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  1. I really hope you'll still be on here when possible Faba. Great poster, great mod, great guy!!
  2. The guy is a Jets fan who has busted his ass to become a huge success. I'm one of those old people who still respects that type of thing. Great job Gary.
  3. Guys get suspended for conduct detrimental w/o any conviction of an actual crime. Being an A-hole in public can be described as reflecting poorly on the club.
  4. Nope. I talked to one of the beat writers about Friend's high rep count during TC and he said he didn't think it was as impressive as most O-linemen because Friend is a stocky guy with very short arms. Still a lot of work to put in.
  5. I've spent over 90% of my adult life living outside of the city/state I was born in, but once the Internet came made possible. Whether I was in Florida, Turkey, England, Korea, Iraq, Korea (again) Qatar or down the road in Baltimore, I always had somewhere to go that allowed me to ponder/discuss/debate/argue the Jets with fellow Jets fans at Thanks, Phil!!
  6. Looks like his kid is a huge Jets fan....future long snapper? Son of former Jets player Dearth makes Jets-themed Valentine's box KRISTIAN DYER share on Facebook share on Twitter Kolton Dearth with his Jets-themed Valentine's Day box. Courtesy photo Photo: Kolton Dearth loves himself some New York Jets to the point that the Valentine’s Box he made for school had a distinctive green and white theme on a day filled with hearts and flowers. Not surprising, given that his father was James Dearth, a former Jets player himself. On Monday night Kolton came to his parents asking for help with a box he had to make to hold Valentine’s cards, a school project for a third grader who already looks like he has a future on the football field. Turns out that Kolton is always bragging about his father, who spent 13 years in the NFL, nine years of which were with the Jets as a tight end and a long snapper. RELATED: A-Rod wins at life The box featured football-themed paper on the outside and a miniature Jets helmet on the inside. James proudly told Metro that his son “actually won first place.” His teacher, James said, is actually a Green Bay Packers fan but didn’t seem to hold the Jets-themed box against his student. Kolton might well be primed for the football field someday, following in the footsteps of a father who enjoyed a long, successful career and became a fan favorite with the Jets. James and his family now live in the Houston area. “He’s a really big guy. Just as tall as his teachers. He’s 5-foot-1, 152 pounds,” James said. “He really wants to play football, he has a desire to. Currently he’s playing baseball, going to hold off on full-contact with him until junior high.” James brags about him, calling him a "straight-A student." Football certainly seems to run in the family as Kolton plays flag football right now. Older brother Kendall Dearth, the 17-year old son of James, is by no means a slouch himself as he is a starter along the offensive line for Atascocita High School, a 6A program in Texas. He was a District 21-6A All-District selection his junior year.
  7. Mayock's top players by position came out and he had him ranked #1 ahead of Williams.
  8. Meh...a few role players with sketchy big deal. Its not like he's giving Geno a contract extension.
  9. I think that's what they're trying to do. Get Clady back for NON-premium money, while they draft somebody to take the job from him at some point in the not-at-all distant future.
  10. As I said, he's not perfect, but we did see him make some plays using a combination of anticipation and speed/burst to make a tackle. I'm not even saying he'll justify the first-round status, but to write him off after one season of so-so production is far too premature, but that's what we do nowadays. Picked in the first round but not perfect? Instant "bust" label. I don't think it helped that he was rarely called upon to get after the quarterback. Why not let him use a combination of his speed and stature/bend to get underneath blockers on the edge to get to the QB? Hoping we see more of that next season. All of that being said...I would've preferred a QB in that spot.
  11. This is the problem nowadays. We're so football obsessed that we put every single play under the microscope and if somebody decides they don't like a player, they ignore anything they do well and only want to talk about any flaws/imperfections in their game. Lee didn't have the impact many of us would have liked last season, but he did some things very well. It's not like the guy showed up and couldn't do anything right. He has some parts of his game that need work, but what rookie doesn't?
  12. Clady had his ups and downs during the time he played this season, but he's still a better LT than anyone else on the roster. Wouldn't be shocked to see the Jets go OT in rd. 2 or 3.
  13. Buy a couple vacation homes in Brugges and Southern France....visit them often.