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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. xoxoxo
  2. Hi! Miss you. Looking forward to chatting with you this season. Go Jets!
  3. Well, ... hey, it's early and, you know, right? It's just a meaningless pre-season game, right? ummm, .....
  4. I can not find any other source that confirms this. However, I did find this: Q: Any chance Walt Anderson didn’t stick a pressure gauge in each of the 24 or 36 footballs? Maybe he just did the squeeze test? JD: “They have a gauge and they have to check every football. It’s usually given to the youngest or newest member of the crew — it’s almost like a rite of passage into the NFL. During the playoffs, it’s usually an alternate official, so it’s a veteran official that does it. I would not even question whether they did or not. It’s just something you do, like putting your pants on or getting ready for the game.”
  5. Thanks for reopening this, NY Bozo.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. and new year!!!
  8. He's a keeper. He's just going to get better.
  9. He's not blameless, but there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up.
  10. Our secondary is week. But I think if they can just be average, with our front 7 they will be fine. Give AA some time, he's a keeper.
  11. Oh BS, it's the third game of his second season. I don't like the dumb interceptions either, but he has progressed. We can't keep dumping our QBs every other year. At least we're moving the ball this year. Give it time.
  12. The Jets are so frustrating, because they are so close to being one of the top contending teams, but penalties, and Geno mistakes are holding them back. I'm not giving up hope yet though, it's only week three. This team will get better.
  13. Random thoughts on this thread Thought 1: Is she really Vinny Testaverde's Niece? If so cool!!! Thought 2: How creepy for her to be called out like this, ew, ew, ew Thought 3: Although I find this creepy, I'm also jealous that I have not been called out this way. I mean really, anonymous men on a message board, calling you out, how is that not sexy? Anyway, I hope she decides to pop by, regardless of you creeps. And if she does, I give her a hearty welcome!
  14. Anaesthesia is much more risky in the elderly. Heart attacks, strokes and sudden dementia can happen. My mother-in-law went into surgery fairly sharp minded, and came out with full blown dementia and died within three months. Everyone with elderly loved ones should really consider the risk/reward before considering any surgery. I wish I had been more informed of the risks. RIP, Joan Rivers.
  15. TomShane and Faba took so much heat for that, and it turned out it was freakin' Jason Taylor. Somebody even took a picture of him gleefully running through the stadium with it. I heard he gave it back to him when he joined the Jets. Not sure if he ever apologized though.