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  1. Max, supposing you can have 19 regular season b-days? Check with the wifey.
  2. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Don't worry bout colors, I'm color blind. Yeah it sucks I can't see my teams colors.
  3. 2017 New York Jets Draft Video

    Nice work. So good I watched it 3 times
  4. FARK! "It aint easy bleedin green" - BURGERMIKE and kermit
  5. Question for the new members

    I like the fact that I have 0 warning points <----
  6. Thats a sweet gig, Max. Glenn can you ask him if hes OK with CJ1.5K?
  7. What the eff happened to Facebook?

    I thought I read somewhere the facebook dude made like, 3 billion dollars last year. If thats true, I know of 1 guy lovin it.
  8. Word Association

    Show me
  9. Word Association

    curdled milk
  10. The 'Can it get any sicker' Thread

    Im not sure what is going to be more sick. The guys in Washinton or the guys reponses to this thread...
  11. My son is doomed

    How you gonntake it when the kid comes out of the closet... And tells you he is a raiders fan? Preparing you, just in case.
  12. Word Association

  13. Would You Hit This? Part 1

    Whoz the jackazz that said no?
  14. Word Association

  15. Show off your throwback!