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  1. Personally, I do. I don't think he should be at $10 mil per season, knowing there's a very good chance he's the back-up for one, if not two of those seasons.
  2. Your point is 100% right and I thought about saying something similar, but that falls in to the category of things that have been regurgitated enough times that those who believe it, are going to believe it no matter what. As I said though, spot on. We know Elway called Fitz's people and could have very easily offered $10 million and moved on when Fitzy's people said that wasn't enough.
  3. Exactly. Sad fact about cheating is nobody truly cares unless it works. If somebody cheats on a test and still fails, he gets laughed at. If if cheats and it gets him in to Princeton, people are "outraged". Pats fans are always gonna' point to others to justify their cheating though...also human nature IMO.
  4. From Lopresti...says Jets/Fitz are $5 mil per year apart.
  5. It's the job of the HC to play the best players. Fitz's primary role should be to keep the Jets' competitive while the others learn. If Geno, Petty or Hack look better than him in practice, gotta' give 'em a look and a chance to claim the job. I want Fitz back, but that doesn't mean I don't see the value and importance of having a younger QB with better physical tools get the job at some point. My nightmare scenario is having Pett and Hack learning from Geno. We saw at his presser the other day that he's still got some maturity issues after three seasons.
  6. Really wish this could've been taken care of at a lower price, but glad Fitz will likely be back to mentor the kids and keep the offense's floor much, much, much higher than it would be w/o him. Now if somebody with a higher ceiling outplays him, that would be fantastic.
  7. Yup...Hack is a bigger question mark than Glennon at this point. Perfect world IMO would be draft Hack in 2nd after getting Glennon for a 3rd. Instead, it's between Fitz and Geno (maybe)
  8. Same here....I'd have been thrilled with Glennon for a 2nd rounder.
  9. Jets supposedly called...wish the Bucs asking price was a bit lower.
  10. Players don't seem to mind when other players try to get more money. Think Joe Flacco is disrespected in the locker room because of how much of the cap his deal takes up?
  11. DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING...WINNER!!!!!!! If they're offering him 7x more than Geno, it tells us (well, most of us) exactly what they think of him.
  12. I don't...and that's a real shame because I'm sure that's all it would take. "Dear Mr. Maccagnan, please forget almost everything you have ever seen from Geno Smith on a football field and allow him to start this season. Signed, Jets fans who know QB evaluation better than you and your staff" That should do the trick.
  13. Quick...send a copy of this to Mac so he understands.