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  1. If they can get out of it, they should do it now!!!
  2. I know it would never happen, but I'd love to see the fans in SD and StL send the league a collective middle finger by not coming out to support them if they return.
  3. It's probably the worst sports town I've ever seen, and the city, while it has a few nice sights, is a collective s**thole.
  4. If Hack is the backup QB again, and McCown is knocked out of the game by Khalil Mack (or any other defender), how do you think Hack will look?
  5. Pretty much anything Myers writes should be completely ignored. He's a complete clown. Also...Is there a more overrated HC than Sean Payton? He's got a first ballot HOFer at QB and only one ring because his defense has been bottom three for about a decade now.
  6. Hopefully the first step in moving Forte down the depth chart.
  7. Jets most recent first round pick, and guarantee there are people hoping he fails because he was a Mac pick.
  8. Obvioulsy means nothing in terms of W's and L's, but I'd have bet my house that the Giants had scored more points over the last 7 games w/o hesitation. When I watch teams like the Giants and Seahawks, I realize the Jets' O-iine situation could be a whole lot worse.
  9. He has 155 career returns for 1,400 yards.
  10. He makes 18 mil per season. I'm done making excuses for him, but others can carry on if they see fit.
  11. This team must be sold

    If you owned the team, would you sell it? Neither would Woody.
  12. Yes, I do. I also realize that the Jets have multiple first-rounders on the D-line, to include Mo, who is paid enough to be expected to beat Pro Bowlers from time to time.
  13. Sometimes I hate this team more than I love them, but it's either rooting for them, or moving on from being a fan. Rooting for another team...no thanks.
  14. In a lost season, I was actually hoping they'd work with Raymond a little bit. He had some flubs, but the dude is explosive. Could turn out to be a good one. I'd like to see JoJo Natson get the call now, but it'll probably be Marcus Murphy.
  15. I don't want to say it but

    Was that the game when Geno threw the pick six on the first drive and missed open receivers in the end zone all day? I think I sat in one spot in the parking lot for almost two hours before I moved an inch to start my two hour drive home. What a great night that was.
  16. There was no playoff mandate and the owner knows this team doesn't have enough talent to win. All Bowles had to do to keep his job was to show up prepared and get his teamto play hard, and he'd be back. Looks like even that was too much to ask.
  17. Lots of opinions on who the elite QB's are...thoughts?
  18. Exactly. I know Carr has a quick release and all, but there wasn't even a sign of a lineman looking to break through the O-line if he'd held on to the ball a bit longer.
  19. Only TB knows the answer to this question. My guess for a few months now has been when the Jets are ,mathematically eliminated, but I could now see them going to Hack or Petty at 0-4.
  20. Mo is out of his mind to say they responded well to Bowles' challenge. WTF do you do with a guy who makes this much and averages 2 tackles per game and provides zero pressure?
  21. Possibly the most puzzling thing of all from yesterday.
  22. Tip of the cap to Shell for his work against Mack yesterday. Looks like the Jets have a RT.