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  1. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Blind Guardian in Dublin for the first time in ten years. Another great show, the band were class, but the support act? Gloryhammer. Holy f**k, one of the most mental things I have ever seen. Sebastian Vettel's deranged cousin dressed up as some sort of discount Chinese knockoff Iron Man, guitarist who appeared to be a medieval squire, an evil wizard wannabe on keyboards, singing songs about hammer wielding space unicorns invading Dundee (I think). And most unbelievable of all, it worked. They were excellent. But then Blind Guardian came along and blew them away.
  2. Last to post in this thread wins

    I suppose it could have been worse, instead of dancing, he could have been headbutting people.
  3. Last to post in this thread wins

    Ha, ha, ha. F**k Alan Pardew and his sh*tty dancing.
  4. Axl Rose as lead singer for AC/DC....

    A friend of mine was over at the Lisbon gig the other night. In his opinion, Rose was able to do the Bon Scott stuff okay, but wasn't great on the Johnson era stuff. Throw in zero interaction with the crowd, just sitting on his chair.
  5. Word Association

  6. Word Association

  7. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming Looks like it is happening.
  8. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Metal Church were in London Tuesday night. I'd never seen them before, Mike Howe back singing for the first time in over 20 years. Just brilliant. A few songs off the new album, the rest almost all the classics. Amazing night. Two support acts, one Dutch thrash band who were damn good, if a little derivative, the other some Belgian band who were meh.
  9. Last to post in this thread wins

    Yep. Time flies.
  10. Last to post in this thread wins

    22 years last week.
  11. ****Official 2016 Road Trips Thread****

    Had to change plans. Hitting the Seahawks game instead.
  12. Last to post in this thread wins

    They can take our bricks, but they will never take our freedom!
  13. Last to post in this thread wins

    You take my bricks, but I'll take yours too...
  14. The 2,000th person to post in this thread wins!

    Here you go, lads.
  15. Last to post in this thread wins

    Did I miss something, or are you simply being Legoist?