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  8. MNF

    It's neither. It's management not getting us a young QB good enough to justify letting one of Fitz/Geno go. Petty isn't ready, Hack isn't ready, and we don't know how long it'll be before they ARE ready (if ever), because they're both project QB's who don't have a ton of upside as prospects. Had we gone into this season with Geno as the short-leashed starter OR cut him and gone with Fitz, with one of the young guys getting ready to go, that would have been a pretty good situation. Instead, we decided to keep both because neither were ready at all. Granted, Petty was hurt, but why couldn't Hackenberg be the # 2 while Petty got healthy? Makes little sense. Goff is the Rams # 2 even though they know he's not ready.
  9. Also we need @Bleedin Green for this one.
  10. The Raider playoff game exposed him, before he ever suffered any of his subsequent injuries. Even if he'd have been healthy, the NFL by and large already had him figured out. It's one thing if you suffer a completely unexpected career-ending injury. Chad wasn't a tragic case like that. He was just a fragile guy who couldn't stay healthy. The game has a lot of those guys (Sam Bradford comes to mind), and it's a mark against him, not something that's sad. If you can't stay healthy in the game, you don't get to play or be considered great. It's part of the game.
  11. No, Chad just kept his locker room lawyer talk private, which is why his teammates hated him. Fitz had a terrible moment up there, and lost a lot of respect in my eyes. But he's no Chad Pennington. Pennington was on another level of douchedom. If your own teammates despise you you truly suck as both a QB AND a person. SEE: Cutler, Jay. It's very strange how history has been so kind to Chad. He's barely above Sanchez on the list of Jet QB's.