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  1. If I had to decide today, I go with: #1 -- Bryce Petty #2 -- Christian Hackenberg #3 -- 2017 Mid-Round Draft Pick I do not overpay for Tyrod or Glennon. I do not reach at #6 for a QB. I do not blow myself up paying for Romo or Cutler. I don't waste my time with Hoyer, or Geno Mk. II or Fitz Mk. II. 2017 would be a year (at QB) dedicated to determining if Petty or Hack are worth anything. Play them till you know. The draft pick gives you another prospect to sit, let learn, and work with for 2018 if the #1 and #2 prove themselves incapable. I then revisit the "What to do?" question after 2017 with a real vision of what and who Petty and Hack are. Win or lose.
  2. Cutler would be (along with Romo) a penultimate "short term minor gain for long term major loss" move at QB.
  3. In before yet another news story of an old man shooting shooting six black kids because they played their music too loud and proclaimed it "self defense".
  4. lmao, another jock sniffer who thinks actors and athletes shouldn't live by the same laws as the rest of us. What, you think a mercenary like Revis is going to come to JN and read this thread and finally notice (or care) you exist? Lol. He'd deck you as quick as he decked those other dudes.
  5. Why? He broke the law. I hope EVERY big name celebrity who runs around being a dickhead and breaking the law gets time. Sheldon should have got time, but he didn't. You would have. I would have. But not him. Because famous + rich = gets off. So yeah, if the allegations are proven that Revis beat the sh*t out of some dudes, I hope he gets the maximum penalty possible. His fame and tens of millions in salary should not make him above the law. It's not "hate" to feel this way. It's a belief in justice and equality under the law.
  6. Max should, for the good of us all, ban any and all threads on Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick going forward.
  7. Why would you be angry? He was set for a dozen lifetimes before he got his first $1.00 from the Jets. And for what we paid (in 2015 and 2016), we got a pretty decent $$-for-Wins return. He was cheap, we got what we paid for generally. Lets hope our organization start picking QB's that don't force us to play players like Fitz anymore. Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace? For a drafted Jets QB not to suck horribly forcing us to play some Journeyman JAG? As for Kaep.....he's a bad QB, so pass. But beyond that, he takes his personal politics and forces them on his workplace, which is 100% inappropriate. He's famous, he has all the stage he needs to say his peace outside the games, on HIS time. But no, he is such an arrogant self-important chucklehead that he thinks his politics have to infest our NFL on his work time. Something, I should point out, that only actors and sports pros can get away with as elite-level contractors safe from being fired for it. You and I do what he did at our Jobs, putting our politics into our Jobs.....and we're all sh*tcanned. TLDR: Kaep does his thing on his own time, no complaint (no matter how ignorant I think he may be). It's the forcing of politics into the workplace that makes me want him to sod off. The workplace is not your political soapbox.
  8. Respect the effort, but some disagreements. 1. No. Cut Revis. Sign BAP-FA that can be signed for materially less $$. 2. No. Retain Marshall/Decker for 2017. Young QB's will need both, the kid WR's aren't ready or good enough yet. 3. Agree, Mangold isn't going anywhere, his backup is not half as good as he is yet. 4. Agree, but doubt the team does it. Not enough firepower in Draft/FA to replace them (the team likely thinks). 5. No. Not gonna happen in 2017. Maybe 2018 tho. 6. No. Pryor is fine for now. Can't fix everything and should force it to try and do so. 7. No. A Safety at #6? Are you kidding me? Impact player of Offense of GTFO. Starting QB. Elite-level #1 RB. All-World 10+ Year O-Lineman. A Safety? Ugh. 8. Agree, I suppose. A mid-round pick of a rusher LB is fine. 9. No. Absolutely not. The kid was pure sh*t in 2016, and we have no evidence he is ready in any form to even play in preseason in 2017. Petty, Hack and someone else (Draft Pick, young FA) can compete for the job, and winner plays. 10. Agreed, Skrine has been a huge disappointment, but replacing all the CB's in one offseason will be very hard. 11. Agree. Forte is horrible, no matter what his defenders here say. He's a worn-out runner only decent between the 20's. And he was horrible misused here last year too. Either keep as a pure 3rd down pass catcher back, or cut him, but he cannot be the 1st/2nd down Runner. Hell no. Powell is fine....but expect him hurt by Week 10 as a #1, thats his MO thus far in his career, can't handle the abuse.
  9. Grew up a Mets fan going to Shea, but Washington Nationals now (am a NoVA/DC Resident for 30 years now). I don't follow Basketball or Hockey in any form.
  10. The same way you have your right to only support black QB because you yourself are black. And other have the right to perceive you in light of that bias. We go way back Dawgg, been debating these issues for years, over a decade now in fact, and it's always been clear and obvious that you have a major, material racial-based bias in who you support and who you do not support. This is especially clear at the QB position. Where it explains your ongoing desire to resign Geno, or to sign the PR cancer that is Kaep, etc.
  11. I don't see it. Frankly, I think the Organization sees Hack as a possible/likely bust pick. A "we know better than everyone else" selection by our GM that simply isn't panning out. And Petty is what he is, a mid-round kid with a low-percentage-chance of being a legit guy. So no, I don't see the Organization going into 2017 with just these two. I fully expect to see someone added, be it Glennon, Taylor (if he is released, and many think he will) or, at the bottom of the barrel, a Hoyer type. And whomever we sign will be our new starter for the next 2-3 years potentially. Until I see some evidence to the contrary, I'm not convinced as yet that we'll ever see Hack start an NFL regular season game in Jets Green. I'm not against the concept, I like the idea of Petty/Hack/Draft Pick and save the $$$ for other positions. But to be fair, neither Petty nor Hack have earned that kind of trust as yet.
  12. Not sure I would agree with that evaluation, but in either case they are 1. young, 2. posses some quality potential and physical skill(s) and 3. Will cost too much (IMO). If the Front Office can address issue #3, the price, I am fine (enough) with either guy being signed to a moderate length deal (no more than 3 years).