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  1. Gotta cut Enunwa too. Stopped trying late in the season. Don't need quitters.
  2. I like Miller and Kirwin, but I listened to them doing one of those mocks last season and it was beyond silly. There seemed to be at least a dozen trades in the first round. Couldn't take it seriously.
  3. You have a countdown to Rae Carruth's release date on your computer so you can so you lobby to bring him in too?
  4. Wow...did Mac give McCown a five-year $65 million deal and I missed it?
  5. Yes, it is a fact.
  6. Maccagnans wife heads an anti-DV group. Jets aren't taking him.
  7. Agreed. All this talk about how picking a QB will mean they've given up on Hack, but it could just mean that until they know they have a legit QB, they're gonna' keep drafting them. I have zero issue with that.
  8. Protected the ball and had great numbers w/o great receivers and beat some really good teams. I'd be happy with him as a mid-rounder.
  9. Gottta' like the comps being made from and scout saying Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins.
  10. I believe it was Connor Hughes who asked Bowles if he regretted carrying 4 QB's. At that point, Petty and Geno were out for the season so it was a bit tongue in cheek, but he said something along the lines of "four wasn't enough" or "we should've carried five" with the way things went.
  11. I'm not worried. It was tongue in cheek. I don't think they'll carry 4 either, but I wouldn't completely rule it out.
  12. When asked late in the season if carrying 4 QB's was a mistake, Bowles said they should've carried 5.