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  1. Abusing the reputation system

    Wait wut? Jet Nut is sg3, for serious?
  2. Cannot imagine it's anyone other than McCown. Prefer Petty or Hack, really don't care which, Petty has kinda-sorta earned it, Hack has the theoretical "upside", but either brings more potential to the table than McCown. But lets be honest here. It's McCown.
  3. I have to admit, I myself am confused as to why Petty seems to get sh*t on regularly by Bowles. Like Bowles doesn't like him or believe in him at all, in any form. Now, I'm not saying petty is a stud or anything of the kind, but he's been as good or better than Hack every minute since Hack got here. He took alot of abuse for this team last year. And he's at least young, unlike McCown. Don't get me wrong, petty is assuredly a JAG, but a young JAG is better than an old JAG and whatever Hack is right now.
  4. Yep, me too. Solid C+ in PS Week #1 Definitive F in PS Week #2. Petty gets a D- is PS Week #1 And Petty gets a meh C+ in PS Week #2 McCown gets the ol' "I" for Incomplete. Based on play, today I start Petty, back him up with McCown, Hack in Redshirt II: Reach Pick Booglaoo Lets see what PS Week #3 Brings us....
  5. /chuckle #25 Ranked Defense inbound in 3...2...1...
  6. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Psst....it's McCown.
  7. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    So looks like we might get to see a Geno vs. Petty Third Quarter shootout!
  8. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    Sunday Ticket should include preseason. All providers should have access to provide Sunday Ticket. That is all.
  9. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I'm looking forward to seeing Hack play again, see if he can bounce back from his poor performance. If it lingers, it's a great sign that he is not a legit NFL QB. Also looking forward to seeing Geno play against our D.
  10. Wow thats alot of hot air. You really should stop contributing to global warming, mate. Like I said, argue Geno v. Fitz with someone one, you bore me.
  11. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    It is what it is. All we fans get to do is talk about it. But if you think this is "over" in four months, you simply must be new to being a Jets Fan, lol.
  12. I'm all for it. In point of fact, I have BEEN arguing for drafting Offense for many years now. Our constant focus in the top rounds on Defense, and reach picks like Geno and Hack, are a huge part fo whay we are where we are today. With that said, Brady is just an example. Franchise QB's make RB's and WR's into name players. WR's do not make QB's into franchise QB's. We can all lament our young WR corp (as young as Hack, so why give one a pass?) and that we don't have All-Pro talent at the other 10 O side spots. Or we can judge Hack (and any QB) on THEIR play, even if they play of others is weak. So far, Hack doesn't look good on his own play. He must improve materially if he's to be anything less than the #3 QB his play has earned so far.
  13. Keep dreaming the dream Nut. One day, like SAR with Sanchez, your man Geno will prove us all wrong, I'm sure of it. Till then, fight last years fight with someone else. You bore me with this same old same old "I was right about Geno!" meme, when it's obvious there was no "right" in a Geno vs. Fitz competition, just two different flavors of recycled sh*te. That's the difference, I KNOW Fitz was horrible, and said it repeatedly, and am glad he's gone (despite not having anyone better on the roster today). You can't seem to accept you were wrong about Geno Smith, it's STILL the same old "but, but, but muh fair chances and weapionz!!" meme with guys like you, and now (just like like SAR with Sanchez) we're going to have to wade through a decade or more of "I was right about Geno!" foolishness? Christ, that's tiresome. So fight it out with someone else. Geno is a Giant. Fitz is a Buc. Go find their fans and tell them how "right" you were.
  14. The best man did win, and he was horrible. Yet as horrible as he was, he was still better than the sh*tstain that was Geno Smith. Your ranting will never make you "right" about Geno. We had a competition, twice. Geno lost one by getting punched, the other by being a sh*tty QB. Deal with it mate. If you don't like it, go root for the Giants about it.
  15. Geno supporters do not get to play a "you were wrong about Fitz" card. Sorry. No one has been as wrong about a QB as Geno fans were. Well, till now perhaps....