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  1. Dammit....totally forgot to include that one. Could be.
  2. Three possibilities IMO. 1) Geno is the no. 2, end of story. 2) Showcase Geno for a trade 3) Give Geno a shot to avoid being cut in favor of Petty Which one is it?
  3. Who remembers Kevin Maas? I saw that dude hit two homers against the ChiSox in the midst of his magical run after his call-up to the Bronx when I was a kid. Yanks are rollin' though. Can anyone remember a team making a run like this after holding a fire sale?
  4. Saw that from Schefter too if I'm not mistaken. 'Skins must be know they were counting on this guy being able to deliver.
  5. Sanchez would be a solid back up and that's what they brought him in to be. As soon as they acquired him they told him he would not be the last QB the acquired. They followed that up by wining and dining Kape for a couple months trying to get him in there to start but it didn't work out. Elway didn't get Sanchez to start, he just ended up with him as one of his options when his plan "B" fell through. Giving all the other QB's on the roster a shot to beat him out though.
  6. Winters is surprising in all honesty. The few times I did focus on him through the first couple of games he got walked back in to the pocket with little resistance.
  7. Just looked it up, deadline for Chargers to trade Bosa was a couple weeks ago.
  8. I thought I heard on radio the other day that there was a deadline to trade first-rounders so now he plays for SD or he sits out 'til next season.
  9. Probably a better question for all of the GMs who have traded for and/or signed him while having him start over 100 games. Most recent NFL exec of the year included.
  10. Stopped reading when he appeared to be using injuries as part of a circus atmosphere. One has nothing to do with the other.
  11. True...but nobody's got it worse than Browns fans.
  12. Just saw this tweet on ESPN/Cimini re-tweet. The Broncos presumably are not surprised by Mark Sanchez this summer. Only JaMarcus Russell and Geno Smith have higher INT rates out 45 qualifying QBs since 2009. Only Rex Grossman, John Skelton and Kerry Collins have worse turnover-to-snaps ratios than Sanchez since Sanchez entered the league (min. 1000 snaps).