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  1. If Fitz is not in camp, minute one, preparing for our season and with a signed deal, I don't ******* want him on this team. No half-ass Revis-like join the team a few hours before the season starts bullsh*t. Sign, or we move on. Period.
  2. I'll worry when he gets signed. As I said elsewhere just the now, he doesn't sign to the offer by the second camp starts, I revoke any and all support for signing him at ANY amount. No dal, fine, we go with Geno and Macc can and will be judged for leaving us with this QB situation in a win-now season. For ****s sake, it's not hate. For the one millionth time, an analysis of production, and watching the kid play, and coming to a "he will never be a legit NFL #1 QB" outcome is NOT hate. Whats next, gonna play the race card too? Lord knows enough folks do that for Geno criticism as it is.....
  3. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Don't mean a thing tbqh. Like saying "Petty would have 50 TD's last year", it's pure baseless conjecture. No, it's holding our team to standards and refusing to accept stagnation and failure. Like saying "Geno woulda, shoulda, coulda.....if only, if maybe, if, if, if..."?
  4. Macc should put his final offer out, publicly, and the final deadline (the second camp starts), publicly. Fitz, take it or leave it. He leaves it, it's withdrawn, and we move forward with sh*t at QB and live with it, if Macc feels this strongly about his offer and Fitz feels equally strongly about it being a bad offer. No more bullsh*t, sign or ****off. And both Macc and Fitz can be judged and live with the consequences.
  5. Yes, heaven forbid I don't give Geno a pre-emptive excuse for sh*tty play and a huge dropoff in production because *gasp* he might have to play a middle of the road schedule.
  6. Excellent, maybe now all the whining will stop. Choose your descriptor as you like, Geno supporter, Geno preferred to start, whatever you like mate. Ok Villain. Gonna tell me you "owned me" next, lol. Strength of Schedule before a season starts is purely a reflection of how teams played LAST YEAR. Not how they'll play this year. Or how difficult they'll be this year. It's a measuring stick before games start being played, and 100% irrelevant after the first snap is taken. Lol, whatever you say Muggle. Apart from my infamous Patrick Ramsey love, there is damn little I've been wrong on "since JI" and having some no-name from back int he day say otherwise means bupkis to me my friend. I was right on late-era Pennington, right on Sanchez, right on Geno so far. Remind away if you like. Hack is clearly a project and a long term one at that. He won;t be a starter this year, and won't be a starter next year. He was a prospect who looked good as a freshman in college and that's about it. He could certainly become something, and I'm glad he's sitting now, and hopeful he sits again in 2017 and likely 2018 too. It's his best chance to avoid joining the seemingly endless list of sh*t Jets QB's. Lol, more tears and weak personal insults. Wake me when you want to talk football Muggle.
  7. Nothing we do changes anything my friend. If we took that tact, we'd never post anything because why bother it doesn't change anything. Odd how often these kind of statements keep rising up now. Of course it's multiple factors, but it's still preemptive excuse making to start saying Geno won't equal Fitz because X, Y or Z. It's Geno fans hedging their bets after months of loudly proclaiming Fitz to be dogsh*t, and their guy to be younger, faster, better armed, better brained, better leader, etc. ad neaseum. If Geno is those things, matching Fitz's 2015 production shouldn't be a miracle, no matter how tough the schedule is based on last years stats, it should be a given, a starting point for what we expect from Geno. The fact is Geno fans don't think he can or will match Fitz's 2015 production and they know it. Which is why every bet is hedged when it comes to 2016 expectations, why every outlook is gloomy, why suddenly this amazing roster is not so amazing, and the schedule is a killer we for some reason can't overcome, etc. Honesty goes a long way in making an argument.
  8. Don't you demand it as well? So should we accept the status quo of mediocrity and wasted years waiting "to see what we have" at QB? Or should we as fans be demanding the best players available play?
  9. Yes, we did win. 10 wins is a playoff season far more often than it isn't. And we didn't have "great" QB #'s, we had slightly above average QB #'s. I'm sorry, but "out of context numbers" is hogwash. QB play drives playoff appearances, and the number in this case are clear. Without some other factor (like the greatest RB in the NFL, or a legit historic elite Defense) sub-par QB play doesn't get you to playoff seasons. We need look only a few years back to see proof, Mark Sanchez, sub-par, carried by an elite Defense and top-level Running game. Geno most certainly could produce those kind of numbers (so could Fitz potentially), and if they do, we're not winning and we're not in the playoffs. There was no sacrifice last year, we competed till the end and came up short. That's not sacrifice. Failing to sign your preferred QB, and going with Geno, the penultimate "whelp, year 4 of lets see what we have" move with a roster like this, is sacrifice. Well, it looks like we'll get to see what Geno can do with a better roster than that.
