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  1. Fitz graduated from Harvard, an Ivy League School with no football scholarships, with a (I believe) Mathematics degree and has the highest Wonderlic in NFL history. Geno Smith graduated (I presume) for West Virginia, a party school of the top order, as a full ride scholarship athlete, with an English Degree and a middling Wonderlic score. Yes, Fitz is demonstrably more intelligent by any reasonable metric. But that doesn't mean he's a smarter QB or makes better decisions in the moment. Geno was the worst QB in the NFL for two years, his first two. Not bad, the worst. In admittedly hard conditions. He then got beat up by his own guy in a situation he could have easily avoided. He then failed to beat out an absent Fitz in offseason 2016, and in camp/preseason 2016. Fitz was brought in to back up, got the job because of Geno's immaturity-caused injury, and set a franchise record and we had a great, if ultimately disappointing at the end, season. Geno could have come in, and shown himself better to Bowles and Macc and Chan and Co. He didn't. So we resigned Fitz and he's the #1 again. Bowles and Macc and Chan don't seem to agree with you, and don't seem to want to see that (or, perhaps, don;t think they need to see that). Try to remember that all us "know it all coaches", yourself included, have no control over what the team does or does not do. Fitz is what he is, expecting more is folly. He's a below-average Journeyman QB with enough talent to turn a 7th round selection into an 11 year+ career and hundreds of starts, but not good enough to carry a team or win games on his back regularly, or to handle good teams at all some days. Putting Fitz on notice would have been benching him after INT #4, standard NFL procedure. The fact he didn't says far more than any words Bowles said afterwards. Gird your loins, when and if the time comes, we're very likely to see Petty get a shot. Not Geno.
  2. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, John McCain. Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Anarchists, Socialists, Communists. Rabble, Rabble, Rabble. In short, lock city baby.
  3. lol, Topic is Jets Defense Demands stats. Gets clear-cut stats showing our D as a whole is not good thus far. Suddenly limits topics just to "pressures". Then changes topic back to Fitz via his turnovers. Typical.
  4. Tim Tebow got a sniff. Geno would too. Hell, Cleveland might even sign him tryout free. The more apt question is "Will Geno earn a chance to start after the Jets release him?" That one is harder to answer, and will (primarily) depend on Geno himself. One argument for him is true, he is young. He could always do a full personality/maturity 180.
  5. Max ffs, can we get this politics/sociology sh*t out of here? We have forum rules for a reason. It's clear no one is being "racist" towards Geno here, and this constant accusation of it needs stopped. Bad enough we all got called "implicit racists" by our future President the other day, do we now all need to suffer under the thought police when we decide how we evaluate the play of certain players? Do we have to start limiting our criticism because a player might be black (in a league where the majority of players are black)? Come on. We got people rooting for injuries to our own players, and now we got people telling anyone who doesn't like Geno as a #1 QB that they're all racists. Seriously?
  6. What made up ones, I didn't post any stats. I think both are problems thus far, but specifically the Jets Pass D on the Defensive side. For example, the Jets are 5th worst in the NFL in Yards-Allowed-Per Play (at 6.4 YAP) and 2nd worst in the NFL in Net Yards Per Pass Play (8.3, only Oakland is worse) We are ranked 26th in takeaways (with only 3) and below average in INT's (at a mere 2). We are ranked 2nd to last in QB Rate against us (110.7, only the Lions are worse). We are worst in the NFL in Comp. % against us (at an insane 71.3%) Despite facing the 2nd fewest snaps on Defense (168), we've allowed the 12th most yards passing (852). We are rather clearly decent enough in the front 4, and against the run (ranked 3rd best in Yards Allowed). Against the pass, we are one of the worse Defenses in the NFL. So teams don't have to run, they can pass all over us with ease. All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.
  7. Seems you heard wrong, he and Bowles just bench him because :implicit racism: If Geno were average, we'll all be happier. And a playoff team this year.
  8. Forum: Lets talk about the Defense. Can't Wait: FIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTPAAAATRRIIIIIICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Fitz is playing very poorly, lets agree. Can we actually talk about the Defense now, or no?
  9. I hear Macc holds Geno's throwing arm and guides it while he's throwing. True Story.
  10. No, I think you've made it clear, Geno is not at fault at all. He's a innocent, a victim. Totally blameless, it seems, for his quality of play and role as a non-starter. As I said, I'm glad you exposed the dismal undercurrent of implicit racism holding Geno back, and shown us all that he is neither responsible nor accountable for his current situation. That he is a victim of circumstances and the biases and abuses of others. It's great you showed us and exposed us to this very liberal progressive (sociologically) way of thinking.
  11. Marshall is hurt and dropping balls. Decker is hurt. J.Marshall is hurt and dropping kicks. Move makes sense.
  12. Save the excuse making, go root for the Bucks and Glennon. We both know you're rooting for Fitz to get hurt or fail. Your admission isn't required.
  13. Enjoy them "Villian the Bucks Fan". At least someone is getting pleasure out of the Jets failures thus far this year.
  14. We both know you're rooting for Fitz to get hurt and to fail. Because you're no Jets Fan. And I don't need to quote your 1,000,000,000 words to know it. Go root for whomever Glennon plays for next year. You'll be happiest there.