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  1. Don't do hard drugs kids. No matter what. They destroy lives. From NFL's players lives down to my little brother's life, lots and lots and lots of lives. All destroyed.
  2. Log onto StubHub. Pick tickets. Pay for them. Savy.
  3. That's where this looks to be headed, aye. McKnight at the shooter's vehicle window, shooter will claim making threats or pulling on the door, and that's when he fired.
  4. The shooter being inside his own vehicle at the time of the shooting (if I am reading that right) certainly changes the tenor of the event. Presume Self-Defense claim is inbound by the shooter, who will claim McKnight was the aggressor.
  5. So sad, so tragic, it almost makes you want to vomit.
  6. We're more talented, by far. We're worse Coached. We're still horrible at QB, that didn't change.
  7. Was the linked....what is it, a forum post? An article on some site?....supposed to be anything more ranting for ranting sake? Everyone knew when we picked Hack he wasn't ready, even his biggest fans. By definition "not ready" = Developmental. So Chan said what coaches say about those types, we don't know yet. I'm no Hack fan, but deciding he (and Petty too for that matter) are already "not legitimate NFL'ers" reeks of fan sperging, not an objective, measured analysis. They might suck, but we lack evidence of that yet. With Petty, we hope we'll get to see this year. Hack, next year at the earliest, and no, Hack shouldn't have "been tossed out there" just because some ranting guy says so. That would have been stupid for a guy who is clearly not ready at all yet.
  8. Total Passing Yards is a very VERY poor metric for determining "best".
  9. Why is there a presumption the Jets wouldn't draft a QB #1? Because of Hack? Seriously?
  10. Oh, that's way better than not voting! Three-headed QB Attack is GO!
  11. No comedy option of "Your mom". Hence I choose not to vote.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Either as designated backup or as "compete to start". Nope, wouldn't surprise me at all.
  13. Can the Jets be flexed off of Monday Night?
  14. If I had a say, the entire Coaching Staff would be "Fall guys". Bowles, Chan and everyone on down. Fitz, Skrine, Revis and Forte (useless as a bag of rocks yesterday) would all also be let go.
  15. Well said. Now add in the various "Kicker missed an easy FG, we lose by 3" and "Kick Returner fumbled, costing us 7, we lose by under 7" games this year as well. Fitz is an easy (and appropriate) target, He deserves all the criticism he gets. But the reason we're 3-8 is our failure at Defense, which was supposed to be elite and our strongest unit, and the complete failure of Special Teams repeatedly and often this season, from rare missed kicks, to fumble after fumble, to kick returns to lose games, etc.