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  1. Jets enter top 10

    Hard to see too many victories in the remaining schedule, but still no chance at the #1 or #2 picks. Better to focus on what we can get, not what we can’t. There will be good QB prospects available where we wind up picking.
  2. 12-124

    Any discussion of penalties is remiss if it fails to mention all the bad calls. We’ve gotten a lot of them.
  3. Petty / Hack Timing

    Zen, my friend. What will be will be, and couldn't be any other way. This too shall pass, and in time, we'll have more reason for hope and optimism.
  4. Petty / Hack Timing

    I'm with you. But you're right. It's not going to happen. Lose the next two, at 3-6? It's possible. More likely is at 3-7 or 3-8 IMO. I'd expect to see Hack start vs. the Chiefs, Dec. 3. Jets will be 3-8, and the time will be right for Bowles. Sorry. Petty will not get a start outside on injury, I'm convinced Macc/Bowles do not think much of him, and he'll be gone next year. Hack will get the garbage time this year.
  5. Some thoughts

    This year is about finding assets we can carry forward, invest around, and hopefully improve with. We seems to have a few of those. No point being mad they sh*t the game away today. That's what we are today. Anyway, this loss is very good for Draftheads, as it was one of a select few "easy" wins we had left on the docket. The chances are greater now of a higher pick. So find the positive. We get something even from loss.
  6. Be assured. No one thinks this.
  7. If Petty needs development, and isn't better than the QB you just told us was sh*t, what does that say about Petty? Relax, we'll see the kids eventually. Neither is the golden solution at QB, so you may as well not worry. There is no Hack miracle inbound.
  8. The Jets fear taking a chance on younger QB's. Perhaps it's institutional fear, given how many bust draft pick QB's we've had. Who knows. What we don't know today, due to the wonky relations in our organization, is this: Is it Macc afraid to play (or make Bowles play) the kids, or is Bowles refusing the play the QB's Macc gets for him? Because it's obvious old men can only get you so far.
  9. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    No. I don't think we will. Was it dumb? Yes. Should he be cut? Lol, no.
  10. Jets sure sh*t this one away. But such is life.
  11. Do folks really think we’re going to sit McCown? Nice INT!
  12. Calls like that Lee sack are why I’m starting to hate the modern NFL.
  13. At this point feels like Kearse + Draft Pick was definitely the better side of that deal.
  14. Look at that horrible field. That shouldn’t be permitted by the league tbqh.
  15. The Dolphins are our most hated rival. If they can be swept, they must be swept. Make it happen Jets!