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  1. Here's the exact quote: On how he communicated his decision to Ryan Fitzpatrick… I didn’t talk to him. The coaches told him. I was meaning to talk to him and I got tied up with a few things. I’ll make sure we talk tomorrow morning. On if he believes he should have handled his communication with Fitzpatrick differently… I probably could’ve and he tried to cover for me. Like I said, I had a lot on my mind. I got some things off my chest. It kind of went over the wrong way, definitely. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.
  2. Could be, but I'm on board with the way Chuck Noll did things. Told his staff "If I have to motivate you, you're fired". Can't force somebody to want something IMO.
  3. I seriously cannot believe he backed off of his comments and said the effort was there and may not need to bench anyone. WTF?
  4. Last night they called Lou Benfatti and Blair Thomas "Jets legends".
  5. The people I'm with have told me that my screaming is taking away from their I shall sit silently.
  6. Screaming so many obscenities that I'm getting a migraine.
  7. I'm usually pretty chilled out when I'm at the game. Not today...losing my mind!!
  8. It's me, @Maxman and like fifty other guys. We're pretty pumped.
  9. It's me, @Maxman and like fifty other guys. We're pretty pumped.
  10. How many dropped passes by game's end? I say eight.
  11. I can't cry and boo at the same time.
  12. Paid $80 for these seats and still feel like I got ripped off.
  13. When asked about using games to evaluate Petty and Hack so he'd know more about them, he said he already knows a "great deal" about them from watching them in practice.