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  1. It was 1985, Channel 4 started showing American Football in the UK. And in a hotel lounge in Largs I was watching tv with my visiting dad. It was Jets V Miami. Jets won, I became a fan. I've stayed loyal ever since.
  2. AC/DC

    Don't debate, GO! Especially if you have never seen them live. I missed them this time but saw them back in 2001. Great live show.
  3. Varitek

    An apparent 1y deal has been made but Boras says no. Who knows. Tek is 37, hitting like ****, so I hope he takes the 1 yr, no more. I hear rumblings of Russell Martin, but that may be wishful thinking.
  4. Schaefer

    Pabst Blue Ribbon
  5. Yeah, I've been a wee bit below the radar lately. Think of it as a, "it's not you, it's me" type thing. But I'm still around.
  6. The Morning After

    I am TORCHING Pat fans at work today. Still drunk from lastnight as the local channel blacked it out so ended up at a Portuguese bar in town down Sagres and Portuguese hooch. Phew! I didn't make many friends last night.
  7. Good to have you back! Shame the pats didn't give you a nice welcome!!
  8. Any online sources streaming the game? The local media here amped up that a Boston station was carrying the game only for it to be BLACKED OUT! I'm stuck at home listening to Sirius, but I want video! Lil help!?
  9. Look what I found!

    Great post, Bob! I remember this one. Halcyon days!
  10. IT'S time for the JETS to make a statement

    Biggest game for the Jets in quite some time. LET'S GO!!!
  11. After feeling kicked in the nuts not making this game in person, I'm now WAY up for this one! Wife is out, if I can get the kid down to bed in time then I'm all good to go!!

    I was supposed to go, but things fell through. Makes me wish I was single with no kids at times. Oh well. Enjoy it all who go! UMass's James Ihedigbo (#44) is with the team on special teams. I'll be keeping an eye out for him.
  13. Is This Lame?

    I did a similar thing at Glasgow Uni. But I was 19 and in my second year. Seniors? Kinda lame.