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  1. Cap is the best part of the NFL. I'm glad it's in place, and would want it in place from MLB, NBA, NHL, pretty much any team-based sports league. It's well known New York'er loathe the idea. No one wonders why.
  2. Lets hope he plays well. If he doesn't, yes, I fully expect the tsunami of excuses we saw in his previous years (and were aggressively attacked as baseless excuses with Fitz played QB) will find.....renewed legitimacy now that Geno is playing, and folks who've talked him up relentlessly for two years see what Geno is or isn't. As always, being right on the internet > consistency. It won't matter though. Geno is in his final year, the year is mostly lost already, and what will be will be. If he plays poorly, he'll be gone, never to be spoken of again. If he succeeds.....he's still likely gone. If he REALLY succeeds, lolsameoldJets, he'll be resigned THEN fail again. Because we're the Jets.
  3. Still whining about Fitz? Geno starts on Sunday. It's a new world. You got what you wanted, we lost badly, Geno backed into the job. We're 1-5, bad, but not out. If Geno is as good as you've said, we'll win alot of games and have a chance. So lets win alot of games. Players on the pine are irrelevant now, Geno is all that matters.
  4. Alot of hot air, projection and presumption. TLDR: Geno Smith is our starting QB now. Staying our starter is 100% on him. If he plays well, he'll keep starting. If he doesn't, he won't. No excuses, same as for Fitz. No whining about the Defense. No whining about drops. No whining about the Running Game. Rise or fall, it's on Geno. Petty is irrelevant, unless Geno makes him relevant. So get to work Geno.
  5. I appreciate this article. They're quite right, Geno has a very strong arm. An arm capable of making any and all throws. Therefore there is no excuse if the big-armed "howitzer" QB fails to make and connect on those big-armed-throws. One less route for excuses. You heard the man Geno.....lets see those big "Sports Center" throws you're capable of making.
  6. Any thread that starts with "...shoulda traded for Glennon, then what if..." deserves little else.
  7. Hypothetical woulda, coulda, shoulda. Is what it is.
  8. I think that's a reasonable prediction.
  9. No one to blame but yourself Fitzy. Maybe that long offseason holdout was a bad idea, eh? Maybe, just maybe, you should have accepted less and showed up, and worked all offseason. Take a seat and STFU. You had your chance, and you blew it.
  10. "That leadership stuff is overrated." - Jeff George
  11. Todd on what he's seen from Geno..... On what he’s seen from Smith in practice so far this season…He takes reps. He’s been taking reps with the first team all week. Practice is easy. The games are different. I’ve seen progress from a lot of people in practice that hasn’t translated to Sunday. But he had an opportunity to do some things on Sunday that he’s been denied from for a year and half, so we’re going to see if he can do it. Lol. Or Cry. Yeah, cry.
  12. That some talking-up there Bowles. Well, at least we know Smith takes reps.