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  1. I shall give you one Dosa for Bosa.
  2. Fine by me. Can you touch on why the use of "Advanced Stat" INT's, i.e. passes that woulda, coulda, maybe shoulda been INT's but weren't was such an active topic among Geno Smith supporters this last off-season when discussing Fitz, but since the start of Preseason 2016, where Geno has 1 actual INT and aprox. 4-5 "advanced stat" INT's, the topic of advanced stats has all but disappeared from those same Geno Smith supporters posts, along with an abject refusal to address the subject when it's raised. Could you touch on that inconsistency of argument (which is the phrase you're looking for, not hypocrisy, just FYI).
  3. Geno never stretches with the QB Group. /chuckle, Geno, Geno, Geno....
  4. Too bad he can't play DB too, since that's the weakness of this 2016 Defense.
  5. If Hack is put on IR, every team in the AFC Est should file a complaint with the NFL. Because cheating is cheating, and if we do it, we deserve to get busted for it. I don't care if "everyone" does it. Make the hard choices Macc, that's why you have a job.
  6. Half the reason he's still "elite" is psychological, not skill. Hype a guy, hype a guy, hype a guy for years.....mostly rightfully so......and QB's become gun shy going in that player's direction. Especially when they have far FAR easier DB's to target, Skrine's, Milliner's, Cromartie's, etc. Sure, they'll test in the "Elite" DB's direction, just to see, but one close call, one deflection, and the gun shy is set for that game. It's why so many "elite" DB's are called elite long after their actual elite-skill-level-elite-physical-level era is over. Darell Revis is a good DB. He is not elite. He is not Dominant. He is not worth close to what we're paying him. But his rep lives on, larger than life, and the hypetrain keeps on rolling, and his compatriots are all mostly average at best, so QB's won't test Revis as much as they should to show he isn't elite (a la what Buffalo did to him last year in the final week, before all his "injury" excuses started coming out after the fact).
  7. His take on the Geno/Petty situation was pure, distilled, tabloid media whore. Say whatever it takes to get ratings/still passions. Guy is suck a fake, it's amazing anyone buys into it, but :lolNewYorkSportsMedia: so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. The absolute worst.
  8. No one disagrees with taking a chance, especially on a QB. They disagree with the logic behind the chances we took (in some cases). I've been open and honest, I would not have drafted Sanchez, Geno or Hack. Was against all three picks the moment they were made. But Hack clearly needs time. And time he should be given, now that we own him for a while. Like I said above, I think alot of our more rational minds will be settled if we see him take a snap or two in a (PS) game. Having your 2nd Round Pick QB never take a snap his rookie year, and not be hurt as the cause, is.....unprecedented?
  9. Should be obvious. He was a 2nd round pick. We haven't seen him play a down yet. Honestly, I think that's all most want to see....our 2nd round pick play a series or two in a Preseason Game. No one expects an obvious project like Hack to come in a dazzle. But expecting to see him flop around vs. 4th stringers in the 4th of a Preseason Game is pretty low on the expectations chart. The fact we haven't is whats getting under most folks craw.
  10. Reasonable and logical.
  11. Naaaa, no fun in that. As an out of town fan, I can drop a few bucks to look the part. Chrebet Jersey Toon Jersey Mangold Jersey Ramsey Jersey (Hubris, thy name is Warfish) I think Fitz makes a good next choice. Better than my wife, she always gets Kicker Jerseys!
  12. Yep. But I also like him. And I'm due for a new jersey, so why not.