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  1. And Hotshots! Part Deux. RIP.
  2. I'd forgotten just how much hard work work is.
  3. See? Thread necromancy is a good thing, people!
  4. That was low.
  5. Did she predict it? 2015 casualty.
  6. Cool, when did they start playing that?
  7. So you're one of the crocs from Pearls before Swine?
  8. Sadly yes. I've seen a few of them. He's gotta be the only guy in the planet who thinks that Burt Reynolds should play a king fighting orc knock offs.
  9. Funny how the list misses the one guy who did more for humanity than every single person on this list combined. D.A. Henderson, the guy who led the campaign that eradicated smallpox, died in August.
  10. True, but it wouldn't surprise me if this thread outlasted the Heat Death of the Universe.
  11. No, he just made a complete abortion of it. sh*t characters, sh*t looking robots, sh*t story. And sh*t Le Bouef. Bay's the American Uwe Boll, just with the budget for humongous pyrotechnics.
  12. His work on the Transformers films makes the Antichrist seem like a nice caring person who has actually a positive effect on society.
  13. It never ends. Nobody ever wins.
  14. Just saw it on RedZone. So much for all the talk about Rex being the first head coach to get the chop before the season was over.,
  15. What he said.