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  1. Because whoever's in charge of their Twitter account gets paid per reply/retweet?
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. This thing will probably outlast the heat death of the universe.
  4. Flamethrower. Followed by a deprogramming session to free you from the Cult of Jobs.
  5. Stephen Hawking could get open against that defense. Even without his wheelchair.
  6. Local town's getting a new cinema, and they're planning on being open in time for this. No more 90 mile round trips to see new movies, like what I had to do with The Force Awakens.
  7. I guess when it was his turn to be tempted by Satan in the Foxboro wilderness, he gave in. Jesus would be so disappointed.
  8. Probably for the best. " 'Ullo there Luuuuuke, Oi'me yuuurrr faaaarrtherrrrrr" probably wouldn't have had quite the same dramatic effect
  9. Bilal Powell.
  10. 6 hours. Very good PFSIKHer. You win a cookie.
  11. You'd have been watching Sky UK on one of those dodgy boxes that Sky hate. Sky's never had the rights to show the NFL in Germany.
  12. Sky only broadcast NFL to the UK and Ireland. And their coverage is terrible. They spend far too much time with the "Why London needs a team and needs it NOW! " crap. At least they have RedZone. Had to laugh when one of their hosts was put on the big screen at one of the London games a few weeks ago, and 80,000 people booed him. Other European countries have their own broadcasters showing games. Ended up watching the Bengals game on a stream of the German broadcaster. If the Jets do play in London again, I hope they keep with the early kickoff times, because I don't fancy spending a night lying on a bench at the airport. Also, if the NFL want to keep their UK market happy, they'll do that. When the Redskins game went into overtime, Sky wouldn't show RedZone, - they ended up showing the game on both channels - the RedZone channel and the original channel, and the amount of stick they got for it was insane.
  13. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.
  14. My brother would get one every year, he was crazy about the damn things, well, anything truck related, really.