  10. I'm sorry. Do you need Max to provide you a "Safe Space", like today's college kids, where you can happily say what you like and never have anyone question it? I'm sure Max will give you what you need, why not PM him. And yes, that's yet more sarcasm. Funny how it's generally the Pro-Geno folks who accuse me of that, and only since this off-season started. Funny, that. Oh, I grasp it, it's a simplistic opinion that is basically a punt on actual analysis. It's an defacto "Doesn't matter anyway", which simply isn't a reflection of reality to-date. The Strength of Schedule excuse only matters until the first snap of 2016 is played. 2016 teams are not the same as 2015 teams. For example, we're better than we were last year almost across the board, except at QB. Other teams have dropped, some have risen. What those teams won in 2015 is vaguely relevant, but not nearly as relevant as who we play and what we do and where we improved or fall off. They play the games on the field, not in a simulation where previous year SoS drives future results. Nope, it's sad. It speaks to our beloved teams seemingly endless failure to land a legitimate franchise QB. And now we have Hack. So, yeah. I am definitely pompous. And arrogant. And right vastly more often than wrong. But I don't post to get my rocks off, I post because I live out of state, and this is the entire interaction I get with my fellow Jets Fans. There is no chance Geno becomes Namath. He is what we think he is, a bust who'll be out of the league in a year or three, on his way to his last gig as a #2/#3 someplace else. And Hack.....lol, right. No betting man is placing that bet. So this is the reality for us for years to come, barring some miracle.
  11. Generally speaking, QB performance numbers = a better chance to win. So if you care about wins, you inherently care about QB #'s. That's probably not going to happen. Lets look at last year's playoff QB's as an example: Carolina (Newton): 35 TD's, 10 INT's Arizona (Palmer): 35 TD's, 11 INT's Vikings (Bridgewater): 14 TD's, 9 INT's (& Adrian Peterson) Redskins (Cousins): 29 TD's, 11 INT's Packers (Rodgers): 31 TD's, 8 INT's Seattle (Wilson): 34 TD's, 8 INT's Patriots (Brady): 36 TD's, 7 INT's Broncos (Manning/Osweller): 19 TD's, 23 INT's (and the #1 Overall Defense in the NFL, #1 vs. Run, #3 vs. Pass) Cincy (Dalton): 25 TD's, 7 INT's Houston (QB by Committee): 29 TD's, 12 INT's (19/7 for Hoyer) K.C. (Smith): 20 TD's, 7 INT's Pittsburgh (Rapist): 21 TD's, 16 INT's (and Hurt, Weakest Team to Make It (In place of us)). So as you can see, 20 TD's, 15 INT's does really cut it unless you have the #1 Overall Defense, or have Adrian Peterson, or have a Pittsburgh-like lucky break and back in. Personally, I will be much, MUCH less than thrilled to see our QB throw a 20/15 type season. That's a complete failure at the position, put simply. It will leave an easily playoff-level talented team sitting outside once again. So no, we need closer to 30/10 or 32/12 to be a contender. Can Geno put that up? If so, start him. If not, well, you can either pay Fitz and see if he can do it again, or you can sacrifice an entire season with a damn good roster to "see what we have".
  12. No Straw men here. Whomever plays QB, I demand they match or exceed what we got last year. Because we are a better team with better talent literally everywhere except at QB, where we are either less (Fitz vs. Petty) or equal (Geno & Fitz vs Geno & Fitz). Now, unlike Geno Fans, I'm happy to say that Fitz ABSOLUTELY MUST meet or exceed what he did in 2015 or he has failed. No question about it, if we're to sign him, he absolutely must replicate or exceed that year's production. Top 10 Offense with this talent or GTFO. No pre-emptive excuse making. he fails to reach it, he can kiss his ass goodbye. It's only Geno fans who refuse to hold "their guy" to such a standard, making excuse after excuse before a single snap is taken as to why Geno will fail, and why it won;t be his fault (yet again). **** sake, hold your guy to SOME standards for change. And I know, because it happens every QB we draft, they'll be the same old same old folks pining for Geno after he's gone, lamenting how it was never his fault, etc, etc.