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  1. Make Peyton the GM

    Walter Peyton would be better then the sh*t show we have now.
  2. Best 3 Named Player In Jet History

  3. Decker wont be on the roster. As soon as he is healthy enough to pass a physical he will be traded or released. Still a chance Richardson is traded for a late pick next year.
  4. Only the Jets...

    I missed it. What exactly happened?
  5. Jets traded back out of 70?

    Patriots just traded down and got a fourth we traded down and get a fifth
  6. I live 30 minutes away, so I'll be there.
  7. Jets are now in talks to bring back Mangold, Revis, Clady, Folk, Fitz and Geno. Might sign a FB and then head to the draft.. Things looking bright!
  8. Colts to trade Dwayne Allen, draft pick to Pats for 4th-round pick
  9. Jets?Bears suitors for Glennon?

    You don't draft a QB in the 2nd round, dont play him and the following hear pay 15m per season to a QB who is avg at best. We are going to suck with Glennon or the rookie's!!! So you stand pat, play the youngsters and hope one emerges and becomes trade bait next year when we have the #1-2 overall pick.
  10. Suck for Sam in 17

    We all know how this will play out.. We will finish this coming season 1-15 and hold the 1st pick in the draft. Darnold, realizing his football life will be doomed will go back to school instead of entering the draft. We will trade back in the 1st and draft the best Inside Linebacker available. We will surprise and win 9 games the next year, sign every FA we can get the year after. Go 10-6..Either 1 and done or miss the playoffs all together. And win a combined 12 games the next 3 years after.
  11. Jets Have An Interest In Cutler

    Everyone forgets that we have a coach and possibly a GM on the hot seat.. They are going to try and win now... This is terrible for the Jets unless the owner says to rebuild this thing and I'll give you a few more years.
  12. My wrist is in much worse shape than Revis's. But it hasn't slowed me down or stopped me from doing what I do best.
  13. John Morton, Saints WR Coach

    I don't have a problem with this hire at all. But have the Jets ever hired an OC or DC that had once held the same position before?
  14. You don't keep 33 year old wr's around on a rebuilding team that won't win more than 5 games next year regardless. Especially one who u can cut and save 7.5 million. Time to let all the young guys play to see what we have going forward. Marshall won't be on this team next year even if he agrees to a pay cut.