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  1. Fitz/Marshall for Chase Daniel and a 3rd?
  2. He left it open by saying that Fitz is the QB but he has to talk to the coaches about it.
  3. This is not in context. He SAID Fitz is the starter as of right now BUT he has to talk with the coaches.
  4. Yes to all of this. But no way Petty is starting next week.
  5. So now that I have wasted numerous hours of beautiful sleep I will instead watch the train wreck which will be this post game. At least something entertaining can come out of this.
  6. Yea Petty needs to be under center starting tomorrow.
  7. So is this turnover going to be a pick or fumble?
  8. Oh it's coming, you won't be disappointed. I'm more curious to see whether Brandon is still going down with that ship.
  9. I remember back when I drafted the Jets defense in fantasy. Lol oh that was funny.
  10. Any chance he can find some irregularities in Fitzy's tax return? I'll take that.
  11. Wtf what did I do. Btw if you're that strong how quick can you get to Arizona? I might have a few people for you to abuse.
  12. Are we really being subjected to Larry Fitzgerald PRACTICE video.
  13. Just to let you all know...Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to be benched. You have been warned.
  14. I hate you Ryan Fitzpatrick. You have done something I never would've imagined. I want Geno playing QB for this team.