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  1. Do you expect Mahomes to beat out Smith ? At best baring injury he will not see the field till late 2018 season that is a value pick at 6 not for the Jets. Reid needs to be that QB guru and the Jets do not have that type of guru on their staff. Should he have that potential talent it would be waisted with the Jets.
  2. Have no idea as to what offers were on the table, to go from 6 to 27 it would have to have bin better than what the Bills received. Adam's will be a starter from day one has the potential to be a primary player for years to come would you get the same value at 27 most likely not. As for the QB's taken all except Watson most likely will be sitting out just like Hack. Watson may sit also would not expect him to see the field at best till after their bye week.not a value at 6 for me.
  3. Mixon shows an immaturity level that is dangerous on many levels that few organizations can gamble on. Jets are not one of them.
  4. Sapp is one of several who have openly criticized Garrett as a player who has made only limited use of his talent. Could he be Gholston with a brain?
  5. Did you mention no AL or NL divisional playoff, how about reading box scores in the Newspaper ( what's a Newspaper) the next day?
  6. Bills 4 consecutive SuperBowl appearances a distant second to Pats
  7. Wonder if there is a way to evaluate the number of 1st round bust players to the cap and non cap eras. Just my opinion but money has played a big part in this. Not just what rookies are paid but where those players fall into team needs along with their money.
  8. Yes BPA can be simplistic and the can be made viable when there is a major drop in talent between that of BPA and that of the need player. In the case of the Jets there are so many areas of need that the player chosen very well could be the BPA. D-line does not appear to be an area of need so the falloff between Best DB, LB, and any number of offensive position would not be that great if at all. The Jets going BPA is an undisputed option this year. The disputes are over just who that player is when so many have a projected talent level so close.
  9. A player worthy of a second contract and could be considered one of the top 3 at his position for 5 or 6 years. Give me that player regardless of position and it is a worthwhile pick.
  10. But but but Hack has no real rating on Maden so how could he be any good. So there is your rational of zero upside to Hack. Till I see on the field little to no promise from from Hack I will give Mac a pass on the pick. He has brought in a youth movement not given out contracts with long term cap implications swings for the fences in year one, year 2 saw things fall apart and is cleaning house let's wait and see how the rebuild progress will it show promise I believe so
  11. Call it the Dee Millner syndrome but Fournette scares me players with health issues have not been very successful when drafted
  12. From day 1 Hack was never in the equation. Fans were basically told not to expect anything from him he was drafted for what he might become with work. Mac will be vindicated or crucified for the pick following this season. I for one was able to live with the pick last season it is time now for a Hack to step up and vindicate Mac for picking him or get released. Not saying he needs to be the starter (would like to see it) but show growth with even more potential moving forward.
  13. As a LB he most certainly is. As a D lineman he is a reliable to dominate player and that is the context of my opinion.
  14. The pick would make Richardson expendable for the right price. He is somewhat a liability both on and off the field. Off field his issues are well documented on the field it is more the fact that he will have to be paid. His new price tag will be high and eat up cap dollars. Jets would have a cheaper and possibly as talented replacement.
  15. With your Pizza?