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  1. :puts down glass of wine on the Southern France rooftop terrace and laughs: Yes, because every GM enters identical situations with the same needs.
  2. I was the same way until I moved to England and saw how chilled out and courteous the other drivers were (outside of london, of course) and realized I was getting all worked up over nothing.
  3. First time around he was cleaning up Idzik's mess of a roster while trying to import some of his guys through the draft. Now his first draft class enters their pivotal third season. I'm looking forward to seeing how those guys come along. I think Leo and Simon will be around for a bit. Petty might be a solid back up and it's a big season for Mauldin unless he really did clock that little guy in Queens. Possible that class results in 3 starters and back-up QB. I think that's more than Idzik accomplished with 19 picks.
  4. All fun in hindsight, but when you're finding replacements for Dimitri Patterson, Ras-I Dowling and that other guy, you gotta splurge. Hopefully Mac sticks to Idzik's theory of "draft a starting player every other year" to get the franchise back on track.
  5. Word...Idzik prolly didn't even sign Dimitri Patterson....vast media conspiracy made it all up.
  6. He's not without flaws,but I'd like them to take a QB every year. Also thought Gailey would hang around for a couple years to work with him.
  7. I know, right. How did he not win a ring with what Idzik left him? Probably didn't even try to bring back Dimitri Patterson to be his no. 1 CB.
  8. Yes, of course. Your optimism and fair-minded approach toward players picked by Mac is well documented. Much in the way you've had so many good things to say about Brandon Shell who was much better at RT than Lynch was at QB.
  9. I wanted Lynch on draft night. Wasn't happy with the Lee pick. Watson, not so much. But if we're going to grade other draft picks the same way we're grading Mac's, Paxton Lynch is a bust. Should prolly pack his bags now.
  10. I'll see if I can't work my way in to some functions over here and let you know.
  11. I know sites need clicks, but enough of this already. Nobody knows if any potential "targets" will even hit free agency.
  12. So happy Idzik passed on this dude to get a longer look at his guy Geno.
  13. To each his own, but I wouldn't say Forte is "done". He's not a feature back, but he and Bilal could be effective if used correctly.