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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-colin-kaepernick-does-not-want-to-play-for-jets/ar-BBp5br8?ocid=ansmsnsports11 A story broke Tuesday night that Colin Kaepernick wants to get out of San Francisco to play for the New York Jets. But it is just not true, per Dom Costentino of NJ.com.   The original story originated from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News as an exclusive report, though nobody else has been able to confirm Mehta’s source. It did seem to come out of left field, and there are some serious holes in the argument that the Jets would be Kaepernick’s “preferred destination.” Costentino’s source, who is “a person familiar with the situation” (likely someone in Kaepernick’s camp), says the report is not true: “No,” the person said. “Nothing. No idea where it came from. Random, strange article.” As pointed out by Costentino and many others, the Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick are both on the same page about wanting the veteran back as the starter in 2016, and there is nothing standing in the way of him re-signing with the team. He led a darn good offense last season and nearly got the Jets into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Kaepernick was on the bench in favor of Blaine Gabbert. With that in mind it seems completely unlikely that New York would be interested in bringing Kaepernick aboard, or that the 49ers quarterback would see New York as an attractive destination. Furthermore, to this point nobody knows how Kaepernick might fit within Chip Kelly’s plans for his offense in San Francisco. However, many, including some opposing defensive coaches, believe the quarterback would be a nightmare to defend as a read-option quarterback for the 49ers. Kaepernick torched opposing defenses in such an offense at the University of Nevada, and Kelly has long been rumored to be enamored with him for this reason. A quarterback who can run like Kap and throw it anywhere on the field could be one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL, if put in a position to succeed. Despite any hard feelings Kaepernick might have about how things went down the past couple of seasons, his best chance to succeed in the NFL right now still lies with the 49ers and Kelly.
  2. Those Running backs, they're like eggs back there.
  3. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    No suspension.  No NFL-related rule was broken, no one was harmed, and there is validity to the NFL suspending him for this plea. Don;t get me wrong, our joke justice system SHOULD have put this idiot away, in real prison, for a while. But since they didn't, the idiot in question should fight, in court, ANY suspension the league hands out.   After all, we have seen how well that works.
  4. Patriot Tears Taste So Good

    Sure you care.
  5. This.   Good for Cotch, but Cotch is not a major Jet in our history, so.....yeah.  Ok.
  6. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    So Brady threw a game-losing INT in or near the end zone late in the 4th quarter to lose a vital must-win game. Huh, guess it can happen to anyone.
  7. An all-time-record of snow fell here in DC/NoVA, and we're not a Snow town.  Not sure what the "official" total will be, but ~28-30 inches where I am.   We are well and truly hosed when this happens. With that said, snow successfully shoveled, cars clear, driveway-to-roadway open. No heart attack (yet). Being a fat old bastard is no fun on days like this. Feels a little like this:
  8. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Someone out there is a lucky bastard.
  9. ~28 inches.  Glad it's done.  Cleanup tomorrow.
  10. No. Amaro is fine. Gailey doesn't use the TE anyway. We'd be better off signing a road-grader TE to block than overpay for a TE we won't throw to.
  11. To answer OP:  No. RB is a position that needs a serious re-examination. Ivory/Powell, when healthy and used correctly, are a great combo. They are never healthy.   And that won't get better as they get older. And we can't win without the run. Front Office needs to think about that in FA/Draft 2016.
  12. And he did vastly more to get us to that moment than Revis did.   It's impossible to discuss guys fans have diefied in any legitimate way.  Revis was not great in 2015, and was sh*t in  that last game and it cost us the game. And we paid him franchise QB money. But we'll blame the guy who threw one bad INT with most of a quarter left to play for "losing the game". Revis makes one stop, at all, in the 4th, and maybe things are different. Our O-line actually block, our RB's not both be hurt and worthless by years end, WR's (good as they were) not get the dropsies, and yes, had Fitz played better, maybe we win. Alot fo blame ot go around, it's laughable to see fans simply refuse to assign Revis his 16 million worth of obvious blame.
  13. Brick on the End of the Season

    Brick is a weakspot now. Smart FO is looking for his replacement as we speak.