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  1. Redemption for Gordon?

    The guy has a lot to prove and is a total risk. For a team trying to build through the draft all picks are valuable even when trying to move up for a player you may like in round 4-5 and 6. Will they have Gordon’s talent no at the same time they will not have his baggage should he falter
  2. The Petty injury played into the McCown decision. McCown has been adaquit so far and in my opinion done nothing to warrant losing his job.
  3. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Can not accept a tanking philosophy. I support the players and want to see them reap the rewards for their efforts. These young men need to feel the support of the fans not the ridicule of them for doing their best and winning as many games as possible. When fans vocal about tanking the are undermining their efforts.
  4. Gang Green SQUISHED. THE. FISH!

    Living in South Florida I am so pleased with this win. The thought of having to listen to thir fans in person and on Sorts talk radio was a depressing thought also. Having to read their mocking reports in print was something I was not looking forward to. All I can say is J-E-T- S JrtsJets
  5. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Are you staying with your niece or the horses?
  6. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Glad everyone is safe. Power out here in Boca but all in al dogged a bullet.
  7. Thanks other than power we are good plan on BBQ later
  8. Lost power here will check periodically scores GO JETS!!!!!!'
  9. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Agreed people do need to know, but when all the networks are repeating themselves ever 15 min for thee hours it gets a bit nerve racking and adds to hysteria. Non are reporting anything new until NOAA gives its updates every 3 hours ( 11,2,5,8 ) all the redundant info could be handeled with a scroll with a break in when necessary.
  10. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Stuck with hurricane coverage on all the network channels. Wish at least one would realize some people need a little break from the same reports hour after hour.they have the ability to break in with importation breaking information
  11. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Do grasp the gravity of the situation just comfortable with the preparation and will deal with the resulting outcome. Have always been one that deals with the known no time or desire to be overly concerned with the unknown.
  12. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Jackson is a far better passer than Tebow, but you can say Petriono develops system QB's. Personally would rate him a project with positive potentiall
  13. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    In south Florida and have new neighbors just 2weeks ago. Wife got panicked and the decided to go to friends in St Pete, by latest tack they may have fled into the tenth of the storm
  14. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Thanks Max
  15. Nice Petty article

    To send out Petty on a questionable knee would be negligent. Sure I can not say for sure he is 100% but if he is only at 85% or so and capable of playing that 15% makes it a high risk with low reward in my opinion