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  1. Why? He's 0-3 this season.
  2. A.J. Green having himself a pretty solid season.
  3. We saw a bit of that last season. Leading up to the Oakland game I believe Fitz had been sacked twice, maybe three times, in the first 4-5 games of the season. Geno came in for Fitz and was sacked 3 times in less than one game. In fairness, few first team reps could have contributed....or it may have been Geno being Geno.
  4. Tough to say if it's a fair argument or not. Prior to last week's game, Fitz was number 1 in the NFL in getting rid of the ball in 2.08 seconds, so I'd like to see how the line does when he's holding on to the ball for 3-4 seconds. Same as last season, their sack numbers are low because Fitz gets it out quick. That being said, if he's getting it out quick to the other team, it doesn't do a whole hell of a lot.
  5. So depressing....with all the pick-6's we've had to live through, you kinda forget it doesn't happen several times a year to every single team. Would love to know how many pick-6's the Jets have had over the last ten years as opposed to how many they've allowed.
  6. I think they do a decent job of moving him around back there at times so that probably limits the pressures. They also ran quite a bit last week which would limit pressure as well.
  7. Yep, even with Fitz's quick release, I've been pleasantly surprised with the O-line...especially the right side. Good job keeping it on topic. Far too much to ask a few folks.
  8. Return delayed...
  9. Of Course Fitz having best snap to pass time helps, but none of it will matter much if they keep turning it over.
  10. Gotta' feel for the guy. Got ignored here last season, finally goes to a team that wants to use him correctly but doesn't have a QB who can get him the ball.
  11. True, but my main concern is the Jets D-line up to this point. A lot of what's being said makes sense (mobile QBs/scheme) but I'd still expect a unit that's viewed as "top 3" to find a way to do more than they have up to this point. Top 20, perhaps?
  12. Love that Bowman is sticking through all these moves. I think he's gonna be a good one.
  13. LOL...has a worse song ever been non-stop pounded in to our heads?
  14. Just threw the ipad on and hit "random"....this song came on and got me thinking about some of my favorite one-hit wonders....what are some of yours?