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  1. So JN/my phone isn't letting me quote posts. F*ck this sh*t I'll play when I can get on my laptop or work comp Sunday/Monday.
  3. I'm here for you.
  4. Did you get a message too?
  5. 1. I hate playing on my phone. 2. I'm in NYC, sorry I have been inactive. 3. F*ck you all for making me read that. 4. I don't know who to vote yet. I need a continuum.
  6. vote Verbal Won't be voting Spoot even if he claims scum. [emoji173]
  7. Spooooooot missed you!!!
  8. Wtf is this nerd sh*t?
  9. junc remembers 4th place. Hence why he reminds everyone all the time that we were an AFC title game participant 2 years in a row.
  10. The Colts drafted Elway, Peyton and Luck but are still a sh*tty franchise. Your argument is invalid. In fact, Elway was so sure the Colts were f*cked that he made sure he'd never have to play there. He then proceeded to win 3 Super Bowls with the Broncos: 2 as a player, 1 as GM (or VP, whatever). In that same span the Colts won just 1 Super Bowl, and that was only because they faced a team with Rex Grossman at QB. The Colts suck.
  11. Alex Smith > Pennington. At least Smith has grown some balls of late and can throw downfield time to time.
  12. Are you actually suggesting the Tim Rattay-led 49ers were NOT a powerhouse? How dare you sir. How dare you.