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  1. A Top Draft Pick?
  2. Spot on with the assessment. Think you can add that teams that draft these QB's over estimate where they are in their development and expect to much from them as far as carrying the offense. By doing this they have reduced the talent levels around them. Another factor is the desire to be the best or just hit a big payday. NFL rules regarding paying top draft picks has helped reduce this in resent years.
  3. My reply would be based on the offensive line play this season. If play is poor no if adequate yes. I base my argument on how many QB's have had their talent wasted by being exposed as tackling dummies. Even Luck can be placed in this category. And there arguably may have not been a better prospect in resent drafts. Just one persons opinion sure it will differ from many.
  4. Decker will be on the roster if healthy. That's the question so voted probably.
  5. Thought the same thing originally. Then wondered why the Steelers would release him when b Big Ben has made rumblings about retirement. Might have bin a smokescreen from Ben but with continued injury maybe not.
  6. Jets doubled down at safety this draft. If Petty or Hack (possibly both) play themselves out. Jets might double down again in a draft with a stronger QB class.
  7. .Davision 3 Linebacker.Mayock did a 30 min segment on him😀
  8. Look I like what Mac has done since he arrived. One of the main things is a lack of leaks coming out. The information about Smith did not come out till they were ready to announce it. Explains drafting Wr's when other areas needed addressing. Could there be information about the Safety situation we are not privileged to. Just asking.
  9. In sports forever teams and their fans ( sadly will admit myself included) with wins will look the other way and give the benefit of 2nd and 3rd chances. Character guys will often lose out on a dream due to this. More often than not though these same character guys will be afforded other dream due to their character. Hope it is the case for this young man.
  10. Believe Decker will have the opportunity to stick. Should there be any training camp setbacks all bets off and he is gone.
  11. Not sure if they are sold on Johnson as a long term answer but he was serviceable last season. As far as the draft depth at O-line it was poor. No expert but when the top preseason Tackle prospect is preserved as a better guard by many and the top Centers the same it most definitely a weak to non existent class.
  12. Draft is a total crap shoot. In no way can production be graded at this point. Jets have so many holes to fill. Mac drafted a lot of compatition at a number of spot so from a potential perspective this draft was an A. Not every position was addressed but some very talented on paper players were drafted and there will major competition at the positions addressed. Jets are in a rebuild mode. Last year wide receiver and linebackers were addressed this year secondary and wide Recievers again ( Smith injury and Marshall release ). Heck even Tightend was addressed. Not every position is overly talented in the draft and allows for it being addressed. When the compatition level is elevated as it has bin the grade needs to be an A.
  13. Exactly no ownership would allow a GM on his way out to run a draft at the same time what ownership in its right mind would even have him in house. Bills fans must be confused as am I. Entertaining a season with management in such disarray has to be confusing for the players also.
  14. A great many of the posters here are bashing the Jets second round pick. Personally I prefer to be more positive. The Jets have one safety that 75% want gone and a second that at best will be on the pup list (more likely looking at an injury settlement). By most accounts they have potentially one stud and a second at worse very talented. You may not care for the position they play but they are locks for years to come baring injury. There are 22 starters on a team (looking offense and defense only) and with the condition of their roster at the end of last year, they now have in my mind have at least 7 young defensive starters who would be just that for 75% of the league. For me this roster has improved. This draft was defense heavy in talent and Mac drafted to the talent.
  15. Do you expect Mahomes to beat out Smith ? At best baring injury he will not see the field till late 2018 season that is a value pick at 6 not for the Jets. Reid needs to be that QB guru and the Jets do not have that type of guru on their staff. Should he have that potential talent it would be waisted with the Jets.