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  1. Or just get some midget to show up in a Steelers jersey.
  2. Kreator and Sepultura in Dublin this week. Pretty good, Sepultura were better than I expected, some of the classics, and the post Cavalera-era stuff didn't sound bad at all - but the stuff from Roots stuck out like a sore thumb. Dunno why people want the classic lineup to reunite anyways, Max Cavalera has turned into something that looks like a homeless bum that stumbles up on stage, jumps up and down a bit with a guitar with two strings missing, and wanders off. Kreator were damned good, though too much stuff from the 2000s, as evidenced by the way the place went apesh*t when they finished off with the really old and fast stuff.
  3. Jets, Yankees, Rangers. No interest in basketball.
  4. Yeah, Leicester City won the Premier League. Normally relegation candidates, they were 5,000-1 at the start of the season to win it. Things are back to normal this year, they're a point above the relegation zone, and haven't scored a league goal since last year. And the F1 finish was great. Watching Hamilton's deranged fanbase collectively lose it was even more enjoyable - especially after Rosberg promptly announced his retirement..
  5. That's what I like about the main lotteries over here. You can stay anonymous, and it's tax free. If the Euromillions is 150 millon, and you win, you get the full 150 million.
  6. Throwback time.
  7. So basically this guy quit because JN's software at the time couldn't handle his not unfeasibly long username? An opportunity lost.
  8. Loved that place. Went a few times in the mid 80s and early 90s, managed to avoid injury. Even on the Alpine Slide. And there was always a huge crowd at the end of the Kamikaze waterslide. The bikini top always arrived at the pool at the bottom at least a few seconds after its owner.
  9. And Hotshots! Part Deux. RIP.
  10. I'd forgotten just how much hard work work is.
  11. See? Thread necromancy is a good thing, people!
  12. That was low.
  13. Did she predict it? 2015 casualty.
  14. Cool, when did they start playing that?
  15. So you're one of the crocs from Pearls before Swine?