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  1. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    This is awesome.
  2. We'd need a 2017 first rounder in the deal for sure. Now....which team is giving us a package of picks for Wilkerson at this point? We just saw a 1st round that had about 87 defensive linemen get taken.
  3. The fact that Lee is being touted as a really incredible athlete is making me warm up to him a good bit. Su'a Cravens might not have been there for us at 50. Another comparable ILB might not have been there for us at 50 or later. We've said for a while we needed to add athleticism to our LB corps, and Macc did that at 20. It's hard for me to knock the pick. Treadwell would have been an exciting pick at 20 and was the one I wanted. Lee wasn't a top choice for me there. And I do think Macc needs to make huge strides in adding offensive talent in the remainder of this draft as well as next year's draft. But will Lee be a very good football player for us? Yes. So I'm not going to b*tch, and I'm willing to see how the rest of this draft plays out.
  4. But when you take aQB in the 1st, you HAVE to hold out hope on him, generally. It's not "if he busts, he busts", it's "if he busts, people lose their jobs." The draft isn't over and there may well be a different QB we like. I wanted Laquon Treadwell at 20 but I'm willing to wait and see.
  5. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    Oops. Sorry everyone. lol
  6. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    I am from Ravenclaw, town. Taking theModkill so we can lynch properly and not just go to night.
  7. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    What do you mean I'm throwing bullsh*t, Smash? I investigated Hallia and she is scum. What's the confusion here?