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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    If he is here to backup and mentor whichever young QB that we trade up for then I really don't mind this move...
  2. Quigley to the Eagles

    This thread is already full of awesome. It has great potential...
  3. Cowboys trade?

    What teams are lining up to give us the equivalent of the 17th pick in the draft or close to it for a very good DL lineman who wants to get paid? Factor in our cap situation, the fact that the d-line is still relatively strong for us, and Mo's desire to get elite level compensation and I think you need a lot more than what you are suggesting to jump all the way to 4. It isn't like we have a plethora of options regarding what we could do with Mo.
  4. Cowboys trade?

    It would take a lot more than our 1st and Wilk to get to 4. Adding our first from next year probably doesn't do it either. What do you think a realistic trade for 4 would be, if Dallas is willing to deal?
  5. Since I know you were on the boards back during the Pennington days... what the hell are you smoking my friend?
  6. I checked yesterday when he posted this and nothing. I checked today and is saying 5 to 8 inches overnight for the 10001 zip code. I hate these posts, but he beat the places I check by almost a day.
  7. JN Fantasy Baseball League

    Or maybe not.
  8. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    XBOX One, decided on XBOX since they will get the new content earlier.
  9. Broncos matched CJ deal

    I actually think Chris Johnson has something left in the tank...
  10. You don't visit here nearly enough then.
  11. JN Fantasy Baseball League

    Any interest in starting a JN fantasy baseball keeper league? If we could get 12 to 14 teams interested in joining we can draft in 2 weeks. Something nominal as an entry fee for the 1st year to see how the league works out.
  12. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Have The Division gold edition, haven't started it yet. Any advice for a noob who is going to start playing it tonight or tomorrow?
  13. Not horribly sad to see him go. Loved his potential, he never quite put it together with the physical tools he had. I hope he has a decent career there. He might look pretty good next year since that team is devoid of talent...
  14. Karlos Dansby: CUT

    I would take a flier on him. Veteran stop gap that can still play a little is about as good as it is going to get this year.
  15. Why can't free agency and the draft just play out and then we can determine where we are and what we still need. This "article" is an absolute joke.