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  1. Bruce Jenner to receive Arthur Ashe courage award.

    They should give the award to Chris Kyle or Pat Tillman
  2. The surgery changes how my body digests and metabolizes and eliminates the need for the medication. It also cured my acid reflux.
  3. My Metabolism 100% shut down along with my thyroid a few years ago. The last 15 months, I have been in the gym 6 days a week, ate clean and put on a ton of muscle and still no fat loss. After a ton of blood work and medical tests, it turned out to be a medical thing preventing my metabolism from functioning. In the end, I had RNY Gastric Bypass last month and will be returning to the gym next week for cardio and weight training 2 weeks after that. To preserve my muscle that I built during rapid weight loss, Im taking BCAA's with L-Glutamine every day. At the beginning, I will be working on more of a cut routine, since Im not able to even take in 1,000 calories a day for at least another 9-12 months.
  4. I need a new gas grill

    We aren't allowed use gas or charcoal grills in our condo, so we use this and do a ton of marinating.
  5. Hey Smizzy, grow up.

    The guy hasn't posted in 7 years. Why bash him now?
  6. He didn't want to be added to the Hernandez murder trials
  7. Wrong, Mac and Bowles was the best news of the Off-Season.
  8. Trading Down (Draft Day)

    There are no guarantees in the draft that any player will be elite in the NFL. By multiplying picks and trading down you increase your chances of getting a few top level players.
  9. Revis viewed NE as a one year deal

    No Thanks, I would like to have Cromartie and Byron Maxwell.
  10. New Jets Uniforms

    The Bucs didn't have a good looking uni to start with. The Jets have a great looking uniform already
  11. New Jets Uniforms

    Maybe the Mets and Yankees should get new uniforms too. Winning makes a culture not a new uniform. The current Uni is one of the best looking ones in the league.
  12. He will be likely competing along with anyone else who is signed. I don't see them handing out Starting Positions like Rex did.
  13. Michael Sam apparently still wants to play in the NFL. I can't help but wonder if the reason he isn't playing now is really because he came out of the closet before being drafted???? If he could actually help the Jets and contribute to a championship run, I would want him on the team. Hopefully he gets a legitimate shot to compete somewhere.
  14. New Jets Uniforms

    Be careful what you wish for!!! The designers at Nike tend to go overboard and would make us look like the Ducks.
  15. Sapp arrested

    I never played in the NFL, but have never in my life had to pay for pussy. A former NFL player should have women lined up for a shagging.