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  1. What he left out is that he actually shot this deer while he was duck hunting.
  2. I wanted Lynch too, but that was when I thought Gailey might be hanging around to work with him.
  3. I thought Mac's worst move was passing on Paxton Lynch. Having seen Lynch recently, it turns out he he may have been right.
  4. Only one game, but too much of this. I think I counted three missed tackles.
  5. In regards to Hack vs. Petty, whether one guy is playing 2nd stringers and the other is playing 3rd, 4th, 5th stringers, should it matter that much when one guy has consistently done a much better job of going through progressions and putting the ball on target than the other? Petty has been better in every facet.
  6. A couple of his hits were borderline late as well.
  7. I wonder if the Titans would be willing to part with Eric Decker....SMH
  8. Yup, just asked that. I only saw the replay and no RB from that angle.
  9. I didn't see the full play of Hack getting sacked, but Costello just said it may have been on Powell. I only saw the replay and couldn't see the back from that angle. Thoughts?
  10. McCown's' last 32 games

    Yes, of course it is. That's why he got $6 million to play for...who was it again?