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  1. Wait, what do you mean "for a second"? And I'm not kidding...I took the Jets and the over.
  2. Yup...I took the Jets and the over. 34-31, Jets win. Geno throws for 4 TD's, Folk hits the game winner as time expires.
  3. Aside from Brady, what QB plays for less than 1/3 of what he'd be worth on the open market? I just don't see it. Wait, what was I thinking? You tag Geno and get him on the cheap.
  4. They're gonna' have to. Somebody is going to beg Geno to play for $45 mil per season next year but the Jets just won't have that kind of cap space. In that case, you take another QB high in the draft and let him fight it out with Petty and Hack, hoping one of them can be just 1/10th the QB Geno is going to be over course of the remainder of the season.
  5. It seems that the last few years the majority of fans proclaim that there's "nobody worth a first-round pick", but somebody eventually emerges as a very good/great QB. It's early, but you see how Wentz looked in Philly before he lost his RT and got assaulted all day last week and how Prescott has played. Trevor Siemian was the 250th pick 2 years ago and has completed 64.9% of his passes to go with his 7 TD's and 3 INT's in 5 starts. Some QB in this draft, if not a couple, will be better than anything the Jets have had in decades. Only thing we don't know is if the Jets will pick correctly.
  6. You didn't answer the most important part of my going?
  7. None of that matters all that much. He'll have Enunwa as his number two receiver who is faster, more explosive and stronger than Decker. He's not quite the route runner Decker is and his hands are somewhat suspect, but that hasn't been an issue for him this season. We've seen what Quincy can do when he's hit in the open field or in stride which Fitz struggled to do. Geno shouldn't have those problems given his arm strength. The run game is non-existent primarily due to Fitzpatrick. With teams being forced to back of and respect Geno's arm strength, the running lanes will open up along with the short/intermediate routes that teams were clogging with defenders previously. Even if the run game were to struggle for some reason, they can go 5-wide with four guys who run in the 4.4's and put Powell or Forte in the slot to sneak in some underneath stuff. Definitely putting money on the Jets and the over, just now sure how much yet. You gonna' be there?
  8. Nope....just saying that if he does, you can't fairly evaluate his performance. He has no control over the elements.
  9. In all fairness, it's possible to root against a player but for the team. When Jason Taylor was a Jet, I wanted him to get steamrolled on every play, but only if there was going to be somebody in the vicinity to prevent any damage. Its not like we've seen in past weeks with people celebrating losses...that's a totally different thing IMO.
  10. He should never be anywhere close to Fitz's level of play. He's younger, faster, stronger arm, more weapons, etc...
  11. Geno finally gets to start and there's rain in the forecast. Slippery ball might slow him down a bit.
  12. I think he should've kept Geno long enough to get a look st him. Once he was outplayed by Fitz, he should've been kicked to the curb. Adding Glennon would've been fantastic, and might still happen this offseason when Fitz retires and Geno goes to Cleveland.