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  1. Gotcha...I liked the Geno pick at first too...figured a guy with numbers like that in college couldn't bethatbad. Oops.
  2. What does Geno Smith have to do with a productive football player other than possibly sharing a locker next to one?
  3. Hackenberg & Petty

    My .02, absolutely. I like Fitz and would love to have him back on the roster. That being said, you can't allow a 32 year old stopgap QB to alter your draft strategy. They need a long term answer and Fitz isn't it. In all honesty, I'd love to see Fitz come back and then get beaten out by any of the kids on the roster. It'll basically mean somebody stepped up and started to produce like an NFL QB and not what we'd become accustomed to over the previous six or seven seasons. Having Fitz means there's a QB on the roster who has proven he can execute an effective offense. Without him, it's one guy who has been a complete disaster, and two guys who have never taken a snap in an NFL game.
  4. I think that close to half the participants in the pro bowl last season were undrafted.
  5. How many first rounders did we get back in the Geno trade? Three? Four?
  6. Hill had around six receptions in college. I think Anderson had more receptions against Jackson in one game.
  7. Jets got 3 first round "talents"

    It would take him years just to get on par with the average poster
  8. Bingo!!!The youngsters can at least learn a little bit about preparation/execution in a pro offense rather than a "blind leading the blind" scenario.
  9. Funny that the Jets are "comfortable" with Geno starting, but drafted a QB in round 2 and STILL want Fitz to come back.
  10. Right, but how do you know what teams are saying about him in their war rooms? Talent and character concerns are two different things and one could trump the other.
  11. Right, only Kiper...nobody else had him as a 1st/2nd round pick.
  12. Nope...he played extremely well against some of the best defenses in the country. Can't blame him for all the drops. I counted 13 or 14 drops against 'Bama and Michigan. He put the ball on target consistently but receivers killed him.