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  1. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    The best advice to Jets fans regarding Bryce Petty is..forget about Bryce Petty.  He's just one seed maybe he blooms into something or maybe not but the Jets need to plant a few more and play the odds.
  2. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Well his statement is a little ambiguous so I could be wrong but I'm hoping I'm not.  That all being said, I think we find out what he feels about Petty during the 2016 draft.  If we snag a qb in the first or 2nd then I'd imagine they don't see Petty as any more than a #2. 
  3. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Here's  No offense but this comment right here is what I hate most about football.  In EVERY other sport, kids have a developmental league they can learn their craft in before playing with the big boys.  Hell, in hockey and baseball a kid can be a top 10 pick and not be seen for 3 years.  More often than not that development is incredibly important and leads to a successful player. While I can understand that in a number of positions players can jump right from college to the pro's (like RB, OG..etc) in other positions kids, and that is who we are talking, need some time.  The Broncos have had Osweiler sitting behind Peyton and while he has some bright spots he needs probably one more offseason.  Look at Cousins, sitting behind RG3, it helped him.  Or McCarron. Or Rodgers (the poster child). So maybe being good enough to be the #2 in 2016 is a big enough step and then 2017-2018 we are finally staring at franchise QB.  At the point if Maccagnan has done his job there will be a young talented roster built around the QB position giving him the best chance to be successful. Now that's the glass half full POV but if that's this FO's vision then it's a vision I can get behind especially if we can get Fitz back and make a playoff run or 2.
  4. I believe the word you are looking for is "jobbers".
  5. I started to do this statistical analysis awhile back on taking all of the spreads for every week and then compared it to who received more penalties over the course of a year, underdogs or favorites.  The season I did it for (2010 I think) showed that over the course of the year favorites were penalized more than dogs.  Now wouldn't logic say that favorites are the better team, better teams would be less penalized?   I started this because I used to do pick 'ems.  Every year I'd pick all dogs every week for the season for at least 5 seasons.  Every year I was not only above .500 but I was in the top 20% of my league and would win at least one to 2 weeks every year.  Even came in top 5 out of like 70 people one season. Does anyone think that any of this is statistically relevant?  I don't know.
  6. Dangerous Titans Game

    Not that the Jaguars are setting records but they have a legit offense.  Bortles and A-Rob are gonna be an excellent connection for years.
  7. ....Jets still pretenders.

    I'm typically the optimistic type but I don't see us beating the Titans next week.   It's screaming let down game.  This team has consistently started games flat and after overcoming the mountain against the cross town rivals this week I don't see them pulling it together to win.   That being said, they will go on to beat the Cowboys and potentially the Pats and Bills.  So that's my prediction, 3-1, with the loss coming against Tenn.     BTW I think the Giants win their division.
  8. Super Bowl Halftime Show is...

    The NFL will never have an alpha male type Halftime show..EVER.  They'd be stupid to.  You will watch this game no matter what.  They need Denise and the ladies at the water cooler to watch and have something to talk about.
  9. If Fitz can duplicate this season next year (without getting himself killed), sign me up for this scenario.
  10. Chan is certainly not perfect by any stretch but at least he takes shots down the field and has some balls.  After over a decade of conservative play calling with Hackett/Schotty/..etc finally to see a guy who calls pass plays that go past the first down sticks is a huge breath of fresh air.  For now I'll take that.
  11. CHAN GAILEY BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /s
  12. SNF: Patriots @ Broncos

    Kid looks like he might be able to play the league.
  13. SNF: Patriots @ Broncos

    We should feel terrible.
  14. The Players We Didn't Draft

    Pity party cry fests are always fun.  Let's hold hands and share our feelings about how only the worst things happen to us.
  15. Thank god the Jags are horrible.