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  1. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Not really buying whatever case there seems to be on Hallia. But my vote on Decker seems to be fairly worthless at the moment, so..... Unvote vote Smash Meh.
  2. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Vote Count Hallia (5) - Nyn, AVM, JiF, Leelou, DPR Crusher (2) - Decker, Pac DPR (2) - Lizzy, EY Smash (1) - JC Pac (1) - Lily Ballin (1) - Hallia JiF (1) - Smash Decker (1) - 80 With 16 alive, it takes 9 to lynch.
  3. That "Leak" Was Significant

    And you attribute that to having "no running game". Isn't that a credit to Fitz? He and Marshall carried this offense for chunks of the season. Something we've only seen out of the QB position maybe 2 times previously in this century. Pretty sure a huge part of a QBs job is to throw TD's, and he did a fantastic job of that last season. Or maybe we're all just taking crazy pills here.
  4. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Yes, I'm defensive because you and JiF are tag-teaming all of my posts on a point that I've been very clear on while letting a lot of other players skate. It's mind-numbingly annoying at this point.
  5. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I'm talking about if DPR were king again they wouldn't cooperate.
  6. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I understand that, but by now, there are enough people that suspect DPR or disagree with his strategy to make it a poor one. Only about half the game will actually make meaningful votes.
  7. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Voting inactives has proven to be an effective strategy lately. DPR has very much put himself out there and can always be lynched later. It's my vote and I'm doing what I want with it.
  8. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    DPR is dead set on a strategy that is not proving to work nor one that the town is willing to follow him on. But again, I think by now the kingmaker needs to have realized that DPR is not the right decision for king on Day 3. The kingmaker is town-aligned and should be doing what is best for the town, no?
  9. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Then the kingmaker is seriously f*cking retarded and we're screwed until further notice anyways. If DPR is made king again I will be voting DPR again as a protest vote.
  10. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Refusing to kill himself is not alignment-indicative. Neither scum nor town killing themselves would be the smart move. And since we don't know what he WOULD have done now that the anarchist made his decision, I don't see a reason to lynch him today. It's a moot point. You're an idiot.
  11. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Fine. No. I don't think he would have offed himself.
  12. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Not sure what you want from me. I answered your question. I didn't know if DPR was lying, and wanted to find out what he would do.
  13. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I certainly think it was possible, and felt that was the best strategy for the day. Especially since DPR was insisting on going with the same strategy that got the Doc killed on Day 1.
  14. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    That's exactly what I wanted to find out. You and a few others have been saying all game long that you wanted DPR to make a stand on his own, rather than leaving the lynch up to the people. Well that was a sure-fire way to do just that. Had he opted to take out someone other than himself, this would have been 100 % his decision rather than ours.
  15. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Genius is rarely recognized in its own time. I wouldn't expect you to understand.