finished their distinguished careers (Lott, Atwater) but we have never had that stud from day 1 come in and change the attitude of the Jets secondary.  Bryan Thomas is famous for one reason and it's not his play on the field.  The question all Jets fans have is "When will we get our Ed Reed*?" 
          Enter Calvin Pryor.  It would seem all the ingredients are in place for this young man.  He has the physical tools, which include the frame and range necessary.  He has the highlight reel, chock-full of challengers laying on their backs seeing stars after they ran into this brick wall.  He has the mentality, eating and breathing aggressive play and determination.  Will that translate to the NFL though?  That remains to be seen.
    Success: All-pro Safety and quarterback of the secondary for years.
    Failure: Journey man...or worse
    2) The Trio
         I know I speak for all Jet fans if I equate our pass offense to a dumpster full of fish guts in a back alley of Chinatown.  The group of wide receivers the Jets march out on the field for years could make one feel as if they ate some of those fish remains.  Nothing flashy, nothing splashy.  It would leave any NFL fan limp.  We need that Viagra.  Something to get us juiced up for Sunday's.
         John Idzik has decided the best way to get that injection is with a full blown "wide open" competition.  Where you can have any flavor of wide out you like just none of the delicacies.  This of course has left some with a bad taste.. but dessert is not over.  This years draft was one of the deepest at WR in a long time if ever and Mr. Idzik is attempting to use that to his advantage.  There is logic to this thought process, which is a good thing to see from your general manager.  He snagged 3 receivers to try to spackle over the holes in this offense.  
        -Jalen Saunders, the first selection of the group, could fit that speedster stretch the field type that OC Mornhinweg seems to covet.  Desean Jackson is too lofty of an expectation.  I think Az Hakim is more comparable possibility.  The special teams he can provide could end up being his best contribution.
        -Shaq Evans, selected in the same round, seems like the most conventional of the group.  He has above average speed, size and hands if he can turn any of these from above average to excellent then the Jets could be looking at a bonafide wideout.  At his ceiling we could be looking at Anquan Bolden, which all of us would sign up for.
       -Quincy Enunwa seems to be an insurance policy.  He is a similar WR to Evans and had the production at the NCAA level to possibly evolve in the NFL.  If he intends on sticking, his Special Teams skills better stick out.
    Success:  At least one of these three has to transform into a legit NFL starter where 800-1000 is consistent yearly production all while another is a special teams ace.  2 out of 3 ain't bad in this case.
    Failure:  All 3 are working on their real estate license in the next years.
    3)  Dexter McF---ingDougle
        Ugh...Ok I will keep this short and sweet.  This is a watermark selection for this front office.  They clearly went out on a limb and chose "our" guy.  A kid who had a decent projection going into his last season and then only played 3 games (productively I'll admit) is not whom who typically spend a 3rd rounder on.  We are in need of good to great cornerback play.  Say what you want about the front 7, Rex's defense historically rely on that secondary with emphasis on isolated CB play.
    Success:  At the least, starting nickelback this year (making Wilson expendable) and then ascension into a nice #2 hopefully being paired with a come of age #1 in Milliner.
    Failure:  Special teamer/ JAG
    4) The Rest
       There are some real bright spots that can play themselves out with the 2014 class.  The Jets grabbed some value in a playmaking new mold tight end that could project to be a 50-60 rec/year guy.  A big tough-nosed guard that has potential to be a starter this year and some rotational defensive help that can keep some of our key guys fresh and and hopefully supplant or replace the current starters in the next few years.
    Success:  The Jets need Amaro to be top 12 TE end that he projects out to be as well as 1 more of this group to be a starter.  It wouldn't hurt if the rest become key depth/special teams players.
    Failure:  Idzik strikes out big and none of these guys pan out a long with Amaro turning into a long line of failed TE projects for the Jets.
    Success: 4-5 starters with 1-2 of those starters being pro-bowl caliber.  Along with 2-3 reliable depth and special teams players. 
    Failure:  We have a roster full of turds
    Wild Card:  Tajh Boyd becomes a stud QB.  Which then makes everything above null and void.   
     *this graybeard version excluded
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  14. Jetlag added a post in a topic Andrew Luck   

    Sssshhhh, my fantasy team needs him for 4 more weeks than he can smoke as much ganja as he pleases.
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