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  1. Sorry...can only post link right now. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/72324/plenty-of-bad-performances-but-how-bout-those-rookie-safeties
  2. Darron Lee per PFF

    I’d say the last 3-4 weeks, but hair splitting aside, it’s been encouraging.
  3. How many of these teams will the Jets have a better record than when all is said and done?
  4. Buster Skrine per PFF

    No. He was inconsistent, but not completely incapable of covering anyone.
  5. Petty / Hack Timing

    Todd’s not sure if Skrine was bad or not. He’s gotta’ go back and check the film. Also not sure if the sun is hot or not. Gonna’ watch some film on that too.
  6. No need to worry though. Todd Bowles said he wasn't disappointed with his team's performance today, and that Buster Skrine played well last week. CB BUSTER SKRINE, 27.1 OVERALL GRADE Skrine struggled throughout the day, with a number of penalties and he gave up plenty of big plays down the field. Overall he was targeted 7 times, giving up 7 catches for 119 yards 3 touchdowns and a perfect passer rating of 158.3 in coverage. Skrine was beaten for touchdowns on the final two scores for the Dolphins.
  7. LB DARRON LEE, 84.8 OVERALL GRADE The Jets were able to hold the Dolphins running game in check with Darron Lee leading the way. The Jets defense gave up just 2.1 yards per carry for a total of 53 yards, including an astonishing one yard before contact. Lee was shedding interior blocks all day, totaling five solo stops as well as securing a quarterback hit rushing the passer.
  8. Wesley Johnson

    That was some fantastic leadership Bowles showed today. Very impressed.
  9. Wesley Johnson

    Moot point. Bowles doesn’t know how to run a defense yet. He’s about a decade away from addressing the offense.
  10. When a "defensive genius" is losing games because his JAG QB only produced four touchdowns, maybe we need to look at who/what the real problem is.
  11. Todd Bowles....defensive genius.
  12. Sucks to see Skrine getting abused like this. He'd probably played three of his best games each of the past three weeks.
  13. Geno would've been crucified for it because it would have been his 36th boneheaded decision of the day with a pick six or two mixed in.
  14. Needs to be McGuire in that spot.