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  1. An exceptional post every person here should read till they get it.
  2. I liked M&M listened to it often over the years. Was mostly solid and entertaining national/generic sports talk. I take the opinions of fans of NY Sports radio with a grain of salt, because NY Sports media is universally sh*t, the hands down worst. Francesa is just the steaming top of the NY sports media pool of wet diarrhea. People who like it are not opinions worth much imo. As for Stern, lol that tripe stopped being entertaining after I stopped being a teenage twit. Juvenile pap for empty headed morons.
  3. So much talk based on so little. Relax folks. We'll see for ourselves soon enough if Hack sucks or Hack has potential. O the NFL field, where it matters. No need to rush it, Hack is a Jet in 2017. He will get his shot, and we'll all see it. There is no need or cause to decide what Hack is now, today. Let it play out.
  4. I get it, I do. But calls for patience and time require the staff has potential to be great. This staff is not the staff to argue for. A year or a decade, Bowles will never be the right guy.
  5. I don't want a repeat of Matt Forte being a NY Jet in 2017.
  6. For all of our doubts about Hack, getting his own teammate to break his face isn't one of them.
  7. The only players truly worth top dollar are franchise QB's. No one on defense can effect a game enough to be worth 15+ mil a season. Revis wasn't. Mo Wilk isn't either.
  8. Seems the sports media money is on M Cown starting at least a goodly portion of the season. Least shocking news possible. As I've said many will be very disappointed how 2017 is going to play out, in AB starting and in Jets draft position come 2018. Prepare yourself for the worst possible combo-outcome.
  9. Looks a lot like Milana Vayntrub, but she's generally not in pics like this.
  10. Let's be very clear here, the last war that "kept us safe to watch the Jets" was WWII. Every war since that date has been political in nature, and very much by choice, and for reasons having little or nothing to do with "keeping Americans safe". A life of service is, nonetheless, exceptionally honorable and to be applauded. Not just in the military, but our police and fire fighters, EMS, and anyone else who serves in dangerous life or death situations. That honor, however, tarnishes some when someone makes a conscious effort to flog his service all over everyone he talks to, bringing it up literally in every possible post, and trying to use it as a cudgel with which to belittle others arguments for seemingly being inherently lesser because they did not serve.
  11. If we had a good staff, it might. We don't.
  12. No, mate, you really don't. What you refuse to accept, for IMO obvious reasons of bias, is that everyone understands Kap's right to express his socio-political viewpoint. No one denies him that right. No one. What people object to are: 1. The venue. The workplace, for 99.99% of Americans, is NOT the place to express socio-political protest and opinion. Most of us get fired for doing it. And damn few of us want a side dose of controversial race-based politics in our sports entertainment. Most just want football and the escape entertainment brings us from our daily lives. 2. The target. The Country (personified in the Flag and anthem) did not kill black people in the situations being protested, rightfully or wrongfully. Individual Cops in specific individual circumstances did. Targeting the Nation as a whole is a form of blaming everyone for something they had no part in. Protest the Cops, or police agencies if you must. Do not protest all of us, that's a form of stereotyping. 3. The content. Plenty of people think his argument, and that of BLM and their ilk, are in part of in whole full of sh*t. That the circumstances of the issues are not as clear cut or one sided as portrayed. This is a disagreement of content, a lack of support based on the argument itself. Be assured, OTHER Americans have every right to hold these objections and to express those objections, the same way Kap has a right to express his opinions. In BOTH cases, expression of those opinions, like any opinions, may come with repercussions from society at large. A Nazi ****stick is, rightfully, excluded and ostracized from society for expressing their opinions. Kap, in a similar vein, is not immune to societal repercussions for what he says, does and believes.
  13. So not reading what is almost surely a cesspool of a thread. Anyone know what the terms of Fitz's Tampa deal is yet?
  14. Respectfully, I reject such soft-handed lack of accountability and expectation. A draft pick from the 2nd round must be able to take an NFL snap and look vaguely professional by the start of his second season. If he's not, what the hell are we doing? If he is still unable to even take a snap, the GM who selected him made a massive mistake investing so high for such a long-shot, long-term project player. And in the end, thats an argument for sitting Hack, NOT an argument for playing McCown. Playing McCown is the least effective, useful thing this franchise can do. Even if Hack is sh*t, playing him all season does more for our team than playing McCown one play does. It at least tells us, definitively, that Hack is sh*t, and must be replaced asap.