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  1. BaumerJet added a post in a topic Jets Fly in London, Win 27-14 Over Dolphins   

    Ok, it's official - the Dolphins were "JETS-LAGGED" by our defense, especially in the 4th quarter...
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  2. BaumerJet added a post in a topic What's on the menu for this Sunday?   

    A man after my own heart.
    For me it's going to coffee, bagel, LOX, cream cheese And tomato slices.
    If I could still have the alcohol - these days if it wasn't due to diabetes I'd be having strawberries and cream instead.
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  3. BaumerJet added a post in a topic Fitz Playing Like Crap   

    Besides, it didn't help that the Jets defense, especially the run defense, looked like an open gate.
    Even the special teams at times looked like a drunken prom date -They were spread all over.
    Also, it didn't help that our only truly eligible wide reciever (Brandon Marshall) caused the two major turnobers that led to 14 unanswered points.
    So I guess everybody's right, it was Fitzpatrick's fault...
    ( sarcasm, it's such a lost art.)
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  4. BaumerJet added a post in a topic Most of you guys are blaming the wrong people!   

    Do you really want to know why we lost....

    F'N Jonah Hill was at the game!
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  5. BaumerJet added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###   

    OK we've gone from c********** to fubar!
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  6. BaumerJet added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###   

    24 - 0
    And we're cluster****ed! 
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  7. BaumerJet added a post in a topic JN Survival pool - I set one up for us. free   

    Well, Jif - 50% are now out.
    I may be next - I took Miami....
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  8. BaumerJet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    IF YOU HAVE TONY ROMO IN YOUR FANTASY TEAM, it's time to trade...
    Tony Romo suffers fractured left clavicle
    By Chris WesselingAround the NFL WriterPublished: Sept. 20, 2015 at 06:33 p.m. Updated: Sept. 20, 2015 at 06:55 p.m. One week after losing Dez Bryant to a foot fracture, the Dallas Cowboys may be without their franchise quarterback.
    Tony Romo fractured his left clavicle in the third quarter of Sunday's game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, the team announced.
    Romo landed on the shoulder during a strip sack by linebacker Jordan Hicks. He stayed down for a few minutes before heading to the locker room for X-rays.
    The 35-year-old quarterback previously broke his left clavicle in Week 7 of the 2010 season.
    With Romo sidelined, Brandon Weeden will take control of a Cowboys offense that has relied upon a short passing game to control time of possession.
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  9. BaumerJet added a post in a topic NFL week 2 - BLOWOUTS (so far)   

     Cardinals 48 - Bears 23
    Steelers 43 - 49ers 18
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  10. BaumerJet added a post in a topic I can't decide who I want to win Sunday- Bills/Pats   

    Stick this one with a fork ladies,
    Patriots 37 - Bills 19.
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  11. BaumerJet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    NFL week 2 - BLOWOUTS (so far)
    Cardinals 47 - Bears 23
    Patriots 37 - Bills 13
    Steelers 43 - 49ers 18
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  12. BaumerJet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Did anyone try any of these new food items yesterday at the stadium?
    LOOK: Jets unveil absurdly huge 'Jumbo Jet' sausage, bagel and pretzel
    By Mike Freedman / producer September 13, 2015 11:17 AM ETWeek 1 of the 2015 NFL season means one thing: New and improved stadium food items. Or, in the case of the Jets, stadium food seemingly portioned to feed a whole 747 of Jets fans. 
     The New York Jets and Delaware North SportServices unveiled their "Jumbo Jet" food items on Sunday at MetLife stadium. These items can be found at the Jets Experience and are available during the pregame festivities at the stadium. All items are centered around the fan tailgate experience and are made to feed 4-6 people, but if you are like me or my colleague Dave Richard, you can attempt to tackle them by yourself.Let's take a look at the new "Jumbo" menu items:
    Jumbo Jet Sausage: This sausage sandwich is almost a yard long. It begins with a 24-inch heavy sponge Italian roll. It is then filled with 1 pound of chicken sausage that has been cooked, shaved lengthwise, and seared again on a flat top, much like a cheese steak would be cooked. Add on a 28-inch 1-pound custom made Premio Italian Sausage, topped with a half pound of spicy Guinness beer cheese. Finish it off with a pound of caramelized onions and cabbage kraut, and a half pound of crumbled spicy chorizo. This sandwich wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of JET FUEL, our signature spicy green chimichurri, for the guests to add at their own willl.

    The Jumbo Jet Sausage. (Provided by NY Jets)
    Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel: This would be a monstrous, oversized 10-inch everything bagel. It comes with a triple patty or half pound of Taylor Ham, a 1-pound Spicy Chorizo patty, and a 1-pound Breakfast Sausage patty, topped with four fried eggs, four slices of American cheese, and potato hash. Of course, the bagel is served with a bottle of JET FUEL as well and served whole.

    The Jumbo Jet Bagel. (Provided by NY Jets)
    Jumbo Jet Pretzel: A Bavarian style pretzel, meant to be served in a pizza box with a half pound of beer cheese, half pound of crumbled chorizo sausage, half pound fried jalapenos, brown mustard and JET FUEL. It is meant to be messy to eat and shared by many.

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  13. BaumerJet added a post in a topic My thoughts and prayers to Lorenzo Mauldin   

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Jets linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin, who was knocked unconscious Sunday against theCleveland Browns and taken to a local hospital after a frightening fourth-quarter pile up, was awake with feeling in his extremities at the conclusion of medical tests, according to a team spokesman.
    Mauldin was diagnosed with a concussion, but there was no neck injury, the spokesman said. The initial announcement said he left the game with head and neck injuries.
    Teammates said Mauldin was unconscious on the field in the fourth quarter. He was strapped to a spinal board and was taken off on a golf cart to a waiting ambulance.
    Coach Todd Bowles and players said they saw "very little movement" from Mauldin, who was down for five minutes before he was transported.
    Mauldin got caught at the bottom of a pile on a fumble return in the fourth quarter of the Jets' 31-10 winat MetLife Stadium. Several bodies fell on his head, pinning it to the turf. He rose to his feet for a couple of seconds, but crumpled to the ground.
    The stadium fell eerily silent as the training staff and emergency personnel tended to Mauldin. No fewer than 10 people stood over him, carefully moving his body to the spinal board.
    Several teammates stood nearby, many of them on one knee, praying.
    "I was really scared," wide receiverBrandon Marshall said. "I saw him get up and try to take a couple of steps and he just collapsed right in front of me. It was scary."
    Safety Calvin Pryor said Mauldin was unresponsive.
    "It's tough, man," said Pryor, who was also Mauldin's teammate at Louisville in 2013. "I went out there to check on him. He still had his eyes closed at the moment. I wasn't able to say anything or get a response. I'm just praying for the best at this moment."
    Running back Chris Ivory said "it looked like his eyes kind of rolled into the back of his head, eyes closed. He didn't look to be doing so good at that time."
    Mauldin, a third-round draft pick, is popular among teammates because of his upbeat personality and determination. He spent most of his childhood in Atlanta without his parents, bouncing around to at least a dozen foster homes with his brother.
    On the night he was drafted, Mauldin was so overcome with emotion that he cried on a conference call with reporters.
    Mauldin missed the last three preseason games with a sprained knee, but he was active for the opener as a situational pass-rusher and special-teams player.
    "He was running around, doing some good things, and for him to go down like that, first, your heart goes out to him and his family," Bowles said. "After that, it goes out to his teammates. You just hope he's not seriously hurt."
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  14. BaumerJet added a post in a topic week 1- blow out - so far   

    Lions 21 - chargers 3
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