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  1. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Serious question: You think he'd be available in the 2nd Round? That seems...unrealistic. Again, educate me. It's possible 5 QB's could go in the first round...you think Mayfield won't be one of them?
  2. jets viewership down the most

    How much you gets from the Pats fans you sold to last week. I bet they paid wicked awesome dollars.
  3. jets viewership down the most

    Jets Fans are the bestest most loyalist ever! This is clearly fake news.
  4. Always take the touchback.
  5. I prefer confidence expressed via play. I do not prefer confidence expressed by words to the media.
  6. I'd be fine with all NFL games being on Sunday. At 1 pm and 4 pm EST. I'd be fine tossing the vastly overrated MNF out along with the horror of TNF. While we're at it, can we have the One Day Most of Draft Saturday back too?
  7. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    So some questions: How much worse are teh Defenses Mayfield plays against the past three years compared to those Darnold/Allen/Rosen played against? Does Mayfield get alot of balls batted down at the line? Does Myfield have a history on injuries?
  8. Topic title says it all. Today was IMO the worst and most lopsided officiating I've ever had the displeasure to witness. From picked up flags, to phantom calls, to the criminal nature of the "no, not a TD, it's a turnover, lol!" play, there is no chance that the outcome of today's game was fair. Not saying we'd have won, the team has much to apologize for today. A major opportunity was blown. But that does NOT change that the officiating, at multiple key moments, made massive game-altering shifts via exceptionally questionable or outright fraudulent calls, that had a material outcome on the result. I hope this franchise at least has the balls to call a bag of dogsh*t what it is, and file a formal protest with the league. We all know they won't win....but ffs sake, stand UP for your players and fans, because both got unwelcome anal intercourse today from these Refs.
  9. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    And Dan Marino fell to where he did because of fears of drugs. So is Mayfield more Marino, or more Manziel?
  10. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I like what I hear about Mayfield. I like what I see (production/stats wise) from Mayfield. He is #1 or top 5 in nearly every QB production stat there is this year (and specifically in comp. %, which I like alot). I would be comfortable with Mayfield at picks 10-15 in round #1, where I believe we end up picking. What horrible, glaring, obvious weakness am I overlooking?
  11. Bowles is a Defensive Coach who has yet to produce a decent, much less elite, defense, despite most of the Jets investment being on that side of the ball. Bowles is a players coach whom the players walk all over, dog it, and underperform under, especially on Defense. Bowles wouldn't know offense if it ran him over. Bowles should work for Macc, not directly for the owner. These reasons are why I have doubts about Bowles future here.
  12. The Fitz Curse Strikes Again

    Fitz doesn't cause injuries. Teams who think their #1 QB is fragile bring Fitz in knowing an injury could happen, and Fitz (purely as a fill-in/#2) is as good an option as is generally available. There are not alot of good #2 QB's in the league, it's a QB starved league. Fitz makes for good insurance, but only as a #2, and only for the short term.
  13. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    To be fair, I respond to pretty much everything. And I’d agree it was worth posting. Just seems I misread your level of interest.
  14. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Very little it seems.
  15. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    As you like mate. You created the thread, presumably you think it’s worthy of discourse. You’re bitching no one is into the guy, clearly you think we should be. But no worries.
  16. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    So tell us why we should give him a shot (and cut Petty or Hack to do it) then?
  17. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Is there something to discuss?
  18. No dying here my friend. To be a bust, you had to have been thought of as having real, serious potential. Petty doesn't qualify. He was never that highly considered. But to be clear, I am telling you what is obvious: the organization does not see Petty as any form of answer, and his time here is almost assuredly short. What I think doesn't matter. Whats more likely, his "Week 3 of Preseason" performance vs. NFL #3's is the real Petty, or the sh*theap of actual vs. NFL #1 play Petty put out, and his multiple injuries so far, is the real Petty? Pretty clear how the organization sees it, and theirs is the only opinion that matters. I'd love to see Petty play over McCown. Why not? But it isn't going to happen. I'm not defending anything, I'm telling you how it is. Nope. 8-8 at best. 5-11 or 6-10 most likely. Absolutely not. I wouldn;t have signed him this year. I would have gone in with Watson, Hack and Petty. Or at worst, Petty, Hack and some mid-round QB draft pick. But what I would do is irrelevant, what the team will do is what matters, and they will draft a QB, retain McCown (or bring in another Vet), retain Hack one more year, and dump Petty at the first opportunity after 2017 is over. I do, yes. I'd be perfectly fine with Petty getting ANOTHER shot. Yes. But I'm not holding my breath about it, because it isn't going to happen outside injury. Macc is invested in Hack, not in Petty. 4th round pick nobodies don't get six chances mate. They usually don;t get any chances. Petty already had one chance, he did nothing. And got hurt. Twice.
  19. Take it up with Macc and Bowles, not me. I'm simply telling you whats going to happen. Same way I told folks Watson was the real deal, and same as I told you were were never going 0-16 or drafting #1/#1. Don't get pissed at me that you folks utterly lack any objective analytical skills. With that said, feel free to live in the same fantasy world August (and many Jets Fans) always live in, where some no name, no talent 4th round pick nobody QB is possibly the answer, possibly!, if only he gets that same old fair chance, with weapons blah blah blah. It's like Jets fans live in a perpetual state of reality denial when it comes to the QB position. One one hand, we have half the board uber-pissed that if we don't draft #1/#1, we have no chance NONE of getting a QB. The other half is uber-pissed we're not starting a 4th round pick made of eggshell at QB, because he possibly could be the answer for 6-8 years. Funny enough, it's some of the SAME PEOPLE arguing both sides. And a year from now, when petty is gone and unsigned elsewhere (or, like the last version of Petty, is the #2 someplace like Cleveland or in San Fran) all the folks pining to see him play will have moved on to the next overhyped Jets #3 QB.
  20. Then why whine about him not playing? Anyone paying attention knows how we're "moving forward at the position". Hint: it isn't Petty. We're drafting a QB. Signing (or worse, retaining) a Vet. And giving the stinky turd that is Hack to-date one more year. So Petty isn't the answer, but he could be a starter for 6-8 years, possibly. I'll repeat: Petty is going to get cut at the end of the year, and vanish like every other fan-over-obsessed NY Jets #3 QB before him. Team already has the answers. And has shown you the answer via their actions. You just refuse to listen. You'd have a point, sort of, if you wanted to play Hack.
  21. We also shouldn't have to wait 40+ years between Super Bowls. It is what it is, whining about it (or worse, living in a fantasy world where Petty is the answer to any question other than "...will be cut at the end of 2017?") won't change it. Petty should have played better and made the decision for the team. He didn't. He had one good moment, then immediately got hurt. Again. And he almost assuredly will not be a NY Jet next year, so let it go. Come week 15, we're going to see Hack. Not Petty.
  22. So we're back to "Fair Chance" and "with Weapons". Sigh. I'm frustrated too Mehl, but at some point these kids need to show something, regardless of so-called "fair chances" and "weapons". Endless excuses will not solve the QB problem.
  23. It should tell you something that Petty couldn't beat out a 83 year old QB who came in with a record of 2-1,956. Perhaps hope in Petty is misplaced hope? And lets recall, Petty has played in real games, and produced.....nothing, beyond injuries.
  24. Content free posters remaining content free, ftw. Wake me when you post something about football Miss.