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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

    Closely followed by the Denver collapse.
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  1. Happy birthday to the One True Bob!
  2. They could always meet halfway, should be close enough to Burnley.
  3. Good news Jetsrule. You're no longer the worst thing to ever haunt the Hofstra campus. Sky News's very own soul sucking vulture, Kay Burley has descended upon the place.
  4. Uhh... nope.
  5. Crawling back to the scene of your crime, eh?
  6. I think it was a Thursday afternoon, back in early 2007, for a couple of hours.
  7. Great news!
  8. ?
  9. Bungles 34 Jets 19.
  10. I would find it hilarious if your children grow up and become Patriots fans.