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  1. Warfish added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson ~ ~ ~   

    Belong in a jail cell.  If our justice system wasn't sh*t, that's where he'd soon be residing.
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  2. Warfish added a post in a topic What do you want to see in tonight's preseason game?   

    Same as every pre-season game.
    No.  Injuries.
    The rest I could give less than a sh*t about, pre-season means almost nothing when it comes to regular season performance.
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  3. Warfish added a post in a topic Jets officially sign Matt Flynn.   

    Except you're not "taking" him.  
    You're paying for him.
    How much do YOU think the Titan will charge the Jets for their #2 Veteran QB currently sitting behind a rookie?
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  4. Warfish added a post in a topic Would you be in favor of the Jets starting Bryce Petty this season 2015   

    Petty needs a minimum of two seasons to learn IMO.
    If he has to play, so be it (I, personally, would not have signed Flynn, and would have let Petty be the #2).
    But by choice?  No, he sits.
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  5. Warfish added a post in a topic How good is Queens of the Stone Age   

    Not as good as Them Crooked Vultures.
    Better than Eagles of Death Metal.
    Much better than Kyuss.
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  6. Warfish added a post in a topic Fitzpatrick fans read this.   

    Worse Win% than Geno (Geno 42%, Fitz 37.5%)
    Better Completion % than Geno (Geno 57.5%, Fitz 60.2%)
    Similar Yard-Per-Att to Geno (Geno 6.8 YPA, Fitz 6.6 YPC)
    Better TD:INT Ratio than Geno (Geno 0.73 TD:INT, Fitz 1.22 TD:INT)
    Similar Fumble % to Geno (Geno 0.53/Fumbles-Per Game, Fitz 0.55/Fumbles-Per-Game)
    Better QBR than Geno (Geno in 2014 35.4 QBR, Fitz in 2014 55.29 QBR)
    Less Rushing Yards than Geno (Geno 20.1 RYPG, Fitz 16.5 RYPG)
    To wrap this up, the worst thing one can say about Fitz is.....he is only slightly better than Geno Smith overall, except he throws much less INT's and has a much more epic beard.
    He's got more experience, is less likely to turn it over, and is more mature and more intelligent (no question on that last point, guy aced the wonderlic and is a Harvard guy ffs).
    It'll be what it'll be, but I'm hard pressed to cry too hard that Fitz is starting instead of Geno.  Statisticly, we should be better under Fitz.
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  7. Warfish added a post in a topic Moderators please report to the mod room   

    Sean Deegan to be announced as Chief Operating Officer of Jet Nation.
    Press conference at 4:00 pm on Francessa.
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  8. Warfish added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    I have no doubt on that first point.
    We can agree to disagree on that second one.  I've seen nothing from Geno Smith to-date that would lead me to opine that he will transform from immature and worst-in-NFL to a potential champion QB.
    More time is sometimes just more time, and a QB is not a fine wine, a smelly gym sock does not get better with age.
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  9. Warfish added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    The one thing you've never given up is excuse making Ray.
    Life isn't perfect, and Geno had enough talent around him to not be the worst QB in the NFL.  All those INT's he threw......had little to do with "the talent around him".
    I'm not "piling on" Ray, I doubted Geno from the second we aquired him, and he's done nothing but prove me right about him.  23 or 53, he'll never be a champion, and I don;t need four or six or ten seasons to know it.  
    While we'd all love for someone to "make the jump", sad truth is it was never going to be Sanchez (whom I was right about) and it will never be Geno Smith (who, it seems, I am more right by the day about).
    Super Bowls aren't built on rainbows and hope.  They are built with QB's who don't suck.
    By the way, I don;t recall your "weak arm" fears back when we had broke-wing Pennington.  You were a big supporter of him till the end, weak wing or not.
    Odd that of all the QB's you've gone hard for, Fitz, a smart, decent guy, is the one you decide isn't good enough for us.
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  10. Warfish added a post in a topic Rex Ryan jokes with IK No Fighting   

    Rex is a dick.  News at 11.
    Funny how many folks manged to "overlook" it when Rex was "our" dick, eh?
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  11. Warfish added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    Ray, my old pal, my only reasons for my view on Geno are on-field performance reasons.
    The day Geno Smith doesn't suck, the day he's not the worst QB in the NFL, ON the field, is that day I'll start "supporting" him for whatever thats worth.
    Till then, I'm going to root for who I think is the best player who gives us the best chance to win and compete for the offseason.
    IMO, that's been, and continues to be, Fitz.
    IMO it'll never be Geno.
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  12. Warfish added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    What, you expected the NFL to be gender neutral and not hypocritial?  Lol, right.
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  13. Warfish added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    I'm gonna celebrate this one place where we agree.
    Jets Fans "Brady is Gay" Meme is literally the dumbest thing int he great wide expanse of dumb Jet Fan things.
    Not only is it stridently homophobic (shocked from predominantly liberal New Yorkers in this day and age) but it's so illogical and sad as to embarrassing.
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  14. Warfish added a post in a topic The only solution to salvage this season is to trade for a QB.   

    Again, "reportedly" looking better in camp is not doing something, it's fluff.  We ALL would have liked to see if the fluff had any basis in facts.....but Geno, apparently, was too stupid to not get decked by a disgruntled linebacker he ripped off and was too poor a leader to handle.
    Yes, QB has always been an issue here, no doubt about it.  Especially the last two years, where Geno was, in factual terms, the worst QB the Jets have played in years.  The worst starter in the league over that time.
    Which is why I cannot fathom your apparent hatred for a guy with a better resume (Fitz) and refusal to accept that Geno, yet again, let us Fans down in this kerfluffle.  At least this time he didn't do it ON the field.
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