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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. Why do you (or anybody) care about rep?
  2. I wanted Fitz, but at this point he can go forth and multiply. Give Geno one year with this coaching staff and offense and see what happens. Let Hack sink or swim in 2017 if Geno fails miserably. If Geno is adequate in 2016 you start Geno then and give Hack another year to develop if needed. Eventually something will stick for us. At this point I would rather take my chances with young physical talents who may or may not eventually get it than take my chances with somebody whose ceiling is well established.
  3. This has me concerned. Why would he suddenly act like that to Brandon Marshall who has been a great supporter of Fitz AND made Fitz's job that much easier. What does he gain in terms of leverage by cutting ties with the number 1 receiver?
  4. So. My 7 year old son and I go out all the time. We hit golf balls together, I take him to skating practice (he wants to play for the NY Rangers one day), take him to Tae Kwon Do (He should be testing for his next belt soon), take him to the Science Center, the Zoo, various parks, bike riding, soccer, swimming, play catch with him, go to baseball games, etc. He wanted to play Pokémon. I have taken him to different parks several times and incredible things have happened. Among the things that have happened in a short period of time are: We stumbled upon a doe and her fawn at one park. My wife and I would have never been in a park with him at that time in the evening, but we took him because he wanted to play. We have met HUNDREDS of adults and teenagers who are stopping to have awesome discussions with my little guy. Not a single negative interaction. We discovered cool features and monuments in different parks that we already frequent since we are exploring more and not just going there for a single purpose. He never wanted to go fishing with me for some reason, we stumbled across a few people off a pier in a nearby park and after talking with them he wants to go fishing with me now. We have walked for hours discussing all sorts of things. This is a child I spend a ridiculous amount of time with, but normally when we are doing things the conversation focuses on whatever we are doing, sports or superheroes. Now the conversation goes well beyond the norm. We found a Psyduck in a pond next to an actual duck. To a 7 year old boy that is hysterical. He is learning about the city we live in at a young age. Learning things about it that a majority of adults who live here have no clue about. So basically what I am saying is that if this is a societal low than we live in an amazing world. People are outside and being social. As long as they pay attention to their surroundings (which the game says on its splash screen), then I see absolutely nothing wrong with this game.
  5. I'd bring him back for CB depth, S depth and an occasional return man... Good dude to have around the team IMO.
  6. The media and how we consume what they are selling is the main problem. Being a Jets fan doesn't help.
  7. It seems to become more problematic each offseason. Like you I can't wait to actually talk about things that happen ON the field.
  8. You guys are going to kick cancer's ass yet again. The bastard isn't going to know what hit it.
  9. Any GPS based app does that. Niantic has an extremely successful game called Ingress that is actually the base of Pokémon Go!. In the years since its inception I haven't heard anything regarding data integrity issues.
  10. Jedi Eliminated The Sith
  11. I would rather see what Geno can do with a healthy Decker, Marshall and Forte than bringing back Fitz at this point. Geno has the physical tools, lets see what he can do with an entire offseason preparing with some legitimate skills position talent. If he fails, we still have Hack as our potential QB of the future.
  12. Letting him hit the open market when teams are throwing money around like crazy is a little concerning. You are correct though, we do have the early Bird rights to him and can exceed the cap to sign him. If they do sign him after rescinding the qualifying offer it points to a competent front office...
  13. The whole Pats cheating thing has jumped the shark outside of the whole deflate-gate incident. Bringing up all of the minor infractions repeatedly is just annoying as hell. Can't we all agree that they are a bunch of cheating scumbags and move on?
  14. Thank you. I would drive Mo to the airport after you are done packing his bags.