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  1. terrell owens got hosed today

    Ridiculous that he has to wait to get in.   
  2. Absolutely.  This was more directed at the Pats fans who think that only jealous Jets fans think the Pats cheat...
  3. Who cares who wins tomorrow !!!

    I like not hating either team in the Super Bowl.  I wouldn't mind seeing the Panthers win (I live in Panther country now and very few of their fans come off as asshats).  I love how they love the game, and I love how they always give footballs to little kids after the play.  I also wouldn't mind seeing Manning walk off the field one last time as a SB champion.  I am just rooting for a good game.
  4. I can't stand when people talk about the Patriots cheating, always point out that talking about it has long jumped the shark.  The Patriots have an all-time great coach and obviously one of the top 3 or 4 QBs who have ever played the game.  That said... I just had my 6 year old ask me the following question as we talked about tomorrow's game: "Daddy, is it true that the Patriots cheat all the time?" Let me preface this by saying that he knows of my disdain for the Patriots and Dolphins, but I never discussed the idea of cheating in sports with him in any fashion. I asked him why he was asking me that and he quickly responded that "all the kids in school talk about how the Patriots cheat all the time."  Now...  I moved out of the metro NY area in 2007 to Greensboro, NC.  This is what 6 year olds in the 1st grade in a charter school in the middle of North Carolina talk about.  Children who are mostly Panther fans.  For the first time I realized that this subject was not something that was simply being beaten to death by Jets fans who obviously hate the Patriots, but rather something that football fans around the league truly feel to be true.  So much so that their 6 year olds who barely know a thing about football are discussing it in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.
  5. Good luck with the blog.  I have been a Jets fan since the late 70s and certainly feel your pain. 
  6. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Mathis had more yards in his 1st season with the Falcons than he had in 4 seasons with the Jets.  Here are his totals for the following 6 seasons after he left the Jets:   YearTmGGSTgtRecYdsY/RTDLngR/GY/GAttYdsTDLngY/AY/GA/GYScmRRTDFmb1994-1999ATL9492760465610613.150814.965.05290165.80.30.16135501Average1615127781018 8   150    102280
  7. Trading Richardson

    Seriously.  If he really wants 5 mil per, then that is obviously what we do.
  8. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    People keep saying traffic fines...  he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. I don't know what the penalty will be, but I think he might be getting a game or two minimum.
  9. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    They have another season after this of being in the hunt for a championship.  Brady is the 2nd best QB of my lifetime (I started watching football in the late 70s).  Outside of Gronk they really don't have all that much in the offensive skills positions.  Their drafting has been mediocre.  They have a brilliant head coach that will keep them somewhat competitive, but in this day and age you need a top tier QB to legitimately compete year in and year out (obviously there are exceptions like Denver this year). ...and as much as I fricken hate this team I find it laughable that people are questioning if they should be considered a dynasty...
  10. RB Chris Ivory Going To The Pro Bowl !

    My guess is that he is first alternate and Jonathan Stewart is in the Pro-Bowl...
  11. So, the game of football has drastically changed? 
  12. I'm Going to be a Dad!!!

    Congratulations!  Being a parent is the greatest thing in the world. I have been waiting for child services to show up since my 6 year old bleeds Jets green.  I am sure that persuading a child to be a Jets fan has to be illegal.  My 6 month old will also be a Jets fan...