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  1. Nothing like overhype and unrealistic expectations.
  2. "Raiders of the East"
  3. You cannot manage an NFL franchise perennially paranoid that your rival might sign every backend-of-career overpaid veteran you might cut. So the Pats signed Harris. Nothing has changed, Harris remains an older, slower MLB who on OUR team was overpaid for his skill level, and a liability in any form of coverage. If he improves, it will be the players around him, and at this new cost, the risk, for the Pats, is warranted. The loss of Harris makes no difference to this Jets team. We are what we are, with him, and now without him. There is no sense being unhappy. Jets fans should instead be rooting that our TE's can exploit this move.
  4. Make it stop, please.
  5. It must really suck going through life worried every player we cut will sign with the Patriots. Sad, really.
  6. It is indeed. And it will never be otherwise. We should all remember that. RIP to your friend Engine.
  7. The point is to not waste reps on a well-over-the-hill journeyman-level-talent RB of no real importance to the Jets. Every carry he takes, is a carry that SHOULD go to a young fresh RB with a potential future. That's the point. We can afford to do it. There is no reason NOT to do it.
  8. No. It's really, really not that hard a question.
  9. The rest is fluff designed for future site hits.
  10. Cool story bro.
  11. Facts are not misleading. Your understanding of them may be where the flaw lies. But by all means, keep ranting about the one aspect of this franchise there is 0% chance of changing. Catharsis, no matter how ignorant and misguided, is good for the soul. Or so I hear.
  12. McCown, Starting QB, inbound in 3...2...