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  1. 4.1 Upgrade - New Activity Streams (Please Review)

    Fire a couple of nukes at Limerick please. Nobody'll notice.
  2. Is everyone enjoying the snow? (off topic)

    That storm hit here this morning. By the time it got here, it just turned into a lot of rain and wind. Pity.
  3. Hangar 18: Great metal song or the GREATEST metal song?

    Sad what happened to Sepultura a couple of years after that. One good band ended up splitting into an average band, and a whole bunch of utter s**t projects (everything Max did, really)
  4. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    One of the Invincibles, eh?
  5. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Agreed. there's only two more games left this season, I'm just going to sit back and hope they're two good games. Don't care who wins. it's all fun now.
  6. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    A Pats fan? Or since this is JN, should that be a Supersaints fan?
  7. SW Force Awakens ***SPOILER*** Thread

    I reckon the main threat in the end will be General Hux. Think about it. He's a ginger. Can't get much more evil than that. And since he lacks a soul, he'll be invisible to the Force, like a redheaded Yuuzhan Vong.  
  8. Alert risk for Blizzard high for next Friday evening - Saturday

    Will you be advising Cuomo to shut the subway for this storm?
  9. Hangar 18: Great metal song or the GREATEST metal song?

    That you're the poster formerly known as dickkotite?
  10. Hangar 18: Great metal song or the GREATEST metal song?

    Worst thing that happened to Megadeth was MegaDave stopped doing drugs and found God. The last thing I heard by them was the World Needs a Hero, have paid zero interest to their post-hiatus stuff. As for my favourite song by them, it's either My Last Words or Go To Hell.    
  11. SW Force Awakens ***SPOILER*** Thread

    There were some really good books released in the Expanded Universe (basically anything done by Stackpole or Allston), and some others that were utter s**t. (The Crystal Star, anyone?)
  12. How are you feeling?

  13. SW Force Awakens ***SPOILER*** Thread

    Wedge wouldn't have gotten himself shot down during the getaway, though. Saw it this afternoon. Loved it. Would have preferred Farmboy getting the skewer instead of Han, but oh well.
  14. Lemmy has died.

    Never thought I'd see the day. RIP to a legend.  
  15. If the Jets moved to London would you still be a fan?

    That'd be a laugh to watch. The president would then nationalise the organisation and replace everybody with indigenous Bolivians.   And George Osbourne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) did say back in October that the UK government would be working with the NFL to move one of the existing 32 teams to London permanently.