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  1. Celebrity Big Brother coming in 2018

    He must have loved seeing Irish Jet and Ecurb on a Big Brother thread, then.
  2. Celebrity Big Brother coming in 2018

    Sure that's advisable? Might encourage Jetsrule to start multiple threads when it kicks off, so you don't forget.
  3. Jets Might Lose Their Official Website

    I miss those days when Max was funny.
  4. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    I'll be there. Got nothing better to do that afternoon.
  5. After editing the other team so all their players are Darron Lee sized?
  6. What are u listening to right now?

  7. Celebrity Big Brother coming in 2018

    Isn't that a prerequisite for most of these "celeb" versions of shows these days?
  8. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    My grandmother in New Port Richey was told to evacuate yesterday, because if this thing lives up to its predictions, her house will be gone. She went to my uncle's a few miles away, and a fair bit more inland. This afternoon, he's been given the mandatory evacuation notice.
  9. First Time to NYC

    I think I've read shorter encyclopedias.
  10. Preferably while a Giants - Dolphins game is being played there.
  11. jets tickets have no value at all

    Was checking Stubhub yesterday, and the cheapest tickets for the Jags game were down to $26, and still dropping. I think I'll wait just a bit longer before I buy.
  12. Planetary protection officer wanted, generous salary

    Yet they won't pay a cent towards building a Death Star?
  13. What are u listening to right now?

    Hysteria is 30 years old today. Damn.
  14. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Sacred Reich in Dublin, Sunday night, 30th anniversary of Ignorance tour. Basically the same setlist they've been playing for the past god knows how many years, long past time for a new album. And War Pigs needs to be dropped for one of their own songs. Apart from that, bloody brilliant. And the support act, Animator were razor sharp.
  15. What are u listening to right now?