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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. No, not at all. Q caught two balls thrown behind him. I think Fitz had a good game and I am a fan of his. He is a throwback football player and a leader. This isn't a knock of Fitz, he had a good game... I just don't think he was great.
  2. I didn't think he looked great against Buffalo at all. Stat line said he was great, the eye test disagreed. Q bailed him out a couple of times... We shouldn't get too excited over being named offensive player of the week...
  3. My 7 year old doesn't want to see it. I actually kind of want to... I might drag him this weekend.
  4. 8...
  5. Isn't it 4th year guarantees?
  6. The very rare horrible thread by EY? The whole angle about "could the jets beat" is pretty idiotic. We still love you EY... Impressive list of retirees though!
  7. His overall contract numbers will not change. They are slotted in and he cannot negotiate out of it. The issue is over guaranteeing 600k in year 4....
  8. I was mildly concerned until I remembered what our secondary looked like two seasons ago. We should be fricken giddy with what we are putting out there in comparison.
  9. All things being equal with the players in question... wouldn't you expect somebody who played a majority of his snaps in the secondary to have better developed coverage skills than somebody who played a majority of their snaps at LB?
  10. In two or three years Castro, Didi and Torres could be 3/4ths of a real nice and still young infield. Assuming Didi is for real, and there is little reason to believe he isn't, you move Torres to 3rd.
  11. I go to the movies at least once a week with my oldest. Perfect for when it is too fricken hot in the mid afternoon. These are the last few movies we went to. Tarzan - typical mediocre adventure flick. The 7 year old liked it. Finding Dory - poor version of Finding Nemo. The 7 year old thought it was OK. Star Trek - Very good entry. Loved the nods to the original. The 7 year old LOVED it (especially the Beastie Boys Sabotage blasting). Secret Life of Pets - typical kid movie, enjoyable for adults. The 7 year old LOVED it. Ghostbusters - Meh. Not terrible, but so much untapped potential. The 7 year old thought it was OK. He is a fan of the original. World of Warcraft - Mediocre adventure flick, better than the reviews though. The 7 year old liked it. Jason Bourne this week, Suicide Squad next week. High hopes for both.
  12. Why do you (or anybody) care about rep?
  13. I wanted Fitz, but at this point he can go forth and multiply. Give Geno one year with this coaching staff and offense and see what happens. Let Hack sink or swim in 2017 if Geno fails miserably. If Geno is adequate in 2016 you start Geno then and give Hack another year to develop if needed. Eventually something will stick for us. At this point I would rather take my chances with young physical talents who may or may not eventually get it than take my chances with somebody whose ceiling is well established.
  14. This has me concerned. Why would he suddenly act like that to Brandon Marshall who has been a great supporter of Fitz AND made Fitz's job that much easier. What does he gain in terms of leverage by cutting ties with the number 1 receiver?