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    NC via NY
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    Did years ago... the commute would be a little too far from NC.
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    Where do I begin? Mud Bowl, 99 against the Browns, Fake Spike, FGs in Pitt, blowing the lead in Denver, etc, etc, etc.
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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. Your responses to joewilly12 are more annoying than his actual posts...
  2. Nah, they don't have a ring.
  3. Fricken catch that ball Jenkins. Happy to hold them to 3 though...
  4. Another defensive stop. We are going to score here.
  5. Good seeing Calvin Pryor getting in his ear...
  6. Side note... How is Matt Leblanc still gainfully employed.... Forte!!!!!!
  7. Forte! That running lane couldn't get much bigger. Nice pass to set it up, Decent pass to Q which was broken up. Overall great recovery after the penalty. One of the nicer drives thus far this year.
  8. My crying? I barely even post here about Fitz...
  9. Yes, because the ineptitude of other players is definitely a reason to not want better QB play...
  10. No, not at all. Q caught two balls thrown behind him. I think Fitz had a good game and I am a fan of his. He is a throwback football player and a leader. This isn't a knock of Fitz, he had a good game... I just don't think he was great.
  11. I didn't think he looked great against Buffalo at all. Stat line said he was great, the eye test disagreed. Q bailed him out a couple of times... We shouldn't get too excited over being named offensive player of the week...