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  1. Olga Chocolate (cont.)
  2. Olga Chocolate
  3. Christine Marsden
  4. God what horrible drafting. Even the Calvin Pryor pick looks dumb considering we could have gotten Derek Carr. Or Brandin Cooks. Or Kelvin Benjamin.
  5. I doubt you could find one corner, elite or not, who didn't get burnt at least once last season. That's a ridiculously high standard. Revis had the lowest completion % against him of any corner in the league last year. He's elite.
  6. Ever? If that's where the bar is set, then there are no good corners in the NFL. This is a passing league where the rules are slanted heavily in favor of WR's, and ALL corners get burned from time to time.
  7. Also, I think Khiry Robinson is a slightly poor man's equivalent to Chris Ivory. The Saints don't exactly have a great track record when it comes to letting RB's go. If/when Khiry gets his shot, he'll impress.
  8. I used to call Powell a "JAG". And at one point he kind of was. But he's shown tremendous strides, and the people who were high on him from the start are forcing people like me to eat crow. He's a legitimate low-end starter (if you need him to be) and a very solid RB2/complimentary back. With so many teams opting for the committee approach at RB, there's really good value there. Powell is exactly the kind of guy you hope to find in the late rounds of the draft, and thus one of the few picks Tannenbaum nailed. Blind squirrel I suppose.
  9. Revis is one of the few guys out there where motivation really can make him play even better. So I'll believe it. He deserves the benefit of the doubt for last season's relative "struggles" (if of course you call getting burned by an elite receiver or 2 as "struggles" for a corner).
  10. Obstetrics-talkin' guys
  11. Kate Sullivan (cont.)
  12. Kate Sullivan
  13. Helen Owen (cont.)
  14. Helen Owen (cont.)