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  1. GTFO with that, winning is the only thing I care about, not "being right". Facts: I'm right vastly more often then wrong on projection forward. I've never had cause to worry on this point frankly. Facts: When I'm wrong, I happily mea culpa and always have. Being wrong usually means something is BETTER than I thought. No, thats not why the forum will (IMO) be a drag this year at all. I root for whomever plays. In any event, Fish, out.
  2. Yes, I have for years gotten immense enjoyment (as an out of town Jets fan) in getting to "talk Jets" with fellow Jets Fans. Fans who don't live in DC, where Jets Fans are a very rare thing. Unlike resident New Yorkers, who get an endless stream of local media coverage and local fellow-fan chat, this (JN) is what I get down here.
  3. I am not. Worse, I think this forum will take alot of the fun out of the year-to-come frankly. Regardless of who the QB ends up being.
  4. As an 80's Era guy, it was Kenny O, Al Toon (my all time fav), Walker, Shuler, McNeil.
  5. Kirwan on Fitz

    Your claim was that "those QB's lost games that were not in their control". Not a word of what you posted above proves that the games were "not in their control" and ignores that the entire Offense is in their control. Your claim was that Fitz "threw INT's and gave his Defense a short field". Not a word of what you posted proves that, you don't even touch on it or detail how Fitz's D giving up 21 was somehow specifically on Fitz, but the other QB's Defenses giving up 21 had nothing to do with their QB's or their QB's INT's. This is the problem, if you think the above is proof, you don't understand the concept or the basis for the criticism of "stats" like "lost games when the opponent scored 21 or more". A shallow biased analysis (that happily makes excuses for other QB's failings but allows none for one) does not prove "from those numbers, these guys losing was not a fault of their own, as I already told you, it was the fault of their defense, which as you asked for the numbers support". At best is shows that Defense was a factor (duh, it's a "stat" based on what the Defense gave up that tries to blame the QB for it!), it does not prove it was the factor. Again, shallow, generalized analysis is not proof, it's hyperbole without detailed specifics to back it up. Point being, it's an assinine and silly stat. NFL QB's of all skill levels and qualities lose most games when their team gives up 21 or more. The fact that Fitz does as well is not surprising nor evidence of some special, unique flaw only Fitz possesses. And since no one has mentioned it, our alternative option was 1-10 in 2014 in games where the Defense allowed 21 points or more. But I am sure that was totally not his fault either, only Fitz is proven poor with that stat, all others get a pass. Oh, and Villian, when you have to tell yourself over and over that you owned someone, and you're the only one saying it, it usually means you didn't. Just FYI.
  6. Kirwan on Fitz

    Prove it. With numbers, not hot air. Because I don't think you can. Then, prove that Geno Smith in his two years was better at "not giving the opponent a short field" than Fitz was in 2015. Because I don't think you can. If you can't prove those two things, it's just what I said at the start, typical fan hyperbole. I.e. Bullsh*t.
  7. Kirwan on Fitz

    Phillip Rivers went 3-10 against teams who scored 21 or more points, meaning he lost 77% of those games. Drew Brees went 4-9 against teams who scored 21 or more points. Eli Manning went 3-9 against teams who scored 21 or more points. Russell Wilson went 1-7 against teams who scored 21 or more points (including the playoffs). Even Aaron Rodgers only went 3-4 in such games. Most teams lose most of the games they play when their Defense allows 21 points or more. It's things like this that make me question your analytical skills, as even a cursory glance at other QB's shows this isn't a valid criticism, and isn't even a specific reflection on the QB himself, but on the Defense (primarily) and the ability of the offense (as a whole) to score high numbers of points in a game (second) in which their defense is performing poorly. A great example of how numbers, when willfully manipulative/dishonest intent is in play, and without context or detail, can be less than useless. No, that's NFL QB's not named "Tom Brady" in a nutshell.
  8. Kirwan on Fitz

    Seems the posters sarcasm may have overloaded your sarcasm meter. That or you didn't read his whole post and just spammed reply. One or the other.
  9. Kirwan on Fitz

    That's all we have right now, Fitz Threads (where we discuss Geno too) and Geno Threads (where we discuss Fitz too).
  10. The Fans, it seems, are far more divided than the Jets locker room. Those who support Geno as our starter simply think they know better than our players, Head Coach and GM.
  11. You have a legitimate objective source for either of these claims, or is this just more of the same agenda-based hyperbole? Whats funny is some seem to want to have it both ways, Fitz gets the "most talented team in history" and "easiest schedule", yet the same roster with some improvement is already being downplayed by Geno supporters, and the schedule is being described in flowery language as to it's difficulty, as if we played a Mid-Era Tom Brady 16 times.
  12. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Ok, Ron Jaworski. Will you be on Mike and Mike tomorrow to talk about Geno's giant steps in OTA's?
  13. I'm willing to bet no one on that starting offense really wants Geno to start this year. Not Decker. Not Marshall. Not Mangold.
  14. I'm sure he will, right after Glennon gets one of the "largest contracts in NFL history". Lol. As for Decker, OTA's are voluntary. He has every right to express his view till they become mandatory. Says alot, tho, IMO, that the guy (who everyone here almost to a man says "I liked/respected till now..." clearly does not want Geno Smith as his #1 QB this year. I know everyone here is smarter than the Coaches/players/GM, just as Sperm who think he's a Cap Genius, but it should tell Geno fans something that a guy who played an entire season with him doesn't want to play with him again, and wants the "loser" you hate so much.
  15. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    I am pleased to hear that Geno reportedly looked good on day two of no-pads May OTA's